Inside: 15 winter wonderland outfit ideas for all of your festive endeavors.

This winter, I’m so in love with the idea of celebrating the colder weather with a beautiful winter wonderland party!

To get dolled up in our best white monochrome outfits with some sparkle and shine to reflect the snow falling is the perfect pick-me-up after the holidays have ended. Or maybe before they’ve even begun.

I live in Texas, if you didn’t know this already, so I don’t actually get snow very often, save for the huge winter storms trapping us all inside these last couple years. They come out of nowhere, I swear.

But to channel the appropriate winter energy that we don’t necessarily get very often is a fun excuse to throw a party. If you do live somewhere that is naturally unbearably cold, it’s a way to turn the frigid temperatures into an excuse to party.

Three girls in coats in the winter

From casual to formal, checkout these winter wonderland outfit ideas.

What Is A Winter Wonderland?

There is not one right answer to what a winter wonderland is.

Officially it’s a winter festival in Finland that many countries and cities have tried to recreate and bring the same enchantment that is brought to the residents of Finland that celebrate their country’s winter season well. These kinds of winter wonderlands often include markets, festivals, and activities for the whole family. All while decorated by dazzling Christmas lights. There is a large one that takes place in London as well.

In America, a winter wonderland could be a ball, a winter formal, a festival, the list goes on. We don’t have a customary winter wonderland event, but if you’re traveling abroad to one of these festivals or if you’re attending a dazzling winter wonderland party with your friends, here are some outfit ideas for you!

What Do You Wear To A Winter Party?

In general winter parties tend to be on the more formal side. Whether it’s for a holiday or a general winter theme, anything bright and sparkly will do the trick!

I know it’s technically incorrect to rock white after Labor Day, but I’m pretty sure that rule is out the door anyway. I love an all white moment in winter, especially for a winter wonderland theme!

We’ll go down some outfit ideas for different versions of a winter wonderland theme, and you can find some inspiration per theme. But the winter festive aesthetic is the key to a perfect outfit.

How To Stay Warm

Staying warm doesn’t have to be as bundled and layered as it sounds.

Adding some chill thermal layers and a lovely wool pea coat is everything you need to make a beautiful winter outfit warm!

Blanket scarves are so trendy, especially fleece and wool ones, so if you’re heading to an outdoor festival try one of these on for size to keep you warm. Layering a hoodie or a sweatshirt under a trench coat or pea coat is super trendy! It’s a street style way of wearing a classy coat and looking cool while doing it.

The trends going around are super preppy and tailored for the winter season, so you’re likely to find something bundled and formal enough for the dressy occasion you need.

Two girls dressed for a winter fetival outdoors

Outdoor Festival

If you’re heading to the outdoors and it’s going to be pretty chilly, here are some ideas for you to get all bundled up and warm for family activities and fun in the snow.

Being surrounded by beautiful lights and all of the decorations truly make these festivals feel like some of the most beautiful places on earth. Don’t just dress to stay warm for the bare minimum, dress to fit in and feel like a part of the whimsical wonderland!

Check out these outfit ideas for you.

1. The Basics
2. Sherpa Bucket Hat
3. Neutrals

A woman dressed in a sweater and sparkly skirt for a winter wonderland cocktail party

Cocktail Party

Invited to a cocktail party? With a winter wonderland theme?

You need some stunningly brilliant outfit ideas that will put you on the best dressed list! You’ll love some of these ideas.

Cocktail attire can be tricky in the winter with wanting to stay in season but cocktail dresses rarely do. Though that’s usually when I pull out the cocktail dresses the most.

Whether you’re feeling a jumpsuit, pantsuit or dress, here are a few ideas to set you on the right track. These are my faves.

4. All The Shine
5. Furry And Sparkly
6. Velvet

Three all white Winter Wonderland Outfit ideas

All White Outfits

I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again. I love an all white outfit. It’s classy, beautiful, easy to pair, and it’s eye-catching.

You’ll have all the attention in your flashy white outfit out on the festival grounds or at the house party. Just be careful with your hot chocolate out there!

White in the winter is flawless as it reflects the chilly feel outside when it snows– but the awe we all feel when we see the first snowfall of the season is unmatched.

7. Stunning Accessories
8. Knits And Sequins
9. Slouchy Cool

Urban winter outfits

In London

London has the greatest unofficial version of the winter wonderland festival in Hyde Park, and if this is on your travel itinerary, I’m here to help you pack what you need for the festivities!

It’s cold but the people in London dress oh so cool. Leather and moto layers are going to be your move for this event, and I just know you’re going to look so cool.

Finish it all off with a pair of sunnies, whether the sun is shining or not, and you’ll have the coolest look out there!

Check out these outfit ideas for the winter wonderland festival in London.

10. Cool Puffer
11. Long White Teddy
12. Trendy Cool

A girl in a tan pea coat and green plaid scarf by some Christmas trees

Aesthetic Winter Outfits

When there are photo opportunities involved, we all want to look cool and aesthetic for the camera snaps!
I know I do.

So wherever you’re heading, here are some simple and still aesthetic winter outfits for any mood. Again, I am not a fan of cold But I am a fan of rocking a beautiful pea coat over any cute outfit.

Get inspired.

13. Green Plaid
14. Preppy Trench
15. Quarter Zip

Winter wonderlands are so beautiful and fun to experience in the season! You can run around and experience your favorite Christmas and winter traditions coming to life. Or you can have a blast with your friends drinking themed cocktails and enjoying a spiked hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

These outfits are so perfect, I’m thinking about planning a winter wonderland party just to have somewhere to wear them to! I love an all white formal outfit, and I think you will too. Even an informal all white look– you really can’t go wrong.

Any excuse to dress a little more festive for the season than normal is something I need in my life. I will always take it! Winter can be dreary, waiting for the warmer months to come, but a little party or festival makes it all better.

If you want some more white inspo, find it here!

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