Inside: Perfect spring break outfits for your spring beach getaway.

Spring break is just around the corner, and if you’re planning the perfect getaway for you and your friends to take a nice breather during the semester, you need to start thinking about your outfits now, too!

The best part of any vacation is planning the best outfits and the cutest Instagram content, so I just know you’re already thinking through all the different outfits you can bring. Whether you’re going somewhere cold or warm, tropical or urban, you’re going to need the best outfits. So I’ve got some outfit ideas for you and some tips for putting together the best vacation wardrobe.

Because vacation outfits can be tough, but with some thinking and planning, you’ll get it done in no time. Your suitcase is about to be packed with the cutest outfits and your social media is about to be filled with them too.

If you need some spring break outfits, you’re in the right spot.

Here are 19 of the cutest spring break outfits for spring 2023.

Beachy outfits

Trending Spring Colors

This spring we’re going from more of a pop than we normally do.

Fun and bright colors are always in during the springtime, but usually we stick to a little bit more of a pastel palette for our main color schemes. However, 2023 is about breaking a lot of molds and a lot of traditions, so we’re going to be looking at some new color trends for spring 2023.

Envato created a beautiful color palette full of the colors that were dominating the runways at New York fashion week. Some are bold, some are your typical spring pallets with pastels, and some are more utility and edgy like we’ve been seeing running the streets the last few years.

Envato spring color palette

Each of these have potential to be really trendy this year, and you can definitely take your pic of which palette is more your taste, but as for me? I’ll be looking at the escapism color palette for all the best edgy pops of color this year.

Each category will be perfect for different spring break locations, so take your pick based on the scenery you’re going to be around.

If you’re going somewhere beachy and warm, the brighter the better, as always. Beaches were basically made for bright pops of color, so I definitely recommend going with that pallet for a beach getaway.

If you’re going somewhere, cold or heading to the mountains to ski, the utility will be the best and most iconic color palette for your suitcase.

Just about anywhere else, if you’re going to a little desert getaway in Scottsdale, or hitting up the shopping on the East Coast, perfect spring pastels are always a move.

Let your destination decide your color palette this year, spring is all about matching the vibes.

Packing Tips

Coming from a former obsessive packer, packing is difficult.

I used to throw all of my favorite pieces in a suitcase and hop on a plane, and figure it out when I got there. There’s nothing I regret more than not planning my outfits better for Paris. I still loved my outfits, but it definitely could have been planned out better for such a fashion icon of the world.

Packing for trips can be hard because you just want all of the options, if you’re like me, to be able to wear whatever you want and whatever you’re in the mood to wear that day on the trip.

However, this makes packing really hard, because then you end up packing outfits that don’t actually go together, and then once you’re on the trip, you have a hard time putting outfits together and deciding what to wear. Take it from me, try everything on, and decide what you’re taking beforehand, it will make it all so much easier.

If you can, even plan what you want to wear each day separately, so that you know the vibes for every day of the trip.

If you don’t want to plan each and every outfit and commit to it, plan for the same color scheme and aesthetic. If some days you want a more edgy look and some days you want a more preppy look, that’s when you’re going to have to plan each day’s outfit.

But if you plan to keep to the same aesthetic the entire trip, bring pieces that all go together, color wise and aesthetic wise. So that way when you’re trying to piece everything together, everything already goes together you just have to make your decisions.

Truthfully, this is the only way to make packing an easier venture so that you can feel happy and confident in your outfit choices while out and about on your trip.
Vacation Staple Pieces

So where are you heading? Are you taking off for the beach or the mountains? For the slopes or for shopping? Each of these are going to give you different vacation staples, and different necessities for your excursions.

Since skiing is such a particular activity, and has a lot of its own necessities, I’m going to leave it out of this post, even though it is a common spring break destination.

But let’s dive into some spring pieces that you’re going to need for this awesome vacation. Right now, linen and palazzo pants are everything. These are two of the biggest trends we are seeing on the market right now for spring, as we’re still in a very 70s inspired aesthetic move. You’re not gonna be able to find many pieces that are very spring-like and aren’t 70s inspired. Think peasant, think earthy, think natural.

It doesn’t have to be retro, but just very down to earth.

Maxi skirts are all the rage right now, so I definitely recommend finding one to add to your suitcase for this trip! Of course we’ve already talked about colors, pastels, neutral, utilitarian, and bright pops.

I definitely recommend pops with the pastels, and using each of these pallets as accent pieces for each other.

Make sure you grab one good pair of shoes for a nice dinner, one good pair of walking shoes, and one cool pair for photo ops! If you have room in your suitcase, of course, the more the merrier when it comes to shoes, but make sure you have each of these staples.

Colorful outfits for vacation

Bright Spring Break Outfits

1. Pink Set
2. Green And White
3. Orange Set
4. Pink And Green
5. Color Pop Skirt

Two girls in white outfits


6. White Linen
7. White Romper
8. Scarf Top
9. Cream Silk Skirt
10. Tie Front Top

Three girls in pastel and colorful outfits for spring break

Cute Spring Break Outfits

11. Tee And Silk
12. Light Green
13. Baby Blue
14. All Black

Three cute spring outfits

Perfect Outfits For Spring Break

15. Green Crochet
16. Wrap Skirt
17. Sundress
18. Blue Silk Mini
19. White And Pink

Spring break is such an exciting time of life, getting to be with all of your friends and reminisce on the year behind you and dream about the year ahead. If your toes are in the sand or if you’re making your way down a snowy mountain, you’re going to have a good time. These are the years you look back on whether you vacation with friends or family, looking back at all the fun times you’ve had in the spring season.

It’s a little bit of a teaser for summer, but it’s so nice to be able to take a break and take a breath in the middle of the semester before totally crushing the rest of the school year.

Enjoy your spring break vacation, wherever you end up, and just know that you’re going to have the cutest outfits on the trip. Take all of the pictures and commit these days to memory. They’re so precious, take it from me. You don’t want to forget a thing.
If you need something else to plan after spring break comes and goes, plan out a trip to a winery! Fun, fresh, and something different.

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