Inside: Wide girl winter outfit inspiration for our plus size girls that want an outfit guide catered to them.

We all know the struggle of finding something to wear that you love that works for your body type. Every body is so different and the clothing on the standard market isn’t made for different bodies. So much of it is made to fit a specific type, style, and size of person, and that just isn’t how it goes.

When you’re shopping, you deserve to feel so good about yourself, and like you’re hitting the jackpot of clothes that fit you! It’s a struggle and a task for all of us, so let’s cater this one to those that are looking for something a little more specifically catered to them.

If you’re in the plus sized category, looking for winter clothes can be a challenge when all it does is add layers and it just overall isn’t super flattering on anyone. Feel confident in that teddy coat, because you look adorable anyway!

If you’re looking for a winter outfit guide for more of a plus sized body, then here we go! I hope this inspires you to get out and shop (or hit that “add to cart”) because you’re ready to shop for you and make you feel like the best you deserve.

wide girl winter outfit inspiration

The goal for this post is to celebrate different sizes and how they are simply just another size on the list among many. No matter the number or letter that depicts the size of your jeans, there are always styles and trends that work better for you than someone else and vice versa.

Let’s find inspiration to get everyone into the outfits that make them feel their best.

Plus Size Winter Fashion 2023

There are so many cute fashion trends for winter 2023, and because of the interesting stage of fashion we’re in right now, there’s not one specific trend. Microtrends have taken over and you’re likely going to be able to find something you love and will incorporate into your personal style.

So what’s trending this year?

Western wear
Tie waist coats
Barbie core
Cargo pants
Workout sets

These on top of many other aesthetics, styles, and trendy pieces are totally going to take over this winter. What’s cool about trends going around right now is that these aren’t trends that only look good on size zeros. They’re cool and so versatile for every body type.

Explore these trends and find something that shows your personality!

What’s the Difference?

A lot of times there’s a heavy amount of searches for certain trends and looks with the specification of “plus size.” Generally speaking, there isn’t a technical difference. If it’s trending, it’s trending. However, certain trends look better on certain types of people and certain body types, not even thinking strictly about the plus sized label. Clothing looks different on every size four just as much as it does on a size fourteen versus a size six.

That being said, there are trends that are best on certain body types, and tie waistcoats are an example of a current trending wardrobe piece that is great for accentuating the waist line and giving the hourglass appearance. This is great for those with the rectangle body type as well, as shape is usually the focus rather than size when it comes to finding flattering pieces and styling.

The goal shouldn’t be “smaller,” or to perpetuate the word, as this is the unhealthy mindset of not appreciating size for what it is. All sizes are beautiful, but the shape of the size is what we aim for when it comes to choosing flattering silhouettes.

What makes you feel the most confident, cool, and beautiful is the best trend for you and your body type. That’s the most important.

So is there really a difference when it comes to plus size or wide girl winter outfit inspiration versus just winter outfit inspiration? Yes, but more so to cater to the audience searching these terms and giving them trends and styles that are going to create the visuals that they want when it comes to dressing their bodies.

three cute plus sized women in cute winter outfits

Wide Girl Winter Outfit

Winter outfits are hard, because nothing feels flattering! It can all feel cute, but flattering is a totally different ball park. My favorite peacoat, even tied, won’t give me the silhouette I want, so I kind of just let it go and let it be.

Layering sweaters, coats, and whatever else you need to stay warm in the winter months will always be the best option, and winter fashion really is cute.

Check out these winter outfits that accentuate all the areas that you want to– and hide all the ones we don’t. We’ve all got them!

1. Pink Fleece
2. Cable Knit Sweater
3. Patch Cardigan
4. Sweater Vest
5. Drop Shoulder Turtleneck
6. Wool Coat

A girl in a cool sparkly suit


Dressy winter attire might be the hardest of them all. It’s tough to want to look cute and dressy in that slinky slip dress when you’re really trying to serve some bundled up realness. We love to see stunning faux fur winter coats and velvet dresses galore, so here are some of my favorite dressy winter looks. It’s a different vibe entirely, dressing for an event in December versus August, but these looks will inspire you, I’m sure of it!

Holiday parties everywhere you look, and you’re going to stunt at all of them.

7. Sweater And Skirt
8. Trench Coat
9. Monochrome
10. Wow Suiting
11. Velvet Jumpsuit

four casual wide girl winter outfit ideas


My vibe for the entirety of winter is definitely a comfortable and casual look. In the summer catch me in my cutest outfit for a casual dinner with friends but in the winter? A hoodie and boots all day. Nothing will compare to the comfort of a chilly night in a hoodie and peacoat.

However, I still love my casualness to be super cute! So check these out and have some fun with your casual attire.

12. Essentials Hoodie
13. Bright Coloring
14. Blazer
15. Sweater And Leggings
16. Blazer And Jeans
17. Overalls

two cool layered outfits

Cute Outfit Ideas

Again, cute outfit ideas and winter do not mix for me. I just want to be comfortable in the cold, so getting cute is an entire creative process for me, and usually takes me ten times longer than in the spring or summer.

Hopefully you can find some semblance of inspiration and get all of the ideas that you need for a cute outfit idea for winter! Here are a few more wide girl winter outfit inspiration.

18. Graphic Tee
19. Leather Pants
20. Teddy Coat
21. Midi Cardigan
22. Red Tones
23. Pleated Skirt

Creating a guide for plus sized fashion where there is a definite lack in representation is so necessary in an industry where we breeze past the fact that everyone is different from each other, and that’s beautiful.

So I hope you found this winter outfit inspiration guide to be helpful, fun, and full of outfits you know that you can feel beautiful in.

So much of fashion is about faking the confidence before you really see it. We all do it, so if that’s what you need to do to get out there and try on that winter fit you’ve been eying for so long, do it! Likely you don’t even need to fake confidence first, you’re already ready to rock and roll with your new favorite winter wardrobe. I know you’re going to look fire.

Get to shopping, get to posting, and let us see these amazing wide girl winter outfit ideas! They’re too cute to hide.

Get on the brown pants trend this season!

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