Inside: Baby Shower Outfit Ideas That Are As Sweet As It Comes.

So you’re planning a baby shower, or maybe you are attending a baby shower. First of all, how exciting!

Feeling special on your day is so important, you want to look beautiful, feel beautiful, and of course, show off that baby bump. So we have put together a list of beautiful style inspirations for you.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas For Guests, a new baby is coming into the world and if that doesn’t call for a huge celebration, what does? However, at times deciding the best choice of outfit for a baby shower can be slightly more than you can take on your plate.

But don’t fret, whether you are a guest or the honored momma-to-be we have some tips, tricks, and beautiful inspiration for baby shower outfit ideas.

Maternity Style Showers

How to Dress for a Baby Shower

  • If the invite specifies a particular theme or dress code, respect what is being asked of you — no matter how ridiculous you might think it is. As a guest, it is not up to you to decide whether the theme or dress code is appropriate or not. If you feel strongly enough that you don’t want to toe the line, don’t go.
  • Many baby showers involve games, some of which are extremely active. For this reason, it’s a good idea to wear clothes in which you are comfortable, and can move freely.
  • Contact as many of the other attendees as you can and check to see what they are wearing. You may not be worried about turning up in the same clothes as someone else, but checking in can help you hit the right level of formality, or otherwise.
  • If the baby shower is indoors, your host may ask you to take off your footwear, so be sure to wear something on your feet, inside your footwear.
  • Ensure your footwear is comfortable. You may find yourself on your feet for an extended period.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Moms

Don’t let your outfit stress you out. No matter what ensemble you decide on, your baby shower is an event to celebrate your baby! Enjoy your day in style with your family and friends because this is one party you’ll be sure to cherish.

1. Magenta Lace Overlay Maxi Dress

2. Button Up High Waisted Skirt and Blouse

3. White Lace Off the Shoulder Dress

4. Maternity Bodycon Dress with Floral Crown

5. Soft and Cozy Dress with Tie Around Waist

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Mom

Goddess Baby Shower Dresses for Mom-to-Be

6. Light Blue Goddess Dress with Details

7. Rose Gold Satin Dress for Baby Shower

8. Plus Size Baby Shower Sparkle Dress

9. Black Lace Maternity Maxi Dress

10. Baby Blue Baby Shower Dress

Casual Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

I think we can all agree that when you get to go casual, you instantly feel a little better. But just because the shower is casual doesn’t mean you should lack in style.

Check out our favorite casual baby shower outfits that are both casual and cute, and make the PERFECT sweet shower style.

11. All White Outfit with Wide Brim Hat

12. Green Floral Dress with Ankle Boots

13. Lavender Baby Shower Dress for Guest

14. Leopard Print Tank wit Long Cardigan

15. Sweater, Dress, and Heels

Casual Baby Shower Fashion

Summer Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Guests

If you are attending a summer baby shower, you’ll want to wear a lightweight outfit that won’t leave you wilting in the heat. It’s considered “bad form” to go for an overtly sexy look for a baby shower, so try to avoid the body-hugging, shear, or low-cut items in your wardrobe.

16. Slim Tied Striped Dress

17. Solid Mini Dress with Dot Texture

18. White Blouse wear Jeans with Hot Pink Heels

19. Fun Bright Purple Midi Dress

20. Black and White Boho Dress

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Dad

It may sound strange but, to some degree, men should follow the same advice as women. You should ensure you will be comfortable, especially if games will be involved, and try to choose clothes that can be adapted on the fly, and dressed up or down.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Dad

21. Linen Button Up with Shorts

22. Dressed Up Blazer

23. Casual But Stylish

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Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

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