Inside: Fun Grandma outfit Ideas that work today for the coastal grandmother or modern hipster looks alike.

As crazy as it sounds, one of the hottest trends right now is actually the coastal grandmother trend… random, right? But if you’re familiar, you know why this trend is going so viral and why everyone is channeling it this summer. 

Grandma outfit comparisons aren’t as negative as they used to be, but this is actually a really full circle moment, revisiting the kind of naturally beautiful and simple styles our grandmothers would wear. We saw this resurgence years ago with the grandpa sweater trend when hipster was all the rage, and now we’re seeing it with the linens, layers, and knits that we could have easily snagged from our grandmothers’ closets! 

That’s just how the fashion industry works – full cycles. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to tap into this grandma outfit trend and aren’t sure where to start, check out some of these grandma outfits that work today.

Grandma outfit ideas that work today

This style and trend is everywhere– if you’re planning a trip to the beach, to Europe, or just spending some time relaxing and want to look like you’re going to Europe, this trend is for you! These grandma outfit ideas are very reminiscent of old money towns and beaches nearby. 

granny dresses two girls in cute white grandma dresses

Granny Dress

The last few years we’ve been seeing a lot from the cottagecore trends, which are very inspired by peasant dresses from the 60’s and 70’s, and that has kind of led us from princess inspired items to more of a vintage and natural style of dressing. Which brings us back to what our grandmas would always pick out for us while shopping or how she now mentions how tight our clothes are now… This new wave of grandma style is very easy breezy. 

Especially in the summer, we all want to feel like we’re just taking a stroll on a beach, relaxed in comfortable linens and flowing dresses… So let’s do it.

Check out some of these granny dresses that are super trendy today. 

  1. Cotton Midi
  2. Terry Cloth
  3. Striped Button Up Dress
  4. Nighty Inspired

Our grandmas always liked to dress like they were going somewhere specific, even if they weren’t. Aside from their Sunday Best (if you were in the south), all of their clothes worked for every occasion. 

It was a beautiful palette of neutrals and maybe some pops of color, but my grandmother would wear a casual dress to the grocery store if she wanted to.

They cared a bit more about their style and presentation when out and about, and it’s probably a good note to take from them. 

  1. Retro Patterns
  2. Grandma Florals
  3. White Cotton Layered
  4. Cotton Midi
  5. Peasant Dress
  6. Knit Maxi

coastal grandmother outfits two girls in blue and white outfits

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic Outfits

The coastal grandmother trend is on the rise, and we will likely still see its influence into the fall months, and make a big comeback next summer as our top trend of the season. So what does it look like right now, while it’s a little more low key? 

I’ve already mentioned linens, but very soft and lightweight white fabrics, baby blues, neutral tones, and loose fit denim. Actually, loose fit everything. 

Remember the comeback of the “potato” Birkenstock a few months ago? Expect a lot of those! With cream cargos and peasant dresses, and you’re dressing in grandma clothes that definitely still work today. We think it came back from middle school, but the grannies did it way before us. 

  1. Pastel Knit Set
  2. Striped Sweater Accent
  3. Full Linen Outfit
  4. Preppy Khakis 

The little niche grandma outfit ideas trends that come and go are so fun to watch change and evolve, and are exciting to jump on every once in a while when we see one that feels like it fits us. This is no different, seeing everyone pull influence from their grandmothers and from outfits we probably wouldn’t see as cute a year ago! 

If dressing like a grandma is trendy, so be it! It’s cute, cozy, and free of all too-ambitious efforts. 

  1. Blue And White Stripes
  2. Striped Sweater
  3. Simple Chambray
  4. Button Up And Clogs
  5. Brown Striped Pants
  6. White And Denim
  7. Coral And Creams

grandma inspired outfits

Grandma Inspired Outfits

Chunky sweaters, classy styles, ruffle details, are all elements of grandma inspired fashion, which also points to the trending style of “old money” aesthetic.” Maybe our grandmas dressed better and classier than we give them credit for if their style almost directly reflects the East Coast preppy style that we grew to love this past year! 

Neutrals and class are always in style, and they know what was up! 

Check out some of these grandma outfit ideas and see if this is the style you’re looking for for this summer to fall seasons. 

  1. Argyle Sweater
  2. Sandy Cardigan
  3. Checkered Scarf
  4. Knit Headband
  5. Preppy Pink Set
  6. Knit And Silk
  7. Oversized Knits

Classic gold pieces of jewelry, large pearl details, these accessories are so fun to pair with basics to give a rich grandma vibe. 

From summer to fall, this is a perfect relaxed transition wardrobe, especially if you live somewhere where the fall transition is a little on the warmer side! 

  1. White Crimped Suit
  2. Blue Button Up
  3. Oversized Knit Suit
  4. Floral Sweater

what would my grandma wear?

What Would My Grandma Wear

What would my grandma wear… not something I think I would ever consider asking myself when planning my own wardrobe! But we become like those before us, and this is a perfect example. I still don’t think I could mimic my mother’s style, but maybe in time? 

While all of our grandmothers probably had their own style and don’t fit flawlessly into the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic happening right now, grandma style in general is in, and that’s enough for me to consider how she would have put her own spin on the trend!

  1. Loafer And Cardi Combo
  2. All White Flowy
  3. Chunky White Knits
  4. Pastel Knits
  5. Chambray And Denim
  6. Matching White Denim

Personally, I know my grandma had fun with her style, it was never a dull moment with her! Funky sweaters and beach inspired colors like coral and sea green are all over the grandma vibe. 

Are you still unsure if you could rock the grandma aesthetic these days? Maybe a few more fit pics will influence you! If not now, maybe give it a few months before you see it even more all over social media and then they’ll convince you! TikTok already has a hold of it and pushes it out like the new hot thing, it’s only a matter of time before it’s everywhere!  

  1. Ralph Lauren Sweaters
  2. Tee And Knit
  3. Browns
  4. Pink Striped Cotton

Grandma trends come and go, and it always is a little shocking to see where the moment ends up. We came in hot with the hipster movement and grandpa sweaters from the thrift stores, now we’re channeling the grandmother on the coast with beautifully flowing light fabrics and loosely fitted denim. 

Pulling inspiration from the previous fashion trends is nothing new, every decade is reminiscent of one before us and we’ve just learned how to make it our own. This is the same kind of thing. 

Maybe our grandmas knew what they were doing when they were dressing in their little grandma styles… it’s quite similar to those in mediterranean cities and towns along the coasts. Europe always knows what’s cool first, and then once Americans catch on we put our own name on it: like grandma style. 

If you’ve been debating this sweet and cozy style, maybe these outfit inspo pictures influenced you to incorporate grandma style into your own closet! Without the 2014 hipster sweaters!

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