If you or someone close to you are in the religious realm and find yourself being invited to attend a baptism, a christening, or a baby dedication, you might be looking for the proper attire to attend such an event. It’s not easy to figure out what to wear to a baptism if you’re not familiar with the culture, and even if you are, you might just need some ideas for the church service!

As a lifelong church attendee, here are my tips for what to wear and what not to wear to support your loved ones in this special way.

Four women wearing perfect outfits for a baptism

I know it’s hard when we say “Sunday best” to know exactly what that means. The phrase at its origin is easy to follow, but in modern terms, what are we really looking at.

I even struggle and question sometimes, but having been the one to run with trial and error. We want to be stylish and also want to be at the correct level of formality for these special occasions.

Pro Style Tip: Modesty of course is at the center of the dress code.

If you’re looking for some layering tips to add a little extra modesty to your outfits, here are outfits to show you how to wear a sweater over a dress.

Four dresses for a baptism

Dresses For A Baptism

I love a good dress for any occasion, and especially for something like this that almost requires it, the hunt for the perfect one that checks all the boxes can be infuriating but also so exciting when you finally get it.

1. Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are the perfect kind of fun sleeve if you want some personality in it. So girly and cute, but still checks all of the boxes.

2. Light Florals

A light floral pattern is lovely for a church event.

3. Knit Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are so easy to throw on and be fully covered up and modest. And this one is cozy and it adds some shape to your look appropriately.

4. Flowy Florals

A flowy floral dress is always a good move. I love these darker tones for a more laid back look while keeping a feminine edge.

5. Cardigan Layers

A cardigan layer goes a long way if you need to cover up a fitted or sleeveless dress.

Three baptism outfit ideas

Baby Dedication Outfit Ideas

You know that skirt that’s been hanging in your closet forever? Now is also the perfect opportunity to make that work. If you’re stumped on ideas of what to pair it with for classic church style, here are a few cute ideas and jumpers to complete the look.

6. Khaki Velvet Suit

A suit is always a classy look and will be a cool way to dress appropriately when heading out to a church and family event.

7. High Neck Bell Sleeve

This dress is precious.

8. Green Silk Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits will always be a class act and you can wear this for any occasion.

9. Blazer Jumpsuit

Blazer dresses and jumpsuits are always in fashion and this is a really great one for you to have in your closet.

Three examples of what not to wear to a baby dedication

What Not To Wear To A Baptism

Now that we’ve set the bar for what you should be planning to wear, it can help to set the parameters on the other end too and see what you shouldn’t be wearing.

Here’s what not to wear to a baptism, christening, or baby dedication. Things to stay away from if you want to look the part.

Overly Casual

While this kind of outfit is so cute and trendy, we need to step it up out of jeans and out of Uggs (and sneakers too) for an appropriate outfit for baptism.

Deep V Necks

While something like this is pretty and works in every other sense, this neck line is just a little flashy for the setting and audience you will be around.

Mini Dresses

A mini dress and a sleeveless dress are not the appropriate move this time, and while it might be dressy enough, modesty is also a key component.

Anything Flashy

Maybe you wouldn’t be pulling out this beaded dress, but anything flashy and showy and attention grabbing isn’t ideal. Keep it simple!

What Is The Dress Code For A Baptism?

Semi formal is the best rule of thumb when attending a baptism. If you’re in a more affluent area, it might range into a more formal affair, but semi is a pretty good spot to land for the most part.

As with most churches, especially within certain denominations, modesty is your first priority. This can mean different things to different congregations.

To be on the safe side, I always go with covered shoulders and knees, and a higher neckline.

The covered knees isn’t always super necessary, but for special occasions, it’s not a bad idea so as not to offend anyone with traditional standards.

Can You Wear Jeans To A Baptism?

Pants are an option for women, but dresses are usually the best!

If the church you’re attending happens to be extremely casual, then jeans might be a move. Even in that case I would go for a more casual dress for an event like this… none of us likes to be the underdressed one in the family photo.

A girl in a field wearing a white dress

Every special occasion comes with its own dress code, and that can make it difficult sometimes to really hone in on the perfect outfit off the top of your head. So hopefully these tips have helped you to narrow down some of those outfit ideas.

At the end of the day, your outfit isn’t effecting the baptism of the sweet little one, but in a church setting specifically, it does mean a lot to be dressed appropriately.

Enjoy the beautiful family time that comes with baptisms, christenings, and baby dedications, and don’t stress about your outfit! You look great.

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