Inside: 21 precious mom and daughter matching outfits.

We all know that mom and daughter matching outfits are way too cute, and with how many brands are out there creating cute matching pieces for both mom and daughter to love, there are too many options!

I remember growing up with my two sisters and I, how I would always love when my mom would match us all to each other and then match us to her, too. It was always so fun to feel like we had something special connecting us to our mom for that day or event.

If you’re considering grabbing a matching outfit for you and your little girl, you’re in the right place. I’ve picked nine of my favorite pieces from the overloaded market with hundreds of ideas and options.

I’m a huge fan of seeing moms dress their little girls like them… They’re only little once, you might as well have all of the fun with them that you can.

If you need some ideas and a breakdown of how to match outfits with your little girl, then let’s get into it!

Four precious mom and daughter photos

Why Is It Fun To Match Outfits?

I don’t think you need me to give you all the reasons why it’s so fun to match outfits with your daughter, but I think it comes down to how much you love being extra and all things that include going all out.

If you’re more of an understated style kind of mom, you’re likely still going to enjoy these matching outfits every once in a while. But we all know the moms that really go all out and love to be as extra as possible when it comes to dressing themselves and dressing their daughters too. There’s so many ways to go with these, and if you love being extra, it just adds another level of fun and funky to the event or occasion.

Have fun with the littles while they’re young. Enjoy all the fun and random things that you can do these days. Dress up to the max and make it special!

Matching Versus Coordinating

I have quite a few guides written on this, especially in any posts regarding matching couple outfits or matching family outfits for family photos. Any time of year or around the holidays it’s just a fun time to match outfits.

There’s a difference between matching and coordinating outfits, and both are cute ways to make your clothing go together with whatever you and your family is wearing.

Matching is pretty self explanatory… It’s an exact match. Little girls’ clothing can’t always be an exact miniature replica of their mother’s clothes, but when they can, they do. If changes need to be made, then even using the same fabric in the same color and a similar design to create the almost-mini replica makes it a match.

If you’re looking at tee shirts, the same graphic is going to do just fine. Then pair with the same wash of jeans, the same kind of skirt, or any bottoms that look the same enough is the best way to top it off. And if you can find baby versions of your favorite shoes… Then you’ve really hit the jackpot of your matching outfit dreams.

Coordinating is a different story though.

As you plan a coordinating outfit, it’s less about exact matches and more about the elements that you can coordinate between the two. If one of you is in a sweater and one of you is in a jacket, it’s making sure that the colors coordinate and that they go well together.

Coordinating, though it sounds a little more relaxed, poses more of a challenge as it requires some sense of understanding color palettes and the patience to piece together outfits that aren’t exactly made to match and go together.

Coordinating outfits are the best when the main color is the same, and the secondary colors of the outfit are at least cohesive. For example, if you have your little girl in a pink skirt, putting yourself in a top in the same color pink is perfect. If her tee that goes with the skirt is white and your jeans are white that’s where the secondary colors come in. Your jeans can be a cream or off white, they still are cohesive and add some dimension to the two outfits, but then you’re playing to make the pairings a little more complex. Not a bad thing, just depends on how much you’re trying to play with all of the different elements of the outfit.

Using patterned pieces can make the coordinating outfits a little easier actually, rather than harder like you would expect. If you can’t match colors exactly, throwing in a plaid or a striped pattern that matches the color closely is a great way to add some dimension.

Color play and coordination is all about tricks of the eye and creating pleasing combinations. As you test out different options, you’ll find out pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Two cute yellow matching outfits

Outfits For Birthday

Birthday outfits are always a time to go all out and do something so special for your special day. If this is for your little one’s birthday, then how fun is it to match on her birthday! Check out these precious matching sets, perfect for a birthday celebration.
1. Cool Pants

2. Tiered Dress

3. Ivory

4. Perfect in plaid

5. These amazing dresses

6. Cutest coats for a fancy night out

7. T-shirts with prints

A little girl stepping onto a porch

Little Girls

Taking advantage of the fun moments you can have with your little girl while she’s exactly that: little, is something you will never regret.

Matching outfits and fun things like this are the cool opportunities you don’t always get as they get older, so now’s the time!

8. African Mommy And Daughter

9. Gingham

10. Sweats Set

11. The cutest T-set

12. An adorable mini-me set

Three matching outfits

Fun Matching Mom And Daughter Outfits

There’s nothing boring or blah about these fun matching mom and daughter outfits.

Have fun with the extra-ness while matching with your mini-me.
13. Angel Dresses

14. Striped Dress

15. Mama And Mini

16. Cute shopping style

17. Simple with a pop of color

18. Stripes are always a win!

19. Work out gear with a matching style

20. Tulle for a photo shoot that is so pretty!

21. Casual summer party style

Matching outfits can tend to have a cheesy taboo element to them, but overall I think if done well, they can be so cute and fun to put together.

Hopefully this post brought you all of the inspiration and ideas you needed to get the ball rolling getting some matching mom and daughter outfits going. And hopefully you found some good tips on creating matching versus coordinating outfit ideas that you can create and recreate with the little girl or little girls in your life.

Whether you’re planning family photos or an outing that just sounds like a cute idea to wear a matching outfit with your mini-me, you’re sure to find something great here. It’s always fun to wear something that’s more than just the simple go to for events and gatherings. I love being extra, and if you’re looking for a matching outfit, you probably do too! If I had to guess.

If you need some more mom-specific outfit ideas, here are 23 mom ideas for all the cool mom goals you have.

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