Inside: Cute bar outfits. Every year the bar scene changes and so do the outfits inside. Check these out for some fresh ideas.

Heading out to the bars with your girls? Your guys? Just your friends? Now’s the time to start mentally putting together the cute outfit to go hit up the local spots and have a great time with your friends.

Getting dressed up to go to a bar is such a different kind of getting dressed up, it’s always fun to see how everyone else dresses up to go out and get inspired by different styles for going out.

Something I’ve personally always struggled with when it comes to cute bar outfits is putting in my personal style while still dressing to the right vibes to be at the bars. Sometimes your personal style works for this setting, and sometimes it’s a little more relaxed. My personal style tends to have a little more of a hippie and bohemian side to it that doesn’t always translate to bar life.

But here are some of my favorite cute bar outfits that I like to draw inspiration from and then apply some of my personal style!

Three bar outfits

Bar Dress Codes

There’s a pretty wide variety of bar dress codes, especially when it comes to major cities. Some bars hold really tight dress codes and some are really casual.

Overall, my rule of thumb is that bars don’t have dress codes but clubs do. That’s not always the case and it’s not fool-proof, but generally speaking if it’s a bar it’s already more casual, and while they probably won’t let you in wearing athletic attire or something pretty slouchy, you’re not going to run into too many problems with jeans and a cute top. Some places do require close toed shoes at the least, but you can slide if they’re dressy sandals or heels as opposed to something like a Birkenstock sandal.

If you go to the bar’s website and you don’t see a dress code listed, odds are, you’re good to go without thinking too much about it. However, if it’s a more popular casual bar with a line out the front, dressing a little cuter and a little nicer may not hurt. The bar may not have a specific dress code, but this usually means that the other girls there will be dressed a little nicer. That doesn’t mean that you have to, but I personally like to match the vibe of the environment I’m going into.

Sometimes there’s not necessarily a specified dress code, but nicer places or clubs just do have a tendency to turn people away for not being in dress code. If this is the case, I would stick to heels with jeans or leather pants for a more casual look or boots with a dress or skirt if you want to dress up a little bit. A cool top never hurts, and having your hair and makeup done ties it all together.

While digging and looking for dress codes, if you find a dressier one, odds are it’s not as much of a bar but more like a club or a lounge. That’s going to be a big differentiation but these outfits are perfect for going to cute bars and casual lounges!

Four outfits for going out with friends

Bar Outfits 2023

1. Silk Tank Top
2. Bra Top
3. Cut Out Back
4. Silk Slip
5. Feather Sleeve
6. Green Sparkle Top
7. The Basics
8. Styled Cargos
9. Wide Leg Jeans
10. Sheer Bodysuit
11. White Linen Suit
12. Square Neck Bodysuit

A girl out at night in a green corset top and jeans

Outfit Ideas

13. Leather Blazer
14. Green Leather Corset
15. Red Satin Top
16. Cropped Trouser
17. Corset Bodysuit
18. Tie Waist Jeans
19. One Shoulder Top
20. Army Green + Black
21. Silk Tube Top
22. Ruffle Skirt
23. Green Jeans

What To Wear To The Bar

24. Oversized Vest
25. Scrunch Top
26. Leather Bodysuit
27. Denim Crop Top
28. Swirl Mesh Top
29. Cropped Button Up Layer
30. White Dotted Bodysuit
31. Y2K
32. Patch Denim
33. Cool Casual Layers
34. White On White

Two girly outfit ideas for going out

Cute Bar Outfits

35. Fitting Button Up
36. Layering Top
37. Cool Graphic Tee And Shorts
38. White Denim Romper
39. Tie Front Top
40. Brown And Brown
41. Sheer Button Crop
42. Green Shirt Layer
43. Button Down Dress
44. Trousers And Crop
45. Crochet Cover Up

Three trendy outfits for 2023

2023 Trends

46. Graphic And Flashy
47. Preppy Blazer
48. Dresses And Hats
49. Neutrals
50. Oversized Jeans
51. Sexy Suiting
52. Lace Set
53. Trousers
54. Blue Dress
55. Varsity Jacket
56. Striped Shorts

Fun bar outfits

Fun Outfits

57. One Shoulder
58. Blazer Dress
59. Slouchy Leather
60. Monochrome
61. Balloon Sleeves
62. Stunning Silk Set
63. Green Dress
64. Denim Mini Skirt
65. Blue On Blue
66. White Mini
67. Oversized Leather

As with any social setting and outing, going to the bar is fun for more than just socializing! If you’re a fashion girlie, this is where you get to shine! Just putting on a cute little outfit just to hang out and grab a drink with friends? There’s nothing better!

Should You Wear Nice Shoes To The Bar?

This one is heavily dependent on the kinds of bars that you go to.

I almost always opt to not wear a pair of nice shoes that I love to a bar, unless they’re leather and able to be cleaned.

There’s a bar that my friends and I frequent that has an incredibly fun backroom where the DJ plays strictly 90’s and 2000’s throwback jams, and everyone gets incredibly into it. This means that the floors get messy with spilled drinks and everyone is dancing like we’re back in our childhood bedrooms dancing to the radio, so you’re likely to get stepped on if you hang out here.

The hard part is that we never really know when we’ll end up here– We just do. So if there’s any slight change we might find ourselves at KSP on Henderson Avenue, I opt for a pair of old sneakers even with a really cute outfit.

I would much rather ruin a cute going out outfit with shoes I don’t love than ruin my shoes I love at the bars. Make your choices with caution!

What Do You Wear On A Bar Date?

Bar dates are great ways to casually meet up with someone and get to know them in a cool, casual setting surrounded by plenty of people. But then it’s a blurred line when it’s a first date to try to figure out what you should be wearing to put your best foot forward.

If I had to pull out an outfit out of my closet right now for a first date at a bar, I would go for a cuter and a little preppier version of my usual outfit. I would reach for my leather straight leg pants, a simple black crop top, and a pair of black heels. Choosing a tiny crossbody purse instead of an over the shoulder bag, and adding a bunch of jewelry makes it a little more trendy and fun than a clean and polished look. While still maintaining the clean and polished look. It’s all about the balance here.

Remember, dates are all about how you can express yourself to this new person and showing them who you are. If you’re going somewhere like a bar for the first date, it’s a pretty casual meetup in my book. So be you, wear what makes you feel the most like yourself, and just enjoy yourself.

If you’re a crop top and jeans girlie or a jumpsuit and heels type, there are some fun outfit ideas for you here. And I hope you found the ones that call your name.

Going to the same bars wearing the same outfits every weekend can get old pretty quick, so finding inspiration here should spruce up your new wardrobe for hitting the bars this season. Swapping out those staple pants for some new fun ones and that go-to top for something a little fresher will do the trick, and you’ve got some new ideas and inspiration, so get swapping!