Inside: 5 examples of what to wear in a sauna for flawless sweaty style

Going to a sauna is one of the most refreshing and relaxing experiences in life. It’s so simple and so subtle but those are some of the greatest pleasures in life in general, anyway, right?

It’s so easy to jump in right after a workout, before a workout, after a night out and you just need to detox the weekend away, or anything in between. A sauna is the perfect relaxer and way to just get away from life for a little bit. A good detox is always worth your time.

My prerequisite for joining a gym is that they have a sauna. Is it a necessary part of my workout? Not particularly, but to have access to one at the end of every workout is a game changer and definitely has me leaving feeling like I am super refreshed and renewed.

There are spas that offer sauna services along with everything else that you can get from a relaxing visit to a sauna. Don’t sleep on these opportunities!

As you’re looking into going to a sauna, or maybe you’re slipping into the one at your gym for the first time, or maybe ripping off your pants after a day of skiing, you maybe wondering what to put on now, what to wear in a sauna?

I’ll tell you now, it’s nothing to sweat over ;). We can talk about all of the different options and examples as well as some typical style sauna etiquette points.

Two girls sitting in a sauna

What Should You Wear In A Sauna

Depending on where you’re using a sauna, there are going to be different dress codes and expectations for the sauna you sit in.

Some saunas have different purposes, so this changes what is expected of you inside the sauna. If you’re at a spa it’s going to be different than one at the gym, and if it’s a steam sauna versus a hot stone sauna it’s going to be different too. Knowing what kind of sauna you’re going into will help you figure out just what you’re supposed to wear inside.

If you’re not sure, the facility should usually have details like this on their website where the amenities and features are listed.

An interesting take that you tend to see in the media is that you should be nude in a sauna, and walk in with a towel. While this does occur, it’s almost never a requirement and it is a pretty rare occurrence to find that this is acceptable. But I will never forget the episode of FRIENDS when Chandler makes this mistake!

If you’re in the sauna at your gym, there are some that require certain attire to be worn in the sauna, like fresh clothing that you didn’t just work out in, and some require you be me covered up in more than a sports bra set. So when you attend a gym sauna, you should check out the rules for it before heading in. They could either be listed on the website or next to the door into the sauna room. My gym requires more coverage, but other than that it has pretty loose rules so I tend to wear the clothes I worked out in at the end of the workout and just head straight in right after I finish my pump.

If you’re going to a spa and packing clothes for the sauna specifically, you should opt for a breathable fabric like cotton. If you’ve started an internet search for “what to wear in a sauna” even once, you’ve likely already seen this as the number one tip.

While you sweat your worries away, you don’t want to have to feel trapped in the clothes you chose to wear WITH all of your sweat. Something breathable to let some sort of air flow happen is a great option for hitting the spa sauna.

Loose fitted clothes are the most comfortable too, you will feel a little less suffocated with all of the steam or general hot air. The more you can let air circulate while your body temperature rises, the more comfortable you will be and you’ll be able to sit longer.

Tank tops, cotton shorts, tee shirts… anything that fits in this loose fitting cotton category is the best route to go when it comes to what to wear in a sauna!

Spa Day written on a steamed mirror

Sauna Etiquette

Every sauna is different of course, and there are different types of saunas, but the basic requirement for sauna etiquette is to be respectful of everyone else’s peace and quiet. Loud talking and disruptive behavior is pretty much frowned upon in any sauna experience. Not every sauna is a relaxation or spa sauna, but each one is a space to relax and wind down anyway. Even those at the gym!

So whatever you do, keep the noise to minimum as best as possible.

Next, respect the dress code. If it requires more coverage, or even if it requires less coverage. There’s a reason for that. Respect and abide by the dress code for that particular sauna and then find a new one that matches what you’re looking for if it doesn’t quite line up with what you want for your sauna experience.

There are nude saunas out there, but it’s not exactly the “thing” to just walk around the place in the nude. Use a towel until you find your spot to camp out in the sauna room, then you may do as you wish.

If there are adjustments to be made from within the sauna that everyone has access to like pouring more water on the rocks or upping the temperature, it is expected that you ask the rest of the room before making the adjustment. It’s not just your experience, it’s theirs too! So make sure no one has any objections before adjusting the setting of the room.

These are just a few key etiquette tips for attending and sitting in a sauna. Follow these and the dress code and you’ll be just fine in your first time at the sauna.

Three girls in outfits perfect for a sauna

What To Wear In A Sauna

Choosing an outfit for a sauna will be so easy when you kind of narrow down what’s acceptable but also what’s expected. Here are a few ideas for you for what to wear in a sauna.
1. Classic Robe
2. Cotton Set
3. Towel
4. Cotton Tee
5. Swimsuit

A woman relaxed in a sauna

There’s no reason to stress about any of the details of hitting a sauna. But I get it, I’ve been there.

It’s tough to step into something that you don’t know much about, but you’re going to be just fine walking into any sauna with some of these outfit examples. It’s easier than you think and more relaxed than you could know until you just do it. Get your relaxation on in a sauna with some of these ideas for what to wear in a sauna.

Whether you’re going in for a spa day or you’re there after a workout, you’re in the perfect place to feel so much better and so clear of toxins.

Both of these situations are pretty intense judgment free zones, so don’t feel any fear about not knowing what to expect. Go into it ready for a good and fun time, and that you will receive!

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