Inside: Adorable matching Christmas outfits for siblings: children or adults!

Christmas is just in general such a cute holiday. There are beautiful and sentimental elements to all of the Christmas traditions that we know and love, but overall the entire holiday is surrounded around cute and fun vibes.

Some of these come down to matching Christmas outfits for siblings– whether they’re kids or grown adults, it seems to be a common theme in a lot of families that siblings tend to match. Whether it’s pajamas for Christmas morning or matching flannels for family photos for the Christmas cards to go out, there’s a matching vibe going on throughout the family.

If you need to get some inspiration, I’ve collected 19 of my favorite matching Christmas outfits for siblings– young or old!

These are way too cute– I know you’re going to love them all. Get ready for the Christmas season in style and get matchy with your sibs!

Three photos of people in Christmas outfits

Matching Siblings For Pictures

Taking family Christmas photos? Matching the kids (no matter how young or old the kids are!) is always a classic element to a Christmas photo.

If they’re children, it’s always a little easier to match them up in something a little extra and a little on the more festive side. The older they get, while you can still match them in coordinating sweaters or flannels, the matching gets a little trickier. Unless you put them all in the same pieces, which can be a fun vibe too!

But if you have adult kids that you don’t want to force to be exact outfit matches, there are some other sneaky ways to make sure they match accordingly.

Colors. If both parents are in one color and all of the siblings are in another, it’s a simple but effective way to match the siblings for photos.

Certain pieces. Put the kids all in sweaters! Or leather jackets if you’re more modern, or sweat suits if you’re super trendy! They don’t have to be exact matches but matching certain pieces can help bring the photo together. And leave the parents in something a little different, whether in color or in style.

Exact matches. Or maybe your style IS to match the siblings in the exact same pieces. If they’re little kids, you can swing the reindeer sweater, but if they’re older you may want to go with the same red cable knit. Or something of the sort.

Coordinating Kids Outfits

Kids are so fun to experience the holidays with– it’s like being a child again when you get to see it through their eyes instead of your own adult ones after so many years! So playing dress up with the kids is too fun– and coordinating them for whatever occasion is a good time.

So how do you coordinate kids’ outfits? If this isn’t an area of strength for you, then no stress. I’ve got some tips!

We’ve already touched on it a little bit, but there are a couple different ways you can go to match sibling outfits. It all depends on where you want to be on the scale between subtle and super extra. There are some inbetweens, but likely you will end up on one side or the other.

Bare minimum version of this is matching colors. As long as the colors coordinate, you’ll be golden. You can match them using all reds, greens, creams, gold, or black. Using different shades is a fun way to coordinate their outfits and add creative dimension using color. Having a red plaid and a red solid counts in this case– it doesn’t have to be matching solid colors.

We all love to see little tiny sisters in matching dresses: a little black velvet or a green plaid dress made in both of their sizes is a precious way to dress your little girls up for Christmas. Same goes for boys– a little pair of matching suits are way too cute!

Matching With Your Siblings

Older siblings looking to coordinate for the Christmas festivities? Sometimes it can be fun to go all out and get the same tacky Christmas sweater and call it a day! But if you want to do something a little more sophisticated to match with your sibs, plan it out according to theme and style.

Decide on a dress code like super casual with leggings for the girls and jeans for the boys or something a little dressier. Then choose colors and pieces. If this is for a family gathering, make sure everyone’s personal style is still in play, but match through the vibes. If y’all all want to go a little cozy chic, do it. If you want to go a little edgy street, do it. Matching isn’t all about the exact pieces used but the style!

Now, snagging a green cardigan that you all love is a cute idea as well. There are just so many ways to match with your siblings for Christmas, just have fun with it!

Two family Christmas photos

Kids Matching Christmas Outfits

After reading the tips to match your kids’ Christmas outfits, if you still need some inspiration to go off of, look no further! I’ve got you covered.

Check out these matching sibling Christmas outfits for the kids. It’s too cute to not want to dress them up together!

1. Personalized Pajamas
2. Greens
3. All Green Velvet
4. Girls And Boy
5. Colors
6. Red Sweater
7. Same Dress, Different Color

Brother Sister Matching Outfits

Brothers and sisters can be hard to coordinate, especially if they already have super different personalities or if they’re far apart in age. One might be all into the fun Christmas themes and not the other, or they may just want to wear very different things.

Here are some cute ways to still match them up whether they make it easy or hard on you!

8. Matching Plaid
9. Silk Pajamas
10. All Black
11. Goofy Prints
12. Holiday Plaid
13. Elf Jammies
14. Pajamas

Two sisters in coordinating outfits

Cute Christmas Outfits

Cute Christmas outfits are not hard to come by! And just choosing one of these to match up with your siblings and each put your own spin on it is an easy way to match up.

Here are some cute Christmas outfits to channel some matchy energy with your siblings this Christmas.

15. Preppy Plaid
16. All White
17. The Perfect Sweater
18. White And Plaid Theme
19. Funky Vibes

These are some of the cutest matching Christmas outfits for siblings – whether your style is cheesy and corny for the holidays or chill and laid back, there’s a matching outfit for your vibe.

Any other time of year I think this would be a really cheesy tradition, but there’s something about Christmas that makes me welcome the cheese and value the little things like matching with my sisters. Even as we are well into our twenties! It feels like an annual reminder that there’s a time and place to take yourself too seriously, and Christmas is NOT it. Have fun with your family, and let the good times roll.

It’s a fun tradition to look back on through the years, all of the different outfits we matched in as kids and the pajamas we wore to bed on Christmas Eve. Give future you the gift of memories! They’re priceless.

If you need some ideas for family photos, check out these outfit ideas here.

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