Inside: 15 engagement photo outfit ideas for the new soon-to-be bride.

First of all, if you’re looking up engagement photo outfit ideas, I want to say congratulations! This is a super exciting time of your life and the engagement season, while it can be stressful, should be enjoyable and full of celebrations.

Picking your engagement photo outfits should be just as fun and you should feel like you’re wearing something that truly represents your personality as a couple! Don’t think too hard outside the box, be yourselves. It’s what your loved ones want to see anyway.

If you’re super glam, choose a glamorous setting and your favorite dress. More chill and relaxed? A cozy coffee shop could be the move.

I want to break down these engagement photo outfit ideas for you, and talk about some technical tips when it comes to dressing for photos and how you can determine the best outfit for you and your new fiancé!

Four engaged couples posing for photos

What Are You Supposed To Wear?

There’s no right or wrong answer to “what are you supposed to wear for your engagement shoot?”

Some women do an all white outfit to stand out as a bride in this new season, and some wear all black. There’s nothing you’re “supposed” to wear, it’s all about the vibes you’re going for!

These photos are generally used on wedding invitations, registries, and on different wedding websites. You’ll share them everywhere from now until the wedding, so I know you want to look stunning. And you will!

First and foremost, wear what you’re comfortable in. If you’re uncomfortable in photos, it will show. So focus on not wearing a top you’re going to have to keep adjusting and shifting. It will help you be more confident and have more fun when you don’t have to think about it all too much.

Wear colors you like on yourself. We’ll dig into technical color scheming later in the post, but wear your favorites.
Ultimately, these photos should be a representation of you and your fiancé as a couple! Portray your personality and the photos will be amazing.

Best Colors To Wear For Engagement Photos

White and neutrals will never be a bad idea! You’ll pop against any background and white will always make sense for the point of the photoshoot.

Black, white, and tan are the best and easiest colors to pair together for this and will always be timeless. I love a good black on black colorset. Other neutrals you can wear are muted greens, navy, brown, and gray. Keep grays and browns separate but the rest can be all assorted together.

Greens and blues are best in the winter, and whites and tans and pastels are better for spring and summer.
If you’re in a natural setting and you want to stand out and make a statement in your outfit for your engagement photo, red has been proven to be the best color for natural backdrops.

Solid colors always look better in photos than patterns. Loud colors like neons and hot shades don’t always look the best, so if you’re looking for a pop and a statement, rock the red, ultramarine blue, or gold. Gold would be beautiful for a shoot like this.

Again, find your best colors and what matches your personality and choose these for your engagement photo outfit ideas.

Location Ideas

The location for an engagement photo shoot can be really simple or it can be super sentimental and meaningful to you and your partner.

Maybe the shopping center where you met for your first date, the space where you got engaged, or somewhere that just generally holds a lot of meaning for you both. It can be some place that just feels like home to you, or portrays your whole personality.

If you’re more of a glam couple, the lobby of a swanky hotel would make a stunning backdrop! Nature-loving couples should find an outdoor spot with beautiful lighting. Parks, lakes, and quarries can be hard to locate the perfect spot, but your photographer may have some good ideas!

And those that are all cozy and comfortable loved-up in a coffee shop should schedule a shoot in their favorite shop or one similar. If it’s in a cute downtown square or shopping center there are plenty of options for a variety of shots.

You should be able to coordinate with your photographer to come up with an amazing spot for your shoot. They usually know of great places that are fun to shoot in, and you can pitch any ideas that make it more personal.

Studios also make for amazing shots, but feel more comfortable to the more artistic pair!

Whatever feels like you is the perfect setting for your first photoshoot as the future Mr and Mrs!

Three couples posing for photos

Summer Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

The summer is a very bittersweet time to try to be doing a photoshoot. You want to make sure that you’re not sweating through your clothes on camera, but you also can wear all the cutest outfits.

I personally love slip dresses and flowy pieces, so summer clothing is my favorite! And if you’re planning to wear white, this is the perfect time to do it. You can’t beat a white mini dress or a pastel outfit in the summertime.

1. White And Khaki
2. Black
3. Bold Red
4. Pastels
5. Florals

Two couples in high fashion engagement photo outfit ideas

High Fashion Engagement Photos

I love the idea of an artistic and high fashion feeling to an engagement shoot. If this is your aesthetic with your partner, here are some high fashion engagement photo outfit ideas to capture the most stunning photos to invite your closest people to your wedding.

6. Formal
7. Street Style Photography
8. Edgy
9. Blazer Dress
10. White Suit

A couple in casual outfits

Casual Photo Outfits

Maybe all of that glamor isn’t the ideal setting for you and yours.

There are so many beautifully casual engagement photo outfit ideas that you can wear to make your personality show in the photos. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous on it’s own.

You will love these casual outfit ideas and love the photo results even more so!

11. Button Downs
12. Knits
13. Jackets
14. Outdoorsy
15. Denim

I hope you found these ideas and tips helpful! If you’re not super used to being photographed and dressing for photos it can definitely be stressful. Take a little bit of wedding stress off and find some inspiration here!

It’s so fun to find a brand new outfit for an engagement photoshoot, and it will never disappoint. But if you’re going for a personality shoot, you likely already have what you need in your closet to have the best shoot ever.

Even though shopping isn’t totally necessary, let this post guide all of your shopping endeavors as you search for the right colors, fits, and style for your super fun photoshoot. Even using this as inspiration for a new accessory to go with something you’ve already had in your closet is a great way to spice it up.

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to outfits for any couple that’s getting some photos done. Check it out!

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