Inside: 13 ideas for what to wear to a brewery. Fun and casual attire is the goal here.

Breweries are some of the most chill environments that you can find yourself in. It’s relaxed, laid back, and a totally casual aesthetic. If you’re planning a brewery visit and aren’t sure what you’re supposed to wear for it, then you’ve come to the right place! Let me help you out.

Going to a brewery is so fun and is such a great creative activity, but it’s definitely nothing to stress about having the right outfit for. Wineries are one thing, but breweries are the place to relax and not even stress about your outfit choice.

We will look at some cute outfits for you to make sure that you keep up on your style game, but just know that everything about it is totally chill. Just sit back, relax, and have the best time at the brewery with your friends or date.

Here are 13 ideas for what to wear to a brewery.

Three cute casual outfits

What Should I Wear To A Brewery?

Going to a brewery is a laid-back and fun event for you and your friends or your date, whoever you’re taking with you. Enjoy the nice, casual, relaxing environment around you, by matching it with her nice and casual attire.

A cool pair of jeans is always a good choice, and in the summer you can throw in a little baby crop top or a graphic tee, and your favorite pair of cool sneakers. This is a super casual route, if you feel like dressing up your casual, you could do a pair of cool cargo pants, a silk blouse, and some cute sandals. For the winter switch out the sandals for a pair of cowboy boots or Doc Martens, and you’ve got the perfect fall/winter outfit for a brewery too.

If you still wanna be super trendy, a pair of trouser shorts, cowboy boots, and a slouchy sweater is really hot right now, and is a perfect outfit for this event. Mixing preppy with western in a really casual, understated way it’s hot these days, so get on it and get your favorite brewery outfit together.

There’s so many ways you can go with brewery outfits, that you can hardly go wrong. You probably can overdress, but that’s always better than under-dressing. And you can’t under dress at a brewery. Sitting while drinking beer with your friends is the perfect opportunity to break out your favorite casual outfits, so take full advantage today!

First Date To A Brewery

If you’re going on a first date to a brewery, you likely want to dress up a little bit more than a graphic tee with cargo pants. And that’s totally understandable.

First dates are usually a first impression, and honestly a casual first impression is the best kind. So dress to impress, but within the casual dress code for your first date at a brewery, and I think you’ll win some hearts over.

But let’s talk about what that looks like.

Sure you probably have your favorite pair of jeans, but there’s so many cool casual outfits on the market right now, and there’s likely a dressed up version of a pair of denim for you.

There are a lot of cool denim brands that don’t just make jeans, but they make jeans that make an outfit. Finding a cool pair like this, like a pair of denim cargoes is a cool idea, or even a pair of staple leather pants. These with a plain, baby tee, cropped sweater, or a bodysuit are perfect.

If you want to go the more casual pants route with a plain pair of jeans, you could always wear a really cool blouse, like an oversized silk button down, with some sneakers. Balancing the casual piece with the cool piece and the dressy piece is how we achieve the balance for a cute casual outfit. It doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard but you do look like you’re putting your best foot forward for your first date here at the brewery.

Some other ideas include a matching set, a tee shirt dress with cowboy boots, or an oversized tee with lug sole boots. These are all pretty trendy, and pretty casual ideas for you for your first date at a brewery. Adding slouchy with a cool pair of shoes is honestly the trick to making any outfit cool and casual.

You can always add a cute houndstooth cardigan to a pair of black jeans, or a cute casual plain vest with a pair of denim. You can’t go wrong with anything with denim for a brewery date.

Best Shoes

We’ve already talked through some of the best shoe options based on trends and dressing up casual pieces if you need to be a little bit more forward for a first date.

Now let’s talk about just your casual outing to the brewery. You don’t need anything crazy, there’s not a ton of walking like a winery, so it all depends on how cute or casual you want to be. You can go in your running shoes, or you can go on a cool pair of cowboy boots. This is totally up to you, and there’s nothing that says you should wear a specific kind of shoe to a brewery.

Sandals are totally fine in the summer if you find them comfortable in the times that you have to stand with if there’s no tables available. Be comfortable, don’t go crazy, but do you feel like you look your best in your favorite casual attire.

Three girls in cool girl outfits

What To Wear To A Brewery

1. Slouchy And Leather
2. Sweater And Striped
3. Cool Sweats
4. Set

Three cool casual outfits

Outfit Ideas

5. Tee And Boots
6. Trench
7. Cool Buttondown
8. White Tee

Two girls in casual summer outfits


9. Easy Cool Girl
10. Denim On Denim
11. Denim Bermuda Shorts
12. Knit Set

Doing something differently like going to a brewery if you’ve never been as such a good idea. If you live near big city, there’s so many things to do like breweries and different venues and events, it’s easy to overlook them.

But as you start to wander out from your usual outings, don’t forget that just because you’re trying something new, doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond to dress up for it. Going to your favorite local pub is so nice because you know exactly what to expect and what to wear. Going to a brewery is a little bit out of your comfort zone but you still know exactly what you need to wear for it.

Cool casual, or all the way casual. Totally up to you! If you and your friends plan to go to a fun dinner before or after as well, then plan to dress for the dinner event attire, because anything is accepted at the brewery. This is also your opportunity to throw in your favorite accessory that you maybe don’t get to wear too often.

Do you have a funky hat that you love or a favorite silk scarf? But it always feels out of place? Throw it on even in a casual way for your outing to the brewery.

While it’s super casual, it’s still a place that you could be trendy and fun with your outfit. People that enjoy a good craft beer tend to be pretty artsy as well, so a good outfit will always be admired.

Have fun at the brewery, and if this is your first date, good luck!

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