Christmas tree farm photoshoot outfit ideas for family & friends this season.

It’s that time of the year: Time to go get yourself a tree for your home!

This is the beginning of decorating and decking the halls for the most wonderful time of the year, so I know this is going to be a special outing that needs the perfect outfit. I’ve had so much fun picking out ours this year and can’t wait to share the styles that look best among the evergreens with you.

Four gorgeous Christmas tree farm photo ideas

Taking pictures in the tree farm is also the beginning to the seasonal Christmas photos, and always such a fun memory with your kids, your parents, your friends, your partner… Whoever you’re shopping with, you’ll surely want to grab a photo together.

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As you plan your outfits for all of the fun times this season, be sure to add these into the rotation. Even if you live somewhere with a warmer climate, there are so many ways to dress with a Christmassy and winter style while adjusting to the warm temperatures. And after all, even if it’s 80 degrees throwing a flannel over your dress for a cute picture never hurt anyone. 😉

Four family photos in a Christmas tree farm

Family Ideas For Tree Farm Photos

Taking your family to go get the tree is going to be some of the best memories you make. Picking out outfits for them may not be, but here are quite a few ideas for you to start building that dream wardrobe for your family photos at the Christmas tree farm.

1.  Getting Cozy In Plaid

This family’s photos in the most beautiful reds and subtle grays is the perfect way to pop among the trees.

2. Greens & Neutrals

These neutral sweaters and green dress are a stunning example of cohesive coloring with the trees.

3. White and Dashes of Red

This mama and her white outfit shine with the accents of red. It’s an amazing display of color in nature.

4. Fun Patterns With Reds

All of these fun patterns and red hues are stunning for a winter photo with the family.

5. Non-Traditional Black & Brown

Classic dark neutrals are so beautiful in any setting. This is a timeless look you will always love.

6. Knitwear

Knits are the go to for anything winter themed, and these are just perfect!

7.  Mix + Match

Mixing and matching your Christmas tree farm outfits is my favorite way to curate the most beautiful family photos. Let each personality shine!

8. Cool Toned

If you’re not going to pop in red or blend in green, a dark blue is another great accent color. The cool toned family will always look great together.

9. Bright Neutrals

Light and bright neutral tones are the easiest and most elegant way to go with this photoshoot.

10. Playful Patterns

Putting the little ones in playful patterns and the grown ups in colors that match is a cute way to let the littles look and feel little while they still are.

11. White Warm Splashes

These cuties donned their white dresses but opted for red or warm accents. This is a beautiful way to add some cohesiveness without fully matching.

Father/son matching sweaters

Matching Christmas Outfits

Want to match completely? Here are some of my favorite ideas and outfits to do so.

This is such a fun tradition, and there’s something about matching during the holidays that make it a little less cheesy. Or more acceptable. Either one.

12. The Same Plaid

Using the same plaid, even differently is the easiest and most Christmassy way to match for family photos.

13. Festive Tees

Wearing festive matching tee shirts will be a winner every time. Cute and casual and so fun!

14. Like Father Like Son

These are the most precious father/son matching sweaters. Throw these on and you’ll have the cutest pictures around.

15. Match The Girls And The Boys

If you’ve got some little girls and some little boys, this is a really fun option. Flannel and tulle, what a combination.

16. Sleeping Reindeer

How cute are these sleeping reindeer sweaters! Running around the tree farm in this just shines “Christmas magic.”

17. To The Point

A “2023 Family Christmas” tee is so fun, especially if you make this photo a tradition. Track the years by the tee shirts!

18. Red Polos

If you live somewhere a little warmer, this style might be more along the lines of what you’re looking for. Grab some red polos that are still festive in color.

19. Even More Sweaters

Let’s be honest, a sweater will always be the best option for something like a Christmas tree farm photo. These are fun and festive and a little silly… Just perfect.

20. Stunning Plaid Pieces

Everyone wearing the same plaid is an elevated way to match your family to each other, and this is a really beautiful color way.

21. Dancing Santa Tees

Want something a little goofier for your fun family?

22. Classic Red And Black

This classic red and black plaid is going to be the best set you grab for you and yours.

Two cute couples photos

For Couples

Couples photos surrounded by Christmas trees are stunning, and I just know you’ll cherish these photos together forever. If you need some new outfit inspiration, these are some of my favorite ideas!

23. Winter Staples

A red knit scarf and a puffer vest are so great to have on hand, and even greater when they get to be used in a photoshoot!

24. Textures

Playing with different textures like this couple here is so precious. Velvet and knits are so perfect for the Christmas season.

25. Varied Neutrals

This couple’s shoots came together beautifully with all of the varied neutral details.

26. Knits

These complimentary knits are so cute, and they bring the couple out of the dark woods behind them.

27. Bright Red Dress

A bright red dress will grab all of the attention you deserve in these photos. Bring the pop!

28. Dark Neutrals

I love the look of these dark neutrals, such a dreamy and woodsy look, perfect for the scene.

29. Ultra Wintery Look

If you really want this ultra wintery look, the beanies and the boots and the peacoats are the keys.

30. Dressy

I like this dressier version this couple did. Using similar colors like navy and dark green, and wearing a blazer and cute scarf.

31. Puffer Vests

I love a good puffer vest, especially if it’s snowing when you go, this is a good way to stay warm and stay flattering in photos.

32. Simple Outfits

You don’t have to plan too hard, you can easily throw on your favorite sweaters and get shooting!

33. Plaid Skirt

I love this plaid skirt and how it pops in each photo! This is a great piece to build your outfits around to give it a little texture.

Four photos of people in a Christmas tree farm

Cute Outfit Accessories For Cutting Down Christmas Tree

Every stunning outfit is made by the accessories you pair it with. We all love a good boot and a pretty hat, but there’s so many other ideas that you can add to your outfit to make it the perfect one.

34.  Fleece Blanket

This fleece blanket that this couple uses is such a cute accessory to add to your photos with your boo.

35. Fur Shawl

A fur shawl is so beautiful with a dressy and classy shoot in mind.

36. An Oversized Scarf

This oversized scarf will finish off your outfit with a cozy touch. You’ll want to use this when your outfit just needs a little something else in the end.

37. Mugs Of Cocoa

Mugs of cocoa may not be outfit accessories, but more photo props that make the photos so personal and cozy. I love this idea for a staged shoot at the Christmas tree farm.

38. Beanies

Nothing revolutionary, but don’t shy away from the cozy hats!

39. Mistletoe

Another photo prop instead of an accessory, adding a piece of mistletoe makes your kissing pictures more fun and festive!

40. Your Dog

Adding your dog to the photos feels like your family is complete. And it is! A new level of cute just arrived.

41. Bright Red Boots

These red rain boots are such a cute idea to create a new pop in the scenery.

42. A Letter Board

A letter board with a message from you and your family is a wonderful final touch for your beautiful Christmas photos.

43. A Sled

A sled as something for the kids to sit on or play with is such a cute prop that adds dimension to the photoshoot.

Your Tree Farm Style Questions Answered

What Do You Wear To A Christmas Tree Farm?

I went to a Christmas tree farm for the first time a few years ago, and I did so much digging around to see if you were supposed to go in athletic wear to do some heavy lifting or if this was a dressy affair. And the true answer is that there isn’t a right or wrong one.

If you would rather wear a sweatshirt and leggings, by all means go right ahead! Get warm and cozy.

If you want to dress pretty for photos, have at it!

It’s a great photo op for everyone to passes through, and it’s always a memory with whomever you’re picking a tree out with. Come camera ready to snap a photo with your loved ones.

Expert Tip: The only must, which isn’t hard to adhere to in December, is closed toed shoes.

Walking around on these grounds can have all kinds of hazards and such, so go ahead and opt for boots or sneakers while picking your outfits.

Father and son in front of a Christmas tree

Matching Vs. Coordinating Outfits… Which Is Best?

If you’re dressing a whole crew, or even with just your significant other, you can either choose to match the outfits or coordinate them.

Matching outfits are always so cute for families and couples, but if you want to coordinate there are a couple of different ways you can do this.

One way is through colors. Being intentional to choose colors that are easily paired well together makes it so that your outfits are cohesive even if they don’t match exactly. Browns with tans, blues with greens, reds with oranges are great starting points along with your classic neutral pieces that will just really tie it together.

Styles are the second major way to you can accomplish the coordinating look.

  • If one of you is in knitwear like sweater or cardigan, you both should.
  • If one of you is in a trench coat, you both should, of different colors.
  • Another example would be if you were to wear leather pants and make your man wear a leather jacket.

Using the same texture or fabric goes a long way to make this coordinated vas. matchy matchy look happen in style.

Hopefully you’re already curating the best set of outfits for photos at the Christmas tree farm based on these outfit ideas above! Regardless of which route you go, there’s going to be stunning photos as a result, so no stress.

Family or couples photos at Christmas time are going to be some of the most cherished photos of all time, and picking the cutest outfit for them is a must. Have fun with it and always go with something that matches the personality of you and your family. It’s the best way to assure it’s the outfit that is most perfect for you.

Have fun at the tree farm and have fun recreating these outfits.

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