Inside: 35 baller Sneaker Ball outfit ideas for celebrating Black History.

Sneaker ball, if you haven’t heard, is an event presented by Nike to celebrate Black History and give thanks to those that have made the company possible. This is the original sneaker ball event, but plenty of others have created their own versions and simply thrown a ball where sneakers are the required shoe! So if you’ve recently caught an invite and need some sneaker ball outfit ideas, I got you covered.

It’s pretty trendy these days to wear cute and dressy outfits with a simple pair of sneakers, but for a sneaker ball, the sneaker IS the outfit!

Dresses and formal attire are the requirement for the rest of the outfit, so it creates space for a lot of fun and funky pairings.

Whether sneakers are your main shoe of choice or not, you’ll love these sneaker ball outfit ideas.

Four girls wearing nice dresses and sneakers

Check these out and get ballin’!

What Do You Wear To A Sneaker Ball?

Sneaker balls are usually formal events with an alternative twist.

Instead of reaching for your favorite trusty pair of heels, it’s time to snag a pair of Jordans or New Balance 550’s to rock at this sneaker ball!

We can dive into the sneaker part of this later, but as for the ball part, there’s a specific dress code. Every host may have different variations and levels of formality, but for the most part, these are strictly formal events.

While formal generally includes floor length gowns and dresses, it’s common to opt in for a shorter or midi version of a formal dress since the whole point of it is to show off the sneakers.

As long as the invitation indicates a formal dress code, you can’t really over dress for this event since the sneakers will always bring it back to a little more casual. Let the shoes do the talking, but let your dress follow along not too far behind!

Two designer limited edition sneakers

Nike Pandas | Rick Owens Converse

What Are Some Cool Sneakers For A Sneaker Ball?

Now, you can’t just wear any sneakers to a sneaker ball! If you’re a sneakerhead or follow the sneaker culture at all, you know what kind of flex it is to have some limited edition version of some of the coolest sneakers on the market.

If you’re attending an actual Nike sneaker ball, then it’s obvious you should be wearing Nikes. But if this is a friend’s birthday party or a ball put on by another brand or organization, then the sneaker world is your oyster.

If you’re set on wearing Nikes, which even if it’s not required, they have some of the hardest shoes on the scene, Jordans, Low Dunks, and Air Max Penny 1’s are my favorite choices to go with a formal dress. There are a ton of variations for each of these Nike styles from collaborations and limited editions, and you’re sure to find some in your color scheme that match your dress easily!

If you’re not looking at Nike, New Balance 550’s are really cool right now in a retro vintage aesthetic, the Off-White collaboration with Converse are sick, as well as the Converse collaboration with Rick Owens in the TURBOWPN Mid style.

Checking out websites like StockX and Ssense, you’ll find some incredible sneaker styles perfect for a ball.

Can You Wear Jeans?

It’s a ball! Opt out of jeans for this one.

Again, every host may have a different idea of dress code, but ultimately, if you’re wanting to wear pants, I recommend trendy slacks, trousers, or leather pants!

Jeans may be okay if the dress code isn’t specified, but with simply the term “Sneaker Ball” in the title, I would go with a more formal pair of pants than denim.

Besides? Who doesn’t love to dress up a little bit?

A girl in a bright orange ball gown and Nike hightop sneakers

Sneaker Ball Attire Ideas

It’s pretty plain and simple what route you should be on when choosing your Sneaker Ball outfit! But even with a specific aesthetic in mind, there are a ton of options out there, maybe making it a little overwhelming to choose!

I know I would be overwhelmed, but here are some styles to help you navigate what kind of dresses and sneakers to plug into the search bar when it comes time to shop.

Personal style always plays a factor, but an event like this with such a specific aesthetic, there’s a little less room for personal interpretation.

Check these out!

1. Black Classic
2. Stunning Orange
3. Blue Poof
4. Green Power
5. Feathers
6. Popping Pink
7. Black Leather
8. Classy
9. Bold Color Sneakers

There women in ball gowns made mostly of tulle with sneakers

For Women

Girls. We all love to dress up for a ball and put on a beautiful ball gown, but the idea of standing and mingling in heels all night sounds a little treacherous.

Kind of reminds me of my senior prom, trying to walk around and talk to everyone in six inch heels. Not a good time for me.

So LUCKILY sneaker ball gives you all the glamor without all the struggle. I love a good heels moment, I truly do, but the idea of being expected to wear sneakers with your dressy gown is ideal.

10. Jordans
11. Blazer Dress
12. More Casual
13. Formality
14. Bold Accessories
15. Purple
16. Comme Des Garçons
17. Sky Blue
18. Coordinated
19. Dark Fit

Sneaker Ball Party Outfits

Time to party! And the best parties include a dress code, and the best dress codes include sneakers.

Here are some outfits I’m obsessed with for a sneaker ball! This is such a fun way to party and a fun way to get everyone dressed up, and I think you’ll have happier guests all night as opposed to those ready to go home and get their heels off.

Here are some of my favorites!

20. Funky Silhouette
21. Green Accessories
22. Tiered Poofs
23. Leopard Print
24. Sparkly
25. Bold Red

Four formal dresses


If you’re looking through your different dress options, I’ve collected some of my favorites from around the internet.
You’re going to love these, and pairing them with your ideal sneaker? Even better.

I’ve given you some full outfit inspo pics, but these are some actual dress listings for you to shop from, if you choose to go this route.

Get your sneaker ball shop on! And here are some dresses for you to look your best at the ball.

26. Corset Dress
27. Emerald Silk
28. Big And Pink
29. Ruffles
30. Tulle
31.Tiered Nude
32. Kelly Green
33. Puff Sleeve
34. Bright Red

Sneaker balls are such a fun way to get everyone dressed up and looking nice, while adding a new fun flair to this kind of event. We all love to get dressed up, but adding a casual edge to it makes it a fresh experience and something new.

Whatever you’re celebrating at this ball, do it in style! Streetwear meets formal attire is always going to be cool.
While we’ve always seen the sneaker and dress pairing, it’s more fun when it’s more of a formal dress than usual, paired with some statement sneakers. Whatever your sneaker style is, this event gives you the opportunity to go the extra mile!

Whatever sneakers you wear for this event are probably perfect for any street style event. If you’re heading to a concert soon, check out these rap concert outfit ideas for some ideas to rewear your sick sneakers from sneaker ball.

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