Inside: Cozy and easy to wear winter teacher outfits to rock at school this season.

Just because the weather is dreary and the students are tired and ready for spring break doesn’t mean your outfits have to look dreary and tired! You can lighten up your own day and the classroom for your students with some of these winter teacher outfits you need in your closet ASAP.

I’m not a huge winter gal, personally, but I do love playing with winter layers that aren’t just stylish but warm and cozy too! It’s so easy for winter layers to be elevated with all of the coats and classy pieces that you can simply throw over some more casual gear.

I know getting dressed in the morning to go to school isn’t anyone’s favorite thing, but if you snag some of these cool winter teacher outfits to have on hand, you might find you’ll enjoy getting ready a little more! Even when all we want to do is hide under the covers from the frigid temps.

three girls in casual winter outfits

Can Teachers Wear Leggings?

It depends on each school and what their dress code is for their teachers. For the most part, yes, teachers can wear leggings! If your school district says no, then ignore me.

But if it’s not specified that you can’t, leggings can easily be dressed up and covered up with an oversized sweater that covers everything it needs to. You could also wear a long mid-calf length cardigan that covers all as well.
Wearing tall boots helps leggings become more of a layering piece than a pair of pants.

If you cover more of the top and the bottom of the leggings, you can totally get away with it, even in dressier outfits.

Leggings are perfect for winter for this reason. You can dress them up even when they feel like sweatpants and they’re great for layering!

What Should Teachers Not Wear?

Most of what teachers should avoid are more summer pieces, so you’re probably in the clear if it’s winter already.
Generally, teachers shouldn’t wear anything tight, revealing, or sheer. Keeping an appropriate environment around students is the main concern for teacher outfits. It’s a combination of a casual work dress code and a corporate dress code. It’s not necessary to wear slacks and blazers all of the time, but keeping it professional even when deciding to rock a tee is the best way to balance the dress codes.

In the winter, your biggest temptation might just be sweat pants. And I totally feel you there! When I’m rolling into the office, all I want to wear is a pair of soft and cozy sweatpants! I’m definitely more likely to get more work done like that. Maybe. Maybe not. But we’ll never know, will we?

So avoiding the sweats or finding some of the “feels like sweats” slacks that are out and around on the market now might be your best bet. Get cozy for those long days in front of your favorite students!

Cold Weather Staples For Teachers

These are cold weather staples for everyone in my opinion. However, ultimately I know my teacher friends and readers could really benefit from having these pieces handy for when the days start to grow colder.

Knits. Always knits.

Long cardigans can dress up any outfit you need them to, and can layer over smaller pieces if you tend to get warm running around a classroom and need something simple. This is a perfect piece to have and wear on repeat.

Large sweaters, obviously. No explanation needed.

A fitted long sleeve turtleneck top to layer under any tees or sweaters you might need to add layers to.
Poncho. This one is a little niche, but it’s a necessity. It’s a perfect warm layer in the morning and feels like a blanket when you’re trying to stay cozy under all of your layers! It’s classic and professional. If you find the perfect poncho for you, you won’t want to take it off.

Casual winter outfits on 4 women

Casual Winter Teacher Outfits

If you’re more on the casual side of teacher outfits, I have some ideas for you!

It’s a hard boundary when you’re generally allowed casual wear to make sure that you don’t go TOO casual. Because there’s definitely a line, but it’s a dangerous one!

So here are some casual winter teacher outfits that are cute and still fit in your casual category. I think you’ll love them and will be able to put your own spin on them!

1. Chunky Cardigan
2. Cool Swirl Sweater
3. Tan Wool
4. Sweater Vest
5. White And Khaki
6. Knit And Denim
7. Quilted Jacket
8. Leather Pants
9. Comfy Grays

Four colorful elementary teacher outfits

Elementary Teachers

Elementary teachers are some of the most fun people I know! You have to be to enjoy hanging out with little kids all day. That’s not my cup of tea, so I’m always in awe when I hang around my teacher friends.

They tend to have a little more fun and flexibility with their wardrobes– the classroom is already so filled with fun features, adding a little bit of fun and flexibility to a wardrobe is no different.

10. Overalls
11. Gingham Dress
12. Orange Tones
13. Checkered Knit Pants
14. Velvet Flare Pants
15. Striped Cardi
16. Orange And Gingham
17. Sage Pants
18. Green Sweaters

Neutral Teacher outfits

Neutral Teacher Outfits

If you’re a neutral lover and your outfits tend to repeat themselves, or at least feel like they do, then you need a little refresher!

Here are some neutral teacher outfits to spark some inspiration for new styles of tan cardigans or black sweaters.
Neutrals are nice because they’re so easy, but everything starts to run together. Try out some of these neutral pieces that still have a little bit of something different. You’ll love them!

19. Full Knits
20. Sweater Slacks Combo
21. White Jeans
22. Tan Layers
23. Brown Layers
24. Ribbed Pants
25. Denim Skirt
26. Denim Layers
27. Cream Sweater

Cold Weather Teacher Outfits

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Cold weather is so not my favorite, but the outfits totally can be!

They’re cute and cozy, and the layers can be so interesting. I love to play with different ideas of ways to layer clothes. Lately I’ve been loving adding a button up cardigan over a knit tank top, both over a knit turtleneck tank.

It’s interesting and different and I can still move around a ton because there aren’t too many layers on my arms.

Try some of these cool outfits for cold weather.

28. Midi
29. Striped Skirt
30. All Black
31. Cool Neutrals
32. Turtleneck
33. Plaid Blazer
34. Houndstooth
35. Trench Coat
36. Staple Jeans
37. Cream Sweater

Teachers do it all, and I have to give them all major props!

I sure couldn’t do everything that they do, so if I can do one thing to make it a fun experience, I want to help pick out the outfits that make getting ready a little better.

Winter is already hard too, even if you’re not getting up at the crack of dawn to go teach! Waking up in the winter is tough. But when I like my outfit I have planned for the day, I like it a little more.

Whether your teacher outfit style is cool and relaxed or super preppy, hopefully you’ve found some outfits here that you can look forward to putting together for the too long winter part of the semester.

A teacher with her student

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