Inside: Sexy ideas for what to wear to a jazz club for your next date night, girls night, or night out just doing something new.

I love a good jazz club scene. Swanky, cool, and relaxed, it’s definitely the best environment for a really cool night out, especially if you love live music. It’s the best vibe, in my opinion.

But all that being said, it is definitely a different vibe from your usual night out, most likely, so what’s the first question always when you start to drift out of your comfort zone? What do I wear!

So as you ask the question: what to wear to a jazz club, I have the answers for you and 23 ideas and examples of how to dress cool for a night at the jazz club.

Sure, you can totally wear what you usually wear for a night to dinner, and be just fine. There’s nothing saying you have to dress a certain way for a jazz club unless there’s a specific dress code for one. But who doesn’t love dressing the part when you go somewhere new?

what to wear to a jazz club

As you’re getting ready for a night out at the jazz club, here are some outfit ideas and tips I have to dress according to the vibe of the live music scene.

What’s A Jazz Club?

If you’re not usually a part of the live music scene, you may not be super familiar with the different venues and environments that you come across when bopping around different spaces and listening to different kinds of music.

It’s simply a bar or club that is centered around live jazz music. Some are full of tables for comfy seating to sit next to your date and enjoy the music or drink martinis with the girls. Some have open space right in front of the stage for dancing, and that’s when you find out who really is a jazz fan if they can get up and dance to it!

Usually all of the low lights and jazz music make for a comfy and sexy environment, but the jazz crowd can get rowdy too! It’s all about the music, and live music fans really know when to get into it. Going to a jazz club will be one of the most fun experiences of your life, and I cannot recommend them enough!

Go after dinner one night for the little late night round of drinks, and experience some of the most lowkey but cool people and spots in your city.

What’s the Jazz Aesthetic?

Jazz clubs are exactly what you would think when you start to consider the type of spot you would find to listen to live jazz.

My favorite jazz spot I’ve found in Dallas is a little upstairs spot on top of another bar, with a historic art-deco looking bar, a little stage, and cozy seating all around. It’s exactly what you would expect an old New York bar to look like, and add in jazz music and you’re instantly transported! Cozy mood, artistic aesthetic, and swanky vibes all around. The mood lighting and everyone’s attitudes play into the vibe of the place.

I love to dress in the art deco, old New York, or swanky aesthetics. A slip midi dress or polished baggy jeans and heels, like you’re wandering around Manhattan after attending a cool event and stumbled across one of the city’s best kept secrets.

The jazz aesthetic is anything you want it to be, but it’s definitely got a cool old school underground feel to it.

What Should You Wear To A Jazz Club?

Flashy, fun, and swanky. Those are the three words I would use to describe anything you should wear to a jazz club.

Jazz is fun because there’s usually an older crowd, and they’re breaking out some of their favorite flashy pieces. While you can totally get away with a black slip midi dress and sneakers, you can also match their energy or bring in your own. How you would envision dressing to go to some of the shows in the movie La La Land is just how you should dress to go to one in real life.

Some clubs have dress codes, but if not and you’re asking what to wear to a jazz club, you have no limits and no expectations.

Cool, deep colors like maroon or plum are perfect for the vibes in a jazz club.

Live music spaces are the best to try out new aesthetics and new vibes, or maybe to break out your favorite pieces in your wardrobe that are a little too much for your casual local bar. Music scene goers are the least judgmental, most artistic, and so authentic when it comes to their style, you can wear just about anything and the more wild it is, the more you fit in. Even if everyone else’s outfits are more subdued when you arrive, your taste will be acknowledged and appreciated by everyone.

Two girls in sparkly cool outfits


Needing to find the perfect outfit for all of your dates and outings can be the most fun part but also the most stressful part of any fun and new outing ideas.
Here are some outfit ideas to inspire your getting ready process.

1. Dressed Up Slip
2. Dazzling Corset
3. Blazer
4. Bell Sleeve Sweater

Three girls in interesting cool dresses


Going the classy route will never disappoint when you don’t know what to wear to a jazz club. It fits the environment and it’s just a cool space to be able to get dressed up and go hang out. Need some classy outfit ideas?

5. Silk Skirt
6. Orange Maxi
7. Frilly Details
8. Dotted Slip

A woman in a starry sweater and sparkly pants


Some clubs are more casual than others, and if you find yourself in a more casual scene, there are definitely still some cool outfits you can put together to keep in the casual scape while staying in the aesthetic ideals of the jazz club vibe.

9. Tee And Silk
10. Cool Pants And Sweater
11. Blazer And Shorts
12. Graphic

Aesthetic outfits for a live music show.


Want some super aesthetic outfits for the jazz club that will make you feel like a regular? Here are some of my favorites!

It’s such a cool style, I know you’re going to have fun putting this all together.

13. Blue Pants
14. Head Scarf
15. Feather Sleeves
16. European
17. Ruffles And Lace
18. All Leather

Four outfits that the cool girls are rocking these days


Cool girls always have the best outfits.

And it’s easy to be cool at a jazz club.

Cool outfit ideas here.

19. Satin Blazer
20. The Basics
21. Vest
22. Black Turtleneck
23. Long Sleeve Dress

I’m referred to as the funky hipster friend that loves the live music scene. I’m not as familiar with it these days as I used to be, but back in 2016 to 2019, I was all over the Dallas music community. Bar shows, jazz clubs, or even big pop concerts, I was there. I just love the freedom, acceptance, and fun loving attitude of the community around live music.

You can’t go wrong with anything you wear, honestly. You can walk in super casual and ready to sit and enjoy some good music, or you can come with an outfit that reflects the feeling of the music. Either is accepted, and both are perfect.

If you like the more flashy vibe, you’re going to love these jazz club outfits. And the jazz club. Each club is different and each night is different from the last, too. There’s no telling what you will experience during a night at a local jazz club.

Have fun and dress to the nines!

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