Trench coat outfits will always make the top of every list of chic outfits. No matter where you are, if there’s a breeze, a trench coat will always be the right answer.

If you’re considering if this is your new coat for the impending fall season, this is your sign.

You need a trench coat and I’ll show you my fav ways to wear the look this season.

Four examples of how to wear a trench coat this year

I have two different trench coats & both speak to me differently.

One is an oversized and casual one that works for that effortless and laid back look, while one is more fitted and sleek looking for a polished finishing touch.

For fall, the idea of pairing brown boots with a trench coat is so chic, you have to see these brown boots outfit ideas to really see the vision.

A girl wearing a denim midi skirt and a trench coat

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

While an oversized trench coat sounds like it might be pretty overpowering piece if you’re already wearing something that isn’t very form fitting, but it’s this season’s cool girl look. You just need some inspiration.

1. Denim Midi

This is a spring dream! Denim midi skirts are a staple this season, and layering with a trench is just the cherry on top.

2. The Basics

Combat boots with a skinny jean is an easy outfit to throw on something with a lot of length and movement in it.

3. Trouser And Sneaker

This is the epitome of when street meets corporate.

4. Just Corporate

Your classic corporate outfit goes to the next level during your commute when you add a trench coat like this. It makes it more laid back and easy going.

5. Casual

When you have a casual run around outfit that you want to elevate, the trench is the way to go.

6. Spring Fresh

The light colors, the sandals, and the ankle length pants… Everything about this screams spring.

7. Flare

A flare cut is so cool with a trench!

8. Sweater Over The Shoulders

It’s kind of counter intuitive, but putting a sweater over the shoulders on top of the jacket is so cute.

9. Waist Length

A waist length can be more palatable if you don’t need a full length trench coat for the weather.

10. Denim Trench

If you want to go a really unique route, I love a good denim trench.

Three women wearing different trench coat outfits

What To Wear

From London to LA, there are some seriously cool outfits you might want to try this season. Whether you need something dressy or casual, here they are.

11. Mini Skirt

I love all of the different lengths here, it really all does work together.

12. Cozy Knit Set

Running around in the comfy set doesn’t mean you can’t level it up just a bit! Playing with the different levels of casual is so cute.

13. Different Brown Wools

Playing with different shades of brown makes basics and staples like this interesting.

14. Hoodies And Leggings

Over sweats? Yes, please!

15. Pegged High Waters

I absolutely love these silhouettes together.

16. Leather And Knits

A leather trench over a knit dress is a perfect amount of fun with different textures.

17. Street Style

Leather pants and dunks are perfect for a trench coat look.

18. Black On Black

Black on black with a coat will always be chic.

19. Leather Leggings

Keeping it cool with leather leggings. While a skinny leg is the cliche silhouette to go with a coat like this, but the leather makes it a little edgier for a cooler look.

20. Big Boots

Big boots with a pair of shorts is a super edgy outfit.

Styling ideas for how to wear a trench coat differently

Styling Ideas

Styling a trench is easy, because it’s essentially the effortless jacket or coat to throw on with any kind of outfit.

21. Striped Button Down

A striped button down keeps it classy and cute.

22. Dress And Tights

A trench is easy to wear casually but also to dress up… The possibilities are endless.

23. Leather Layers

I adore the way that this looks with a sick leather jacket peeking out from under.

24. The Basics

The basic pieces are perfected when layered with a trench coat.

25. Flats And A Sweater

The ballet flats and a sweater around your shoulders gives this the preppy spirit that we’re loving this season.

26. Pastel Trousers

Trousers in light shades are the new casual pant this season.

27. Mini Dress And Boots

The different fits and lengths make for a visually interesting outfit. I love a chunky boot with the coat.

28. Espresso Leather

Espresso leather with a tee shirt is beautifully chic.

29. Matching Vest

Monochrome and matching. Always.

30. White Trench

With black as the accent color, there is something so edgy and chic about this.

What shoes to wear with a trench coat

Shoes To Wear With A Trench

What shoes are you debating wearing with your trench? In short, you can wear just about anything and everything with a trench coat.

31. Platform Converse

A platform converse is one of the most iconic street shoes.

32. Knee High Boots

This is a niche thing for me, in the transitional seasons, my go-to look is a pair of boots and shorts. Or a skirt.

33. Ballet Flats

A ballet flat is the shoe of the season.

34. Chunky Dad Sneaker

Dad sneakers are almost always the best move on a day in the city.

35. Colored Sambas

Sambas are the it shoe, and in a fun color, you’re sure to make a pop.

36. Bostons

Wearing your Bostons for a morning coffee run is always the move, and I love this example. It’s so cute and easy going!

37. Strappy Flats

The strappy flats are everywhere right now, and with a slouchy pair of jeans? You’re golden.

38. Staples

A staple sneaker is a great move for any outfit in the transitional months.

39. Loafers

Loafers are too perfect for your classier outfit options.

40. Pointed Toe Pump

Elevating a jeans outfit with a pair of pumps is a really fun way to change up the vibe!

41. Pointed Toe Flat

Or keep the energy with a different heel height!

What To Wear With A Trench Coat


If you Google this question, all of the drop down answers are going to say something different. Ranging from wool pencil skirts to baggy jeans.

In short, a trench coat is the cool jacket to throw on over everything. A slip dress to your sweats, it’s chic, cool, and perfect for any breeze coming your way while you’re out and about.

Best Color For A Trench Coat

If you don’t quite have that perfect trench coat and want to invest, now’s the time! And the color choices right now are all so good, it’s hard to determine which one is the one you should add to your wardrobe.

Some of the most popular colors in trench coats are:

  • Tan
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Chocolate Brown

I have a deep love of the classic tan color, and that will always be my first choice. However, a nice black one will help you dress up any outfit or keep it dressy already. Evaluate every outfit you wear when you wish you had a trench coat and decide if a light color or dark color would give you the vibe you’re looking for.

A girl standing with her trench coat blowing in the wind

Trench coats are my favorite coats in my closet, easy to throw on with literally any outfit. I’ve never put it on and said this wasn’t the right coat for the day.

Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, you get the cool urban girl outfit with a trench on top.

It’s a timeless look that also channels all of the best 90’s energy into it. How will you wear yours?!

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