Inside: Pretty spring family photo outfits.

Family photo outfits are hard to come by if you’re stuck with the task of coordinating and dressing everyone to match each other. Luckily if you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for outfits for a spring shoot, and that’s always a little bit easier than winter. Spring outfits are cute and fun, and you don’t have to worry too much about the functionality of keeping everyone warm.

As you collect ideas and start to move towards dressing your family, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is a beautiful photo that reveals your family’s personality. This can be achieved whether or not your vision is accurately brought to life, so don’t stress too hard if it goes awry on the day of!

As a creative with all of the visions, I always die a little bit when it goes wrong, but the party or the photo is always just as special anyway.
No stress.

Let’s look at some family styling tips and some outfit inspiration to bring your family photo dreams to life! Here are 29 spring family photo outfits.

Muted tones family spring outfits

How To Coordinate Outfits

There’s a big difference between coordinating and matching outfits. It’s a toss up which one can be harder to achieve, but overall, it’s as simple as you want it to be. Matching outfits would be using exact matching pieces to create a group outfit, while coordinating is using pieces that harmoniously just work together. I think coordinating is more difficult, because it’s playing with shades and colors and aesthetics, but it’s also so fun to see it all come together.

As you choose to coordinate or match, I have some tips for you!

Coordinating outfits becomes easy over time as you start to really see what kinds of pieces really work together and what doesn’t. Overall there are a few factors to take note of as you start to look at different outfit ideas and how they can all work together. Or not work together, it all depends.

Obviously you know that colors are one of the biggest factors when trying to pair pieces together. Colors don’t have to be exact matches to make an outfit work together, but if they aren’t, they need to be different enough to look like intentional shade and hue play. It’s a balancing act.

Using light pinks and dark pinks are easy to combine, but where it can get tricky is keeping the base color in mind. If it’s more of a purple based than a red based, the colors won’t be as cohesive as two red based pinks of different shades.

This is often why we see a lot of neutral colors in big group pictures. Even all of the options for base hues go together beautifully, so there’s no shot of them not mixing well.

The other element you have to consider when coordinating group outfits is aesthetic. It’s not very cohesive to have someone styled in a really minimalist vibe and have someone else in a very maximalist or eccentric style. If you can pick one, street or boho or traditional or minimalist… You’re in good shape. In visuals, a good question to always ask when you see different outfits is: “are they going to the same party?” and if they look like they’re going to the same place or attending the same party, then you’re good to go.

Spring Color Palettes

Spring 2023 is saying goodbye to mainstream pastels for the season, and demoting them to simply accent colors. This spring is all about vivids and bright colors, so break out the magenta and the red and get ready to be bold this year.

If you want to go for more of a timeless look for your photos, pastels will never be out of style. Using the year’s accent tones is still a trendy move and you and your family will definitely be up on the style game.

The pastels are more neutral tones, with a soft blue and a soft pink. Browns and neutral greens are going to be great to add in with these tones. These are classic and beautiful colors that will go flawlessly with your family’s smiling faces for a photoshoot.

Envato has created a wonderful palette with all of the best colors for the season, using what we saw down the runway at Fashion Week. There are different themes represented in the fashion lines as well, and each of them all had similar color stories.

Envato spring color palette

In my personal style, the bolder the better. So as I plan my outfits for events this spring I plan to use the bolder colors on the palette.

I want to wear the bold orange and the spunky pink! I want my spring to be as bubbly and happy as ever.

Staple Pieces For Spring

Spring has all the same staples it always has. A good pair of light wash jeans, flowy white blouses, and a good pair of sandals. And you’ve got a great spring outfit!

White on white has been so fun the past few seasons, and now that we don’t believe in the concept of only wearing white before labor day, it’s opened so many possibilities to wearing white and wearing it beautifully. We love to pair them together so maybe even some staple white pieces and throwing in some outfits with denim or khaki instead of white for a very classic family photo look.

Fun and breezy outfit pieces (of any color) like linen or palazzo jeans are so fun to incorporate in a spring wardrobe. It’s all about feeling the sunshine again after a long and heavy winter era. So let the sun break through and feel like you’re welcoming the sunshine back this spring!

Whether it’s with bold or neutral tones, matching or coordinating outfits, you’re going to love your spring family photo outfits.

Bohemian family outfits for spring

Family Outfits

1. Casual Playsuits
2. Lace Dresses
3. Neutral Mix
4. Checkered
5. Rich Florals
6. Ruffle Dresses
7. Coordinating Yellow Dresses
8. Muted Tones
9. Sage Florals
10. Matching Cardigans

A woman and her daughter in matching blue dresses

Spring Outfit Ideas

11. Chambray Dresses
12. Calming Colors
13. Lace Dresses
14. Purple Florals
15. Blue And White
16. All Yellow
17. Black And Rust
18. Patterns
19. Grays

a family in a neutral color palette and a mother and daughter in bright colors

Spring Family Photo Outfits

20. Stripes
21. White Linens
22. Greens
23. Soft Colors
24. Navy
25. Soft Blue
26. Rose Buds
27. Interesting Pattern
28. Sunshine Gradient
29. Neutrals
Capturing a moment with your family is so special and so important. As you begin to grow, you’re going to love having these family photos to look back at and keep on hand to reminisce on different years of your life as a family.

Hopefully you found all the inspiration you need to curate the best outfits for your family photo! Whether it’s the immediate family for a snapshot or the full extended family at a family reunion, it’s going to turn out gorgeous and everyone will cherish these photos for years to come. Being handed the task of outfit coordinator is a tough one, believe me I’ve been there! So I know the struggle, but if you use these as outfit inspirations and send them to everyone to get an idea, then you’ve done your part.

Enjoy the day and cherish the moment with your family, having everyone together becomes such a treat as everyone gets older. Love your family and hold them close this spring. And take some beautiful spring family photos.
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