Inside: Cruise outfit ideas that are going to be a hit on the gram.

I planned a cruise for this summer, and now I am sat with the realization that I have absolutely NO IDEA on what the heck a person wears on a cruise. As a fashion-oriented person, I know this needs to change.

So I thought I would hop onto the internet and do some studying. I ended up finding so many amazing cruise outfit ideas that I just had to share them. So I am going to go over everything you need to know when trying to find styles for a cruise.

3 different instagram ready outfit ideas for being on a cruise

It’s not as hard as you may think. In fact, I had so much fun finding these ideas and learning these tips! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let’s dive in!

What is an appropriate outfit to take in a cruise ship?

To go on a cruise, you can expect to pack quite an array of styles. For regular loungewear from hanging out by the pool, you will need bathing suits and cover ups, as well as some flip flops.

During the day, you can totally wear something casual and comfortable. Try and make it casual chic though, because depending on the cruise you are on, you will most likely be seeing a lot of polo shirts and casual sport coats. Basically what I am saying is, you need to walk that fine line between fancy and casual. I know you can do it!

I’ve seen a lot of people wear jumpsuits on cruises, so check out these jumpsuit outfit ideas!

What do you wear to a nice cruise dinner?

Dinners on a Cruise is where you get the excuse to really dress up. Depending on the cruise you are on, you are going to find that they have themed nights for the adults that will have an optional dress code of fancier attire. I want to be able to tell you exactly what that is, but I can’t unless I know what cruise you are going on.

Heck, I could be going on about how you need to dress fancy when you are actually going on a Nickelodeon cruise. Actually, I am not sure if those even still exist. But you get my point!

If you want to see what kinds of fancy dinners your cruise will be held, check out your itinerary.

Are cruises strict on dress code?

Yes and No. Obviously, you’ll need to wear something appropriate, but most cruises these days are pretty laid back. Again, I think the best thing you could do would be to look up this specific information on your cruises informational site. They will answer all of your specific questions.

Overall though, I think you can find some pretty great things from the inspiration that I found below!

My sister when on a cruise last year that had a bowling alley. If yours does as well, you need to check out these bowling outfit ideas!

3 different flows outfits perfect for being on a cruise

Cruise Outfit Ideas

I cannot wait for you to see these amazing outfit ideas. Not only are they super cute, but I really think that there is something for everyone. I made sure to add a good variety, so you can get a strong understanding of what cruise attire looks like. Check out this list and see if there are any that you love!

1. Beige Summer Dress Idea

2. 2 Piece Outfit Idea

3. Cool Blue Suit Idea

4. Two Piece Shirt and Skirt

5. Bright Jean Jacket with Dress

6. Crochet Over Bathing Suit

7. Baggy Pants with Bathing Suit

8. Starfish Two Piece Skirt/Shirt Combo

9. White Dress Idea

10. Bathing Suit with Cute Accessories

Cruise Outfits for Swimming

I know that you are going to be doing a lot of swimming on your cruise, so I wanted to show you some of my favorite cruise outfit ideas for swimming! These are truly amazing. Up until now, I didn’t really think about dressing up a swim suit, but I am a changed person!

11.  White Bathing Suit Outfit

12. Bathing Suit Top with Long Skirt

13. Bathing Suit Top

14. Bathing Suit with Pants

15. Cute Bathing Suit Outfit

16. Cool Bathing Suit with Charms

17. Bathing Suit with Matching Skirt

18. Suit with Large Flowing Cami

19. White Crochet Top

20. Scalloped Bikini with Accessories

Bathing Suit Outfits

I told you, after I learned that you could dress up a bathing suit, I decided I better do some more research. My idea of research is falling down an Instagram rabbit hole. But hey…you get to benefit from it! So take a look at these awesome bathing suit outfits!

21. Blue High Waisted Suit

22. White Pants with Shirt

23. Pink Overshirt with Matching Top

24.  Baby Blue Bikini with Tied Skirt

25. Outer Banks Inspired Outfit

26. Cool Green Bikini

27. Paisley Two Piece High Waisted

28. Ultra High Waisted One Piece

29. Green Bikini with Cut Out

30. Bright Red Bikini

3 different cruise lounging styles you'll love

Cruise Outfit Ideas for Lounging by the Pool

Maybe you won’t be doing a lot of swimming, but you will be doing a lot of lounging. This I know for certain! So I put together some of the best looks for lounging by the pool. Remember that you can adjust these however you feel best suits you and your style.

31. Blue Skirt with Matching Shirt and Sandals

32. Modest One Piece

33. Unique High Waisted Bikini

34. How to Style A One Piece

35. Cute Plus Sized One Piece

36. Red Floral High Waisted Suit

37. Mauve Bikini with Cream Skirt

38. Low Scoop Neck Bathing Suit

39. Off the Shoulder Bathing Suit

40. Black and White Suit

41. Light Blue Bikini

Cruise Outfit Ideas for Dinner

Now this is where the fun begins. Cruise dinners are next level, and you can totally take advantage of that and dress a little more extravagant. So this list is full of all of the coolest fancy dinner outfits that I could find. I hope you love them! Notice that there is a certain pair of sandals that seem to be a staple among cruise people.

42. White Dress Set

43. Green Cow Neck Dress

44. Red Flowing Dress Idea

45. Comfy Jeans and Tied Shirt

46. Cow Neck Shirt And Jeans

47. Long Skirt with Single Sleeve

48. Metallic Romper Idea

49. Beautiful Orange Tie Dress

50. Cute Patterned Top with White Pants

51. Tan Flowing Dress

3 different outfits meant for a classy cruise

Instagram-Ready Cruise Outfit Ideas

Now, if you are here for the Instagram ready outfits…then this list is going to make your dreams come true. Remember that the outfit is about 75% of the photo. The other 25% is how you pose! So switch it up and find some pose inspiration as well. Your Instagram will thank you for it.

52. Black Dress Idea

53. Cute Summer Dress Idea

54. Disney Cruise Themed Fit

55. Adorable Plus Sized Outfit

56. Floral Dress Idea

57. Strapped Up Shoes and Shorts

58. Shorter Dress with Cool Pattern

59. Floral Cut Out Dress

60. Classy Golden Dress

61. Blue 2 Piece Outfit

cruise outfit ideas

I am literally counting down the days until my cruise, and I hope you feel the same kind of excitement. I really think you are going to kill the game if you use these outfits as inspiration. At the end of the day, though, I want you to make sure that you are wearing things that make you feel your absolute most confident.

It was so much fun putting together these cruise outfit ideas. If you are going on the cruise to celebrate your anniversary, check out these anniversary outfit ideas!

Get ready for some awesome memories and even better Instagram photos!