Inside: 15 hot girl summer outfits you need for summer 2023.

Hot girl summer is a tradition. A staple. A necessary season every year where the girls just get to have fun with their outfits, their hair, their makeup, their schedules, and their dates. I will say, after having a couple of hot girl summers of my own, it takes some preparation and dedication. It’s a whole summer of a specific aesthetic!

Hot girl summer is about being confident and loving yourself, and having fun with life. So choose the outfits and the styles that reflect that and show the world you’re ready to break out into your hot girl summer era. If you’re not sure exactly what styles and outfits that is, don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ll talk about pairing your own hot girl summer outfits and different summer trends, and different ways to prepare for a hot girl summer that you can enjoy yourself and have fun with.

So keep reading for some of the best hot girl summer outfit tips!

Two girls in aesthetic summer outfits

Summer Trends 2023

Summer trends this year aren’t too different from any other year in the past, but there are some new trends that we’re seeing cycle back in from recent fashion history.

The important thing to remember during hot girl summer is that you still want to keep your own personal style even in the trending pieces and styles that make you feel like a baddie. Because nothing’s hotter than personal style.

For fall and winter we saw a lot of masculine trending pieces like tailored suiting: blazers, trousers, and so on. So we’re seeing the same theme in spring and summer. Yes blazer dresses, but more importantly baggy denim. Bermuda shorts and low sitting baggy jeans that look like you stole them from your dad or boyfriend are super trendy and are going to be hot this summer. A little low waisted moment with a crop top? A classic Y2K takeover this hot girl summer.

The matching printed sets are still going strong this season, and we don’t expect them to stop any time soon. If you haven’t hopped on this trend yet, now’s the time! Find some in bright colors or black whichever you’re preferring for the hot girl moments.

Neon is bright and flashy and while it reminds me of my high school football team, it’s going to be everywhere in a really cool way this summer. For the most part, we’re seeing it in accessories, but I have no doubt we’re going to start seeing it in other ways as well. Hop on the neon to turn heads.

For some classic hot girl trend elements, we’re looking at a lot of mesh and cut outs. Less is more, and when it’s hot girl summer, we really mean it. Flash some fun cut outs and some cool mesh fabrics this summer.

For more Y2K inspiration, our beloved mini skirt is back and better than ever, and we’re not getting ready to put her away any time soon. Keep it fresh with some new fabrics like khaki, silk, or leather. Nothing’s hotter than a little bit of leg, so this is a must have piece for your hot girl summer wardrobe!

Staple Pieces

Not to be redundant, but mini skirt, mini skirt, mini skirt! The early 2000’s are still going hard in the hot girl scene, and this is definitely an easy sell. It’s not too hard to find the perfect mini skirt to boost your confidence, and it’s a piece that you should generally have in your closet at all times anyway.

Crop tops are of course still a hot topic when it comes to summer wardrobes. The nice part about crop tops is that you can never have too many. It’s impossible to over-do it on crop tops. Tube tops, camis, baby graphic tees, halter tops… You name it and you should probably have it in a crop top. There’s nothing more versatile and nothing easier to throw on with a pair of baggy jeans for that effortless cool girl look to hit the town with the girls this summer.

The perfect pair of denim shorts will always be one of the most essential pieces to have in your closet when you’re getting ready to head out for the night out. Here in Texas, even in the evenings, a pair of shorts are pretty much a necessity so there are hardly any options to wear jeans. So what’s trending in denim shorts for summer 2023?

You can never go wrong with the classic cut off styles of denim shorts, but as I mentioned a little earlier in the post, a baggy bermuda or even simply a baggy low waist light wash denim short is really the way to go. Pairing them is super easy and they’re incredibly sexy! If your color palette is feeling like it’s leaning towards all black, you might just shoot for a pair of black cut offs instead. Keep the summer vibes even with the dark and mysterious theme of your life.

Have fun with it and don’t worry too much about trends and essential pieces: mix in some of these killer outfits into your current wardrobe and you’re going to love your hot girl summer outfits!

Three aesthetic summer outfits

Aesthetic Hot Girl Summer Outfits

There’s cool summer outfits and then there’s aesthetic cool girl summer outfits. If you want to level up to cool girl, definitely try these aesthetic hot girl summer outfits. Vibes are everything.

1. White And Denim
2. Color Statement
3. Edgy
4. Interesting Pieces

Two grunge summer outfits

Tumblr Summer Outfits

The way that Tumblr fashion is making a comeback has me so shocked… But hey! That’s the trend cycle baby! Try these for the 2014 inspired style comeback.

5. The Basics
6. Grunge Casual
7. Vintage Mood
8. Boho


Bold summer outfits are all the rage. Believe me.

And especially if you want to grab attention, this is the move. Bold colors, bold styles, all of it is perfect for the occasion. If you’re having fun this summer, show it!

9. Colored Sets
10. Groovy Pattern Set
11. Lime Blazer
12. Pink Ribbed Tank

Hippie vibe summer outfits

Free Spirit

I will always relate my personal summer style for every summer. I revert back to my hippie and indie style. Check these out if you can relate.

13. Sexy Silk
14. Whimsical Whites
15. Sarong

Hot girl summer has been around long before we started referring to it as hot girl summer. Every year, summer is the time to break out the best styles, and of course to let loose and let life take over. Even after you stop living your life in semesters, hot girl summer still reigns supreme and makes its rounds every year. Just have fun this summer and do so in some of your new favorite outfits.

No matter what your personal style is, there’s a hot girl summer aesthetic for you to take on. You can have so much fun with these, and I just know you’re going to have the best summer!

My mind is still reeling at the resurgence of Tumblr fashion and style. So just remember trends always come back around. Whether you’re throwing it back to 2014 or looking forward to 2024, the hot girl summer style is going to be killer.

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