Inside: 51 incredibly cool blazer outfits that make chic meet edgy.

In the last few years, blazers have become some of the biggest staples in our closets. They’ve become the throw on jacket, the statement piece, and the piece that dresses up an entire outfit without much thought and effort.

There are so many styles of blazers: oversized or tailored, leather or linen, solid or patterned… You could have a thousand blazers and there will always be space in your closet for more with how versatile they are and how different each of them are from each other. Your blazer outfit ideas are endless, but I’ve collected 51 of my favorite ideas for you here.

A blazer with boots over a tee shirt, a blazer with jeans and heels, a blazer with matching pants or skirt are all amazing and cool ways to wear some of 2023’s biggest pieces! You’re going to love these outfits as much as I do, and hopefully you find some inspiration to style your blazer in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

If you haven’t already, jump on the blazer train with some of these super cute blazer outfits.

Three cool blazer outfits

What Should You Wear With A Blazer?

My initial answer isn’t super helpful. In short, I would say that you could and should wear anything with a blazer. The world is your oyster to play around with. But there are a few tips to creating the needed symbiosis for this kind of outfit building.

While you can really use a blazer with any outfit and layer over anything, there are certain aesthetics and pieces that really are going to go well together to make this outfit something great.

There are two main styles when it comes to blazers, that really incorporate this kind of look and make it something that you can really bring into your style.

Clean and chic is the go to, for starters. If you’re looking to work your blazer into your outfit, you cannot and will not go wrong with the matching pants or similar, and a plain white tee tucked in. You can pair this with heels or plain white sneakers, and you have a perfect classic look. A coordinating color silk mini skirt with a button down, or even a basic silk slip dress. These pieces are beautiful basics that elevate an outfit on their own, and adding a blazer just makes it ten times better than before.

Chic can be defined as many things, but to put it in pretty simple terms, I think that chic is best described as elevated basics. It’s a certain style, but with elegance. And a dose of being fashion forward.

It’s simple really, dressing chic is all about class and style combined.

The next style that really effortlessly works for a blazer is prep style. Preppy outfits and plaid mini skirts are an invitation for a blazer– and we all know exactly how to layer those.

Preppy is reminiscent of the prep-school styles that came from the popular uniforms and outfits that were commonly worn to school in the upper and upper-middle classes. There’s reasons that eco class matters in the definition, and that’s usually because it delivers a different version of the school uniform. Mary Jane shoes and pearl earrings are where the classic preppy look evolves, instead of the southern preppy. Both are great, but the prep-school style popular on the East Coast really has blazers a part of the look already.

Preppy and classic are only slightly different from each other– Preppy is a little more classic while chic has more of a fashion forward edge to it. There’s something so fun about a preppy moment, and we love to see a blazer added to an outfit in a really preppy way.

Outside of these two styles, any outfit can really look good with a blazer, if the colors and proportions work well together. The only aesthetic that doesn’t truly work with a blazer is western wear, but we’ve still seen it done when people blend the blazer trend with the cowboy boot trend. It’s possible, but not an easy go to!

What Hairstyles Look Good With A Blazer?

How you wear your hair with your blazer will matter a lot when it comes to styling.

This is such a chic piece, that a hairstyle to match is key to really pulling the outfit together.

While you can totally go for the crowd pleasing beach waves, there are some other fun ways you can style your hair that might vibe with the urban aesthetic a bit more.

As we know, the off duty model bun or a slicked back pony are some of the coolest hairstyles that we’re seeing all over social media right now. These are my number one picks for how to style your hair with a blazer, as they’re trendy, chic, and fashion forward. However, there are plenty of other cool hairstyles that work too.

A sleek straight look is always just as cool, and you can never go wrong with natural hair of any style. With a blazer, it makes the whole look appear laid back and relaxed. Like you’re cool without trying too hard. And I love this look, especially for a blazer outfit!

Basically, I would just avoid anything too basic with the blazer to keep it from looking like a trend piece that you just threw on. To look fashion forward make intentional choices with all of the styling elements and you’ll have an incredible look!

Two friends in matching suits

Cool Blazers

1. Green Casual
2. Trousers
3. Bright Blue
4. Casual
5. Colored Suit Sets
6. Preppy
7. White Blazer
8. Over Graphic
9. White Tweed
10. Layers

Three outfits with a blazer thrown over it

Blazer Outfits

11. Leather Blazer
12. Cool Jeans
13. Colorful Houndstooth
14. With Athletics
15. Neutrals
16. Green Velvet
17. Congac
18. Powder Blue
19. Leather Blazer
20. Graphic And Leather

Three street style outfits

Street Styles

21. Royal Blue
22. Cool Girl
23. Oversized Pink
24. White Skinnies
25. Brown Leather
26. Cropped Pin Stripe
27. Blazer Vest
28. Pink
29. Sassy
30. Sage

Three outfit examples of how to wear a blazer

How To Wear A Blazer

31. Velvet Set
32. Belted
33. Chunky Sneakers
34. Matching Set
35. Tee And Jeans
36. Leather Shorts
37. Tights And Boots
38. Over A Casual Outfit
39. Hot Pink And Denim
40. White Dress
41. Stark Neutrals
42. Shorts Set

Chic outfits


43. Feathers
44. Dressed And Accessorized
45. Tweed
46. Bright Orange
47. Cropped
48. Linen
49. Slouchy
50. Fully Yellow Suit
51. Precious Pink Velvet

Having a classy and cool jacket that you can throw over everything is an essential piece in your wardrobe. And a blazer is just the jacket for that. There’s a hundred ways to wear it and it really is so nice to have something that dresses up your outfit like a blazer does.

Whether you’re into the preppy style and wear a more tailored look, or if you’re into the street style chic oversized blazer, there’s a look for you. Versatility is one of the biggest factors that come with blazers, and that’s a very new revolution! This tailored look used to be very specific to the business and business casual attire, but it has recently become a necessity for any and every closet.

As you’re styling your blazer, have fun with it! With a piece that is so common these days, there’s nothing you can style it with that’s “too out there,” and even mixing aesthetics with it will usually work out to make a cool fit.

Another cool trend piece this year is clogs. Sounds a little wild, but they’re a great piece to have in your closet for a cool and casual look. Here are some ideas!

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