Inside: 19 casual Christmas outfits for any festivity.

The Christmas season, though so full with parties and festivities, is also the perfect time for comfy and casual get togethers with friends and family alike.

As you hang out and decorate gingerbread houses or go walk around with hot chocolate and see Christmas lights, you want to be pretty cozy, I would assume! I know I do! I always reach for my Harry Styles merch hoodie, personally, but now I’m starting to rethink my casual attire for the Christmas hangouts this year.

Sure casual really does mean casual and dressed down, but sometimes we want to be a little bit cuter than that. I don’t always want to do the bare minimum!

So I want to dig into some fun and still casual cute Christmas outfits for this Christmas season. I want to be cute for photos and stay festive, but remain comfy all the way through.

Three women in festive red outfit

Casual Christmas Party Attire

Casual dress codes kind of vary based on the event.

If you text me and invite me to a casual dress code game night, that’s a pretty casual event, inviting sweats and sneakers. Maybe even my Uggs! But if you invite me to a casual dinner, I’m likely going to put some thought into my outfit, even if it’s casual with jeans and boots.

There are endless ways to interpret casual dress code, but using the context of what kind of event it is, the venue, and the host themselves, you can narrow down a good plan of action for your outfit.

If it’s a Christmas party, I would still likely dress up for it unless you know otherwise. Either a casual dress with sneakers or boots or a jeans and boots outfit. I tend to be on the side of being a little more overdressed than under, so a comfy little long sleeve dress is always my go-to. Even if it’s not necessarily a dress occasion. Jeans and a sweater or leggings and a cute jacket will always do the trick.

Casual Fashion Trends For This Year!

The fashion trends change every season of every year, even just a little bit. What’s in for the Christmas season this year?

Preppy, preppy, preppy!

Think cable knit sweaters, wool blazers, chunky loafers… you name it! And mixing it all in with your usual leggings and favorite winter coats and you’ve got a super cute winter look. Add the Christmas colors and themes in to keep it festive!

Western wear is also a huge trend this year, but we have yet to see how it’s going to play out into the winter season. So far, it has proven to be a fun summer aesthetic, with boots and shorts and hats, but the boots will likely continue into the colder months. The rest is yet to be seen! If you snagged a pair of cowgirl boots this year like the rest of us, then it might be cute to mix that in with an oversized sweater for a casual Christmas event.

Trench and pea coats are the outerwear move, super preppy but always a classic and timeless staple.

Can You Wear Black For Christmas?

Yes, you can always wear black for Christmas! While it’s mainly seen as a happy and bright holiday, holiday PARTY attire is usually centered around black and dark tones like a deep wine red color or a pine green. You can always wear black to celebrate in the winter.

Cold months call for deep and dark colors, and it doesn’t get deeper and darker than black!

Then add a pair of red pumps or a red silk scarf to add some festive vibes back into the outfit, especially if it’s a super fun occasion. There’s nothing wrong with a classic black outfit, but now is the time to have fun and be extra! That’s what the holidays are for. October until January is all about celebrating and using every excuse to make life more fun. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just appetizers to Christmas and New Years is the dessert.

Wear black for Christmas! But don’t forget to throw a little something fun in there too.

Two women in jeans and warm layers

Ideas For Women

Girls, we’ve got it a lot harder than the men do when it comes to party attire. Give them a quarter zip and a nice pair of jeans and they’re good to go. So if you need a little extra inspiration and some more ideas, no sweat. I got you!

Casual is hard because you have to find the middle ground of effort but also relaxed and effortless. It can be a tough one to pinpoint exactly, but here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Tan And White
2. Red Coat
3. Polished Flannel
4. Plaid Pants

Girl in cute casual christmas outfits red suit

Cute Casual Christmas

Around the holidays, casual never really means a true casual. It just means don’t feel the need to dress up too much. So don’t! Cute casual is a different story and you’ll find all of the inspiration you need right here.

Cute and casual is pretty easy in the winter, all you need to know is to avoid a sweatshirt and you’re probably fine.
Sweaters tend to read as nicer attire for the most part so it’s easy to get on the right path with a casual sweater and your favorite pair of shoes!

5. Red Scarf Polish
6. Christmas Plaid
7. Leather Pants
8. Bell Sleeve Sweater
9. Red Leather Pants

With Jeans

Jeans are an easy piece to work with for casual attire. All you need is to make sure you don’t wear something too casual on top (again, with the hoodies and sweatshirts) and you’re in the clear. You don’t need a blouse to complete the look, but even a plain long sleeve tee would do the trick!

Here are some cute casual Christmas outfits with jeans.

10. Leather Jeans
11. Brown Pea Coat
12. Classic Sweater
13. Shiny Green
14. Corduroy Shacket

Three girls in winter 2022 trends

Winter 2022 Trends

We talked through the big trends this year for the winter season, so see it in action before you head out shopping for your new attire! Stock up on these trends and be ready for any casual get together you find yourself invited to!

15. Blazer And Boots
16. Preppy Cape
17. Funky Western Boots
18. Chic Trench Coat
19. Gold Buttons

Casual Christmas attire can really be anything, so I hope you found some helpful outfit ideas for all of your parties coming up this season with the “casual” label on it. Whatever that means, honestly.

I love Christmas because there are just so many ways to celebrate, so many people to celebrate with, and it’s just so cute how the season brings everyone together so happily.

Enjoy all of your gatherings and stay cozy and warm whether you’re watching some classic movies or sitting in a horse drawn carriage around some amazing neighborhoods to spot all the coolest light shows.

If you’re a teacher going back to school in a few weeks after a phenomenal Christmas break away from work, here are some outfit ideas for you! Getting up and getting ready before the rest of the world can be so tough, so the more inspiration you have the easier it is!

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