Inside: How to wear a puffer vest women’s fashion tips to help you figure out that puffer vest outfit, every time.

As the cold winter weather rolls through, it’s time to break out the puffers, the coats, and of course, the puffer vests!

They’re a classic staple in all of our closets for the colder weather, even down here in the steamy south. You never want to go out to the bars without a puffer vest if it’s below 50 degrees.

It’s a cute look, a wintery look, and you’re always going to thrive in this fit. They’re so easy to style and make cute, even when you feel like a marshmallow. This is a winter trend that’s both super functional and cute, and very aesthetic for the right group.

Puffer jackets are great and functional for SUPER cold temperatures, but don’t forget that once you’re inside you’ve got to take it off and carry it around, and that just isn’t always the move.

how to wear a puffer vest womens: four different outfits with puffer vests

So play in between and go with a puffer vest, you won’t regret it.

What Do You Wear With A Puffer Vest?

As usual, my answer to this question is anything. Just about anything you want.

There’s no rules and structures to how to layer a puffer vest, it just simply looks natural on top of any outfit, and keeps you warm without bulking up too much and getting too in the way. How easy is it to feel claustrophobic in the winter once you make it inside? I know I prefer to have my arms free, so these puffer vests are my favorite options.

You can layer it over a T-shirt in chilly weather, or a sweater in really cold weather. The only rule is to make sure that the silhouette looks cohesive with the sleeves as they are exposed under the vest. Proportions are everything, I also know that baggy on baggy is in, but a thick puffer vest would never be bad over a fitted outfit either. So honestly, it sounds like it’s a win-win!

Obviously, I would opt for a more formal coat for dressy occasions, but anything other than that I think the puffer vest is fair game. There’s no right or wrong time to wear a puffer vest, when it works, it works! And I think you’ll know when that is without much coaching.

Are Puffer Vests In Style In 2023?

Sometimes we think too hard about functional trends. Yes, the puffer vest was trending in 2015 with the very preppy business casual style but in 2023, it can still be edgy, street, and cool to wear a puffer vest over your outfit. When it’s functional, there are no rules! If you’re trying to stay warm, trends don’t have to matter. And it looks cute, so… Wear what you want!

The trend cycle has pieces coming in and out of fashion every couple years, so even if it was big in 2015 and not in 2018, it’s likely that it’s trending again now. And the puffer vest is just an example of this. A lot of your winter clothes from 2015 just became cool again, to break up that puffer vest and bring it back in.

The 2015 version is out, but preppy is back in and we’re channeling all of the Gossip Girl New York styles. One thing about New York is that they love their puffer jackets and puffer vests, so if you want to channel a New York winter, snag a pea coat for the dressy occasions, and a puffer for the casual outings. You’re gonna love it.
Why Vest Instead Of Coat

Have you ever walked into a grocery store, a movie theater, a restaurant, or anywhere in public with your coat on and then instantly wanted to take it off? But then it was still too cold to go coatless? That’s why you need a puffer vest! like a coat, but it keeps you warm enough in the winter temperatures.

I hate when I sit down to eat, and the restaurant is pretty chilly, but my coat feels too bulky on my arms to be comfortable to eat it that’s what I’m thankful to wear my puffer vest! So any in between outings where it might be too hot or might be too cold. I always opt for the best. And I think you will too if you get your hands on one.

Two street outfits for fall or winter

How To Wear A Puffer Vest Womens Vs. Mens Style Ideas

Asking how to wear a puffer vest is like asking how to wear sneakers. It’s a functional accessory that we have to just throw on when it makes the most sense. A staple piece that can be worn so many ways just turned into one of your most versatile staple pieces for your closet.

1. Slacks And Sweater
2. Cropped
3. London Look

cute casual fall outfits

Cute Outfits With Puffer Vests

You can be super casual or super cute and dressed up with the preppy puffer vest of your dreams. If you need some outfit ideas to wear to a cute and fun event, there’s a puffer vest outfit for you. Don’t think twice about your coat options, just reach for the puffer vest and you’re good to go.

They don’t have to be overly casual or super dressed down to wear a puffer. They’re naturally a casual piece, but there’s so many different ways to wear it, and it can be a cool street look rather than casual preppy.

Check out these outfit ideas and get inspired to invest in a puffer vest… or maybe convince you to break out your old one from winter’s past.

4. Classic
5. Jeans And Hoodie
6. UGGs

Oversized puffer vests

Oversized Puffer Vests

The oversized puffer vests take the look from preppy to street and cool. While the preppy look is in again this year, street style is still dominating all the style charts for the 2020’s. Slouchy, oversized, and dressed-up casual is the best style for this winter.

You can style these however you want, but look at how amazing these outfit ideas are for an oversized puffer vest!

You’re going to look cooler than you think with the oversized puffer vest trend. Maxi skirts, jeans, or sweater dresses, there are so many casual cool outfits that you can put together and be everyone’s outfit inspiration this winter.

7. Large Vest
8. Boxy
9. Cozy Quilted

Puffer vests are a women’s staple when it comes to winter fashion. Running to lunch or the store, it’s a good compromise when you need to throw something on to be warm but can’t quite commit to a full coat. Or you don’t want something you’re going to have to take off when you’re inside. A vest you can leave on walking up and down the aisles and it won’t be getting in the way of your shopping endeavors.

Whether you’re more of a preppy girl, girly girl, or very street casual, you’re going to find some great ways to style the puffer vest to work with your wardrobe. Perfect for any occasion and perfect for every outfit.

Check out these festive winter wonderland outfit ideas and find some fun and cute outfits for all of your winter activities. Maybe even throw on a puffer vest with these too? It can replace any coat, so as long as the outfit isn’t surrounding the coat, these are great styles!

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