Inside: Top Paris outfit ideas and inspiration that won’t make you stand out as a tourist.

Trying not to stand out in the great city of Paris can be tricky. I remember being so unbelievably confident on the plane ride over last month that I was going to blend in as a ‘local’. I hadn’t packed any of the obvious things; my walking sandals were still at home, along with my fanny pack AND my I love Paris T-shirt. I really thought I was in the clear.

But, once I stepped off that plane, I knew that I had been so wrong. In my defense, I’m originally from a small town. So what I classified as ‘style’ fit into the parameters of what was acceptable to wear to the local watering hole.

4 Different Paris Styles that Rock

I wanted to share what I have learned with you in hopes that it helps create an even better traveling experience. Below you will find my top tips and tricks, as well as some of my favorite inspirations to fit in amongst all of the Paris people. Check it out!

How should I dress in Paris?

Dressing in Paris is not as scary as it seems, as long as you do a little research. But hey…here you are. You are going to be just fine! Before I get into these tips and tricks, I want to make a point to remind you that regardless of Paris fashion, you should still dress how you want to dress.

The whole point of clothes is to express ourselves, so if any of these tips don’t feel true to you…ignore them with that being said, not standing out as a tourist can have a wonderful impact on your stay in Paris.

The Benefits of Not Dressing Like a Tourist

First of all, you are less likely to be haggled by the little vendors that stand outside of all the major sites.  My sister and I got swindled into paying $30 for a HORRIBLE drawing of us that we didn’t even ask for. The guy just walked up and started drawing.

Second of all, you are more likely to get better tips from the locals. I think we have all been there: Annoyed when the summertime hits because you know all of the tourists are going to flock to our town. For people in Paris…this is all year. So I get it.

All in all, dressing like a local is a surefire way to have a great adventure. Plus, the Parisians really know how to dress! So your Instagram photos are about to be POPPIN.

How do you dress in Paris and not look like a tourist?

I want to break this down into my top 5 tips that are sure to protect you from standing out in a crowd(the only standing out you are going to be doing is based on how awesome you look.) I promise that if you follow these tips, you are going to be a local in no time!

Rule #1: No Athleisure. Photos of different outfits.

Paris Outfit Ideas 1. No Athleisure

First up, this is a super important one. In Paris, the locals really don’t dress down in the same way that we do In the USA. Here, it’s totally acceptable and sometimes fashionable to wear your Lulus and a sweatshirt to go out to eat. But in Paris, you want to avoid this.

There are definitely ways around this if it is done in style. You could make it really feel like an outfit with accessories, Jewelry, and more. But throwing something together out of sheer comfort is just not going to happen. I know this is rough. Especially considering that you will be doing a lot more walking than you normally do.

2. Dress for the occasion

This one piggybacks off of the last one, but I needed to say it. In Paris, casual is out. Just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that is not properly styled will leave you with a ‘Hi, I’m not from here’ sign on your back.

To understand what I mean by this tip, check out the list below for some seriously awesome outfit ideas that totally fit for any Paris occasion.

If you are planning on wearing a jumpsuit, check out this article on jumpsuit outfit ideas!

3. Don’t be too loud

Did you know that Americans are known for being too loud? I didn’t, not until I went to Paris at least. I could hear my sister from a few aisles away in the store. And from the looks that we got…I knew that was a no-no.

So when you go out to eat, try and talk quieter than you normally do. Or at the very least, just be mindful of whatever setting you are in. I know this one isn’t a fashion tip, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

Paris Outfit Ideas 4. No Fanny Packs

Now…there are definitely a few ways around this rule. Fanny packs are pretty in style at the moment, so you could totally get away with wearing one. But just make sure that it’s sleek and goes with your outfits!

For help with this, check out this article on how to wear fanny pack!

5. No Paris Merch

Don’t get me wrong; you can totally buy Paris Merch. Just maybe wait until you get home to wear it. Nothing says I am not from here like a person wearing an Eiffel Tower Tee.

Paris Outfit Ideas

Paris Outfit Ideas

Alright, now that you have a basic understanding of Paris’ Do’s and Don’ts…I think it’s time to dive into the outfit inspiration. If you are feeling a little stressed, take a deep breathe. These paris outfit ideas are going to give you a solid understanding of the assignment.

1. Floral Cut Out Dress

2. Classy Trousers with Turtleneck

3. White and Cream Outfit

4. Orange Pants with White Button Up

5. Blazer with Matching Shorts

6. Cute Bandana Shirt

7. Green Button Up Shirt with White Pants

8. Jeans and Cropped Button Up

9. Perfect Pants with Tucked In Tank

Chic Paris Outfit Ideas

Chic is probably my favorite word to describe Paris. That is why I decided that I HAD to include this section full of Chic looks! They still vary based on casualness, but they each have an awesome style.

10. Cool Leather Jacket Outfit

11. Casual Jeans with Purse

12. Jean Skirt with White

13. Pinstripe Jacket Idea

14. High Neck Shirt with Ballet Flats

15. Checker Shirt with Sunnies

16.  Beige Babydoll Dress

17. Comfy and Classy Outfit

18. Emily in Paris Themed Fit

3 different chic outfits ideas

Paris Outfit Ideas That Don’t Scream ‘Tourist’

Last up, I have some of the best outfits on this list. At least, I think so. Take a look at the list below and make your own judgments!

19. Leather Jacket with Sweater Tied Around Waist

20. Levi Jacket with Black Skirt

21. Chic Plus Sized Outfit

22. Green Shirt with Jeans

23. Colorful Brown and Green Outfit

24. Long Trenchcoat Idea

25. Black Dress Idea

26. Pink and Beige Outfit

27. Winter Outfit Idea

Paris Outfit ideas

Dressing to be in France doesn’t have to be hard. I think that these Paris outfit ideas will surely help you to find clothes that help you feel like your most Parisian self.

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To me, finding a good balance of clothing that didn’t make me stand out as a tourist was the key to an even better vacation. Needless to say the next time I went, I enjoyed it a whole lot more!