Inside: 21 cool green and brown outfit ideas you’ll love this fall/winter season.

Green and brown are two of the most popular colors to pull out for the fall, they’re super versatile and they’re every neutral gal’s favorite colors!

They can potentially be tricky to pair if you’re pretty used to more of a monochrome look, or if you usually keep your neutrals to black and white! But browns are so fun to mix and match, and once you get used to the different tones, they make a killer wardrobe.

Brown and green are perfect for the fall, they channel the energy of the season and of nature, as well as there are so many shades of each one you can mix and match darks and lights all day.

Such a fun variety with these two colors!

If you want to shake it up a bit and get some inspo and find some new ways to pair your neutrals and your greens, check out all of these outfit ideas.

Cool green and brown outfit ideas for fall

Do Green And Brown Go Together?

You can start dissecting color pairings a couple of different ways. There are some odd color combinations that we don’t believe should work, but they just naturally do. And you can begin to make odd pairings simply by learning the bases of different colors to understand how and why they do or do not work together.

By analyzing the base of the colors, like warm versus cool tones, and other elements of the color wheel, you can define if colors truly match together or if it’s just a weird color combination.

Green is a cool tone and brown is a warm tone, so in some ways, the two colors don’t go together. However, they do still combine naturally because they are both earth tones. They are very natural colors, so they are visually pleasing together.

Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow all go together simply because they are in the primary family, even though it’s a very loud and bold pairing.

Natural earth tones like brown and green, some shades of purple, yellow, orange, etc., create their own color family by being colors that you would generally find in nature. This makes them generally pleasing to the eye.

How To Pair Shades

Pairing shades, especially of similar colors like brown and green is pretty simple, because in their darkest shades they still go together, as well as their lightest shades. This isn’t the case for all color combinations.

It adds a lot of dimension to an outfit to pair light and dark shades, but an all light outfit or all dark outfit is an elevated look.

You’ll find examples later in the post, but using neutral browns like beige is a totally different look than using a dark brown. It’s subtle, but carries the natural earth tones the same.

The only shade I think that we can take out of the green and brown outfits is a lime green or neon green– but exceptions can always be made! So if you have a way of making a bright green work with a tone like brown, go for it.

What Color Shoes Go With With Brown & Green?

Now naturally this depends on which shades of green and brown you’re wearing and what kind of shoes but I’ll break it down.

If you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or pants that you want to wear heels with, nude heels will always win. You can also play around with stark white heels and corresponding or contrasting shades of green or brown.

Black loafers always look good with streetwear and casual outfits, and if you’re in the darker or lighter end, black rocks with both. These are a win for more casual outfits.

White sneakers match everything always, so when in doubt, if you can dress down, go for the white sneaks.

Brown and green streetwear example


Streetwear has been all the rage the last few years, when white sneakers became the number one shoe. Green and brown, being particularly trendy colors with Gen Z, tend to be paired together in a baggy casual outfit, much like a streetwear outfit.

These are cool and casual, and again, pretty trendy with Gen Z so you know you’ll look like you’re up on everything that’s trending with them these days!

Corduroy pants, cargo pants, and colored jeans are all huge right now, contributing to these outfit styles of baggy pants of any sort and then pairing them with a baggy top as well. Usually a tee shirt or sweatshirt.

So check out these streetwear outfits using green and brown!

  1. Green Zip
  2. Two Toned Coat
  3. Baby Crop And Slacks
  4. Pea Coat
  5. Cargos

Two women in fall outfits

Dark Green And Brown

Maybe you’ve already got that dark green sweater or top you love and need some more ideas to piece it together with something new.

Or dark green is your favorite shade so you want to invest in some pieces with pops of color… but still need some ideas to pull it together. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some ideas.

Dark green with brown will outlast the fall season and follow us right into Christmas, so this is a combination worth nailing down. Check these out.

  1. Emerald And Caramel
  2. Dress And Boots
  3. Dark Brown Leather Pants
  4. Tan Blouse
  5. Winter

fall green aesthetic


Okay so we can all throw together a large hoodie and some corduroy pants if we wanted to, but how do you pull these colors together aesthetically? Of course that depends on the aesthetic you’re referring to, but here are different examples and options that will help you figure out how to wear green and brown together more intentionally.

Girly, Y2K, edgy, 90’s, bohemian… Whatever your aesthetic is, green and brown fit right into it, no problem, easy peasy.

So just check out the color combo in some of these vibes and get some inspiration! You’ll know what to do with it.

  1. Princess Top
  2. Boho Accessories 
  3. Parisian Chic
  4. Animal Print
  5. Knit And Leather
  6. Sneakerhead

Four women in green and beige outfits

Green And Beige

Beige is an easy shade to match with almost anything, and green being the beautiful color that it is, is a lovely match with beige.

For work, for brunch, you name it and there’s a green and beige combo to copy this year.

If you pair the neutral with a lighter shade of green, it has the potential to carry into warmer spring months! So these outfits might be more versatile than the previous darker shades!

Check out these stunning outfits pairing green and beige.

  1. Heart Sweater
  2. Beige Hat
  3. Cardigan
  4. Mixed Green Patterns
  5. Bright Green

Both green and brown are pretty trendy colors, so pairing them together is such a sick look! And branching outside of muted neutrals into the colored neutral territory is a new world, so it takes some getting used to! So follow this guide to green and brown outfits and get inspired to branch out if this isn’t your usual kind of outfit! If it is, get inspired to still do something you haven’t before!

These two colors are both cool and interesting to play with on their own, so combining them makes for a dope outfit.

The color play trend is here to stay, so when you have your eye on a color combination, it’s worth it to do the research! Figure out how you can rock it, make the investment, and pop off in color! Even if it’s simple earth tones like these.

Looking for more green inspo? Here are 37 cute green outfit ideas!

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