Inside: 7 ideas for what to wear to a drag show.

Drag shows are so fun and interesting to be a part of– if you love a fun and lively event with crowd interactions, this is for you. You’re going to love attending a drag show!

With an event that’s so centered around eccentric and exciting fashion and style choices, there’s a lot of pressure to have the right outfit for this event. I totally get it, it’s a lot. I know I stress about having the perfect outfit any time I plan to attend. The best way to gauge if your spring break outfit is perfect for a drag show or not, is to ask yourself if it could be more extra.

Extra doesn’t have to mean over the top, but it should at least mean that your outfit definitely has elements of being campy and extravagant. Consider the energy and the experience overall of the show, and match the energy. While you don’t obviously want to or have to match the actual performers, but fitting in with the energy of the room is a big deal too.

Have fun with it! The outfit you wear to a drag show should simply just be so fun that you feel like you’re carrying some of the energy of the event too.

Enjoy the show, and let’s look at some of these ideas for what to wear to a drag event.

Two girls wearing fun outfits showing what to wear to a drag show

Drag Show Dress Code

If you’re looking for the dress codes and specifics of what you should be wearing to a drag show, you’re in the right place.

This is my favorite kind of event. And my favorite words to hear: there is no dress code! Wear what you want! Okay, maybe these aren’t my all time favorite words to hear, but for something like this, it is.

The point of a drag show at its core is expression, and people becoming who they really are. This is the best time and place for you to do the same. Expression can look different for you than it does for me, and vice versa, as well as it may look different from the friends you’re going to the show with. If you love to be extra and girly and fun and flirty, then you should commit to being that with your outfit for the drag show. Whatever your style is, bring it out.

So in short, there’s no dress code for a drag show, but you should be wearing what makes you comfortable and happy. Have fun with it and remember that the entire purpose of the event is to be who you really are, so lay it all out there and let all of you shine.

Drag Show Outfit Ideas

What’s your typical style? What do you wear on the daily? Think about going that route but do it up BIG. Drag shows are about expression, but to the Nth degree.

Think of your dream style, your dream event outfit, and go for it. Now we’re not talking formal event of course, so don’t go all red carpet on us, but do go for the coolest street style you can think of.

I am more of a girly girl with some edge– So my go to is a big and extra baby doll dress. It’s flouncy, it’s fun, and it’s something I wouldn’t normally wear just to a regular dinner with friends.

Some pieces that are really trending right now are mesh tops and dresses. The mesh trend is in full swing, and it’s so perfect for attending a drag show. A mesh or sheer dress with a slip or piece of cool shape-wear underneath is the perfect idea for this kind of outing. This is the kind of outfit you can make happen easy and turn into your own style too.

I love to mix and match pieces too, so a cool jacket with a pair of funky jeans or wild striped pants could be a perfect way to go too. Even a matching set could be styled really cool. There’s a ton of options when it comes to matching or mixing! Both can be really fashion forward, since monochrome is really trendy, but wild matching is always a style choice. That’s where your eye for styling really shows: when you can pair pieces that don’t go together at all into a really sick outfit.

If you’re not looking to be over the top, you can always go the more chill route with a more simple outfit with some cool styling and accessorizing. This is easy to do with some inspiration, so we’re going to look at a few ideas for this specifically. A plain dress or even top and jeans with a pop of color blazer works wonders, while even a monochrome neutral set with an edgy shoe can make a statement just as much.

Remember, you’re bringing out your own personal style and keeping it cool and fresh, with the permission to go over the top. But that doesn’t mean that you have to.

If we’re all expressing ourselves, you don’t have to go and be this extra at all. Be you! That’s all we want to see from you at a drag show.

A girl in a white polka dot dress with matching gloves

What To Wear To A Drag Show

1. Sheer Dress
2. Dotted Dress And Gloves
3. All Pink Suit

Three extra dresses

Drag Show Outfit Ideas

4. Feather Trim
5. Fun Fringe
6. Yellow Ruffles
7. White Silk Suit

Some of the most fun and lively events I have attended have been drag shows, aside from mega concerts of course. But brunches and cabarets that are centered around different forms of drags are just always such a good time and I will enjoy myself one hundred percent of the time.

Finding an outfit for something that’s pretty fashion focused is such an intense but enjoyable process, when you get to find something really different from what you would normally wear. I love getting dressed up for anything like a usual dinner or a cute brunch, but when you add something different like a themed brunch or dinner or something that makes it a little more extra, the outfit just becomes that much better.

Hearts, glitter, sheer pieces, layers, and just anything that screams camp, and you have a really cool outfit that you don’t get many opportunities to wear anywhere else.

It’s like going to a fashion show: match the vibe of the brand, whatever it is. And this brand is FUN. So have fun with it and don’t overthink it. Anything you wear will be perfect, it’s all a matter of how extra you can be with it.

On the other hand, for another theme, if you want to get a little classy, a high tea is another fun way to dress up in a specific dress code. These beautiful outfit ideas are perfect for sipping tea and eating finger sandwiches with your besties.

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