Inside: 47 rap concert outfit ideas for the next time your favorite artist tours in your city.

Concerts are so fun to get all dressed up for and snap pictures in front of the stage or the marquee or wherever you can show off what you did tonight! And we know the chances of us running into the artist out and about is slim, but we always want to be a little prepared… just in case. 

So dressing the part to go to a rap concert is so fun but there are so many different directions to go! Like I could easily dress down and wear something super comfortable and casual for a Kendrick Lamar concert or I could go all out and wear my favorite going out outfit for Cardi B. And there isn’t really an in between. 

So if you need a little guidance finding your sweet spot for your next rap concert, here are outfit ideas you can copy or pull inspiration from to give you the best outfit in the arena! 

Three women in street outfits

Rap is obviously very street inspired, so whatever route you choose is going to have street influences giving the outfit the appropriate styling.

Pick an outfit that you can vibe out in but is also appropriate to the setting! 

two casual street outfits

What To Wear To A Rap Concert? 

If this is your first rap concert, this is a big question. Or maybe you’ve made it to one before but you realized you could have done better with your outfit… and you want to this time! Here are some helpful outfit pictures to help you see where you want to take your fit goals for this next rap concert. 

Rap concerts as a whole are easy– just pick your vibe and go all out. You can go street casual, street cool, going out on the town, you name it and if it’s styled right, you’re on par for wearing it to a rap concert.  

  1. Sweats And Jordans
  2. Interesting Graphic Top
  3. Crop And cargo
  4. Royal Set
  5. Basketball Shorts

Comfortable shoes will always be a number one necessity when it comes to dressing for any concert, not just rap. I’ve seen girls wear some insane heels to a concert and if they can enjoy the whole show in them… hey.

Good for them.

But if that’s not you, make sure you know that your shoes will let you focus on the show and enjoy it. 

  1. Green Cargos
  2. Fishnets
  3. Camo Cargo
  4. Snake Skirt
  5. White Set

four different outfit ideas for concerts

Outfit Ideas

Outfit ideas for any concert can have a variety of options. Start the thought process by digging through some of these ideas! 

Rap concert outfits can kind of toe the border between rap concert and rave festival, but that’s the fun of it! You can go into the rave outfit sector and let the night feel like you’re at your favorite rave fest and wish it was summer again. 

Sometimes the vibe of the outfit depends on the vibe of the artist, so scan through some of these ideas and see if they’re channeling your headliner, and pull inspiration from there! 

  1. Hoops And Bands
  2. Corset Tops
  3. Body Con And Belts
  4. Deep V Bodysuit
  5. Mesh Dress

The best concert outfit is a good mix of your artist’s style and your style, and sometimes… Those can be very similar, if not the same! They’re your favorite artist for a reason! Just have fun with your concert outfit and you’ll kill it on social media. 

  1. Bomber Jacket
  2. Mesh Bodysuit
  3. Classic
  4. Sporty

What to wear for a rap concert

What To Wear

If you’re searching for what to wear to a rap concert, look no further! Tiny tops and baggy pants are back again from the 2000’s, and there’s nothing better for a good rap concert! Rap from the 90’s and the 2000’s was the best anyway, so it’s only right that you bring back the era of fashion to your next rap concert. And it makes it pretty easy for you to figure out what to wear, anyway, especially if you’re hitting this trend head on and rocking this look daily! 

Just add some extra large hoops and some glitter and you’re ready for a concert! This is an easy route to follow to get ready for a show, but if you don’t want to wear the same old fit you wear out and about on the regular, I get it. Here are some ideas to jog your inspiration to maybe go shopping for a new set of your usual fit. 

  1. Reflected Tops
  2. Cargo Skirt
  3. Casual Tee And Cargo
  4. Mesh Tops
  5. Pinstripes
  6. Mini Skirts
  7. Grunge Tie Dye
  8. Baby Crops
  9. Red Leather
  10. Tube Top

Two women in cool street outfits

Cool Concert Outfits

If you don’t want to wear the bare minimum, like the “just enough” to look like you tried for this concert, I get you. I am the same way, sis. I want to go a little bit of the extra mile, just to add a little flair to the evening (as if it needed any flair!) It’s already going to be such a fun night, you don’t need the outfit to make it fun, but a cool outfit is a must for every outing for the fashion girl. 

  1. Cut Out Sets
  2. Cool Patterns
  3. Blingy Crop
  4. Orange Leather
  5. Neon Cutout 

Cool outfits aren’t determined by the top and the pants you throw together, but by the overall styling. 

So pay attention to the details in these outfit ideas, as it’s the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup… all the pieces center around the actual clothes, but the outfit is what it is because of the styling.

Like they say, the devil is in the details. So don’t neglect the little things when putting together your cool outfit for your next concert! 

  1. Big Tee
  2. Metallic
  3. Red Hot
  4. Interesting Pants
  5. Baggy Street

Two women summer concert outfits

Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer concerts truly are tough… It’s too hot to want to care if you look cool or not, but at the same time summer clothes are the coolest for a concert anyway so you have to hit the sweet spot! 

So shorts and a crop top are a good start, but where do you go from there to make it…. You? And cool? Check out these summer rap concert outfit ideas to give you some idea of what to add to your next event outfit to make it work for the heatwave coming through, without adding more layers! 

  1. Crop And Mini
  2. One Shoulder Bodycon
  3. Black On Black
  4. Denim And A Cap
  5. Neon Mini
  6. Tube Top And Color
  7. Snake Print
  8. Lace Bodysuit

Rap concerts are some of the sickest events of the year, and any good event is a good excuse for a good outfit. It can be fun to simply show up to a concert in your comfy clothes and have the time of your life with your friends and go home and crash… but you could also do the extreme opposite. 

Dressing the part to match the vibe of the show is always one of my favorite parts of going to concerts.

Everything from the shoes to the earrings matters, so style your little heart out to match the vibe of your next rap concert. 

Hopefully some of these outfits inspired you to do just that, and influenced you to pull out your best outfit and be ready to party the night away with your favorite artist (and your besties!) 

Once you’re dressed and ready to go, just have fun! These are the nights you remember.

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