Inside: 57 casual Thanksgiving outfits you’ll want to try this year.

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, and the easiest to dress for. Whether your family traditions are more on the formal side or casual side, fall attire is cozy, warm, and always cute.

If you’re house hopping or staying put, spend this Thanksgiving snuggled up in your favorite cozy outfit. Not sure what’s the appropriate version of your favorite casual attire? I’ve got 57 casual Thanksgiving outfits you will actually want to wear while stuffing your face with turkey and the works!

Every family dress code has a different version of casual attire. Leggings, jeans, or tee shirt dress, find something for every casual code.

Four fall outfits

Maybe you’re meeting a new family this season, and have some questions about what’s truly appropriate for the fall now that you’re not just seeing your own family– here’s your guide to the casual Thanksgiving!

What Is Casual Thanksgiving Attire?

Again, casual can mean something different to every family and in every setting. Some families casual means a sweater and jeans and some it means staying in your pajamas to cook up the traditional dinner and watch the parade. But usually, casual still means some semblance of effort.

Here’s a few different levels of casual that you may identify as the right direction for your festivities!

Leggings: maybe one of the more common dress codes for families all over the country, leggings are the most versatile options for casual attire! You can dress them up with a sweater and boots or down with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. You can find your middle ground too with a sweater and sneakers combination.

Jeans: Just as versatile, but a little less comfortable while maybe eating your biggest meal of the year. You have all the same options of sweaters and sweatshirts but with the addition of blouses that don’t usually go with leggings. The biggest difference is that jeans will always give the allure of more effort either way.

Dressy: Dresses always look like you took more time to get ready than you did– it’s easy to throw one on and call it a day! The same goes for jumpsuits. They don’t have to be over the top, there are plenty of casual enough dresses and jumpsuits to suit your casual Thanksgiving. It’s all in how you style it.

What Colors Do You Wear For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out your best fall colors.

And what are those fall colors exactly?

This color palette is pretty intuitive, the way you decorate your home and set the table in all the right shades comes naturally when thinking about fall. But if you want to get specific, here we go.

Fall colors are typically deep, warm tones. Darker shades like plum, wine, and teal are great colors to use to accent, though teal isn’t in the warm tone category. It’s a rich enough color to add depth and dimension to the palette. Use these as accent colors with some typical neutral shade.

Earth tones are the base of a fall wardrobe: browns, tans, oranges, and greens are all natural colors found to be the most common for fall outfits. Using any shades of warm browns are a great place to start and can always be a festive look.

Can You Wear Black And White In November?

In short, there’s never a season that black and white are out. However, the neutral route for the fall season includes so many other rich and beautiful tones that if you have the option, this is the one time you can truly grasp a different color palette.

Cream instead of white and chocolate brown instead of black are beautiful fall switches, and add some depth to your wardrobe, especially if you frequently visit the grayscale options for your neutrals!

But again, a lovely black and white checkered coat will never be the wrong choice for your holiday look.

Two girls in babydoll dresses in fall colors and boots

Casual Thanksgiving Dresses

Dresses are so easy, and I love when people assume I really put in some real effort when it was the easiest thing in my closet! And if you style it right you can still channel that effortless style for your casual Thanksgiving.
Here are some of the best fall dress ideas for a casual setting.

1. Plaid Babydoll Dress
2. Layered Flannel
3. Brown Checkered
4. Green Floral Babydoll
5. Sweater Layer
6. Tie Waist Ribbed Dress
7. Burgundy Cardigan
8. Green Maxi
9. Orange Knit
10. Classic Sweater Dress
11. Suede Overall
12. Creams And White

Three women in fall outfits that aren't too cozy for warm weather.

Warm Weather Thanksgiving Outfits

We don’t all live in states where bundling up is necessary on Thanksgiving, so if you fall into this category, this is for you!

Tee shirts might be too casual for some as well, so here are some warm weather fall outfit ideas that you might be able to execute for your family Thanksgiving.

13. Blazer And Shorts
14. Knit Set
15. Vest
16. Jeans And Bodyuit
17. Flannel And Sneakers
18. White Button Up With Boots
19. White Crop Tee
20. Light Cardigan
21. Ivory Pleated Skirt
22. Flannel And Boots
23. Plaid And Crop
24. Staples

Four girls in casual thanksgiving outfits

Outfit Ideas

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving looks to pull inspiration from! If these are what you’re looking for, copy these exactly and you’re on your way to being best dressed at the family function.

Colors, styles, comfort, are all factors in these outfits that I adore. So here are some casual Thanksgiving outfit ideas.

25. Slouchy Jumpsuit
26. Mustard Sweater
27. Striped Sweater
28. Quarter Zip
29. Sweater And Tights
30. Plaid Coat
31. Army Green
32. Blazer Dress
33. Corduroy
34. Checkered Dress
35. Edgy Leather
36. Hoodie Pea Coat Combo

Dressed up leggings outfits perfect for fall family events

With Leggings

Again, leggings are everything. They’re the perfect “stretchy” pants you need when getting ready to eat anything and everything on the table… and then go back for seconds! Boots and booties always elevate these from being that too casual piece to being a comfortable pair of pants for fall!

Check out these outfit ideas using leggings that you might be able to copy or pull inspiration from to fit the bill for the family visits.

37. Oversized Cardigan
38. Tan Shacket
39. Lug Sole Boots
40. Tan Sweater
41. Plaid Shacket
42. Teddy Coat
43. Striped Cardigan
44. Tan Scarf And White Sweater
45. Leopard Print
46. All Black
47. Puffer Vest

Two women in comfy, cute, and casual outfits for fall.

Comfy Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

Honestly, is there anything we want more than just to be comfortable while eating? Not really! The ability to find a middle ground between comfort and style is a talent, so if you need some inspiration to jog your ideas, here are some comfy casual Thanksgiving outfits!

In the end, casual is still casual and if you choose comfort over a pair of too-tight jeans well… I truly don’t think anyone will blame you for it!

48. Hat And Sweater
49. Knit Set
50. Equestrian
51. Layered Puffer Vest
52. Denim Mini
53. Gray Shacket
54. Babydoll Dress
55. Brown Leather Skirt
56. Green Sweater
57. Sweater Tank

For some, Thanksgiving is the most relaxing holiday, and for some… not so much! Even if the day is crazy and you’re in charge of the turkey or you’ve got many houses to visit, dress for the stress and make sure your cute casual is just right.

You can never go wrong with your favorite sweater and some over the knee boots– it’s a fall classic.

You can go several directions with “casual Thanksgiving attire,” so hopefully these answered questions help you figure out what your options are for this holiday season! Whether you’re seeing family, friends, several families, or all of the above, this should be a fun and happy holiday. So make sure you’re cozy and ready for the day, but still cute enough for photo ops that Grandma is going to cherish forever.

Speaking of Grandma… I did a deep dive on grandma outfits that are super trendy these days which is even more inspiration for a perfectly casual or cute Thanksgiving outfit to wear with family.

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