Casual NYE outfit ideas for last-minute invites that hit your inbox. Looking festive doesn’t have to mean over the top!

New Year’s Eve is probably the single most celebrated evening across the world, being the one international holiday that has nothing to do with region or religion. And it’s probably the most dressed-up for holiday universally, whether it’s to stay at home or brave the crowds to go out.

Even if you’re staying in with friends, everyone wants to get a little cute or be festive in some sort of way, but doing so and staying casual can be a little tricky.

Four girls wearing cute and casual outfits for New Year's Eve

Speaking of tricky, those last minute invites to a house party because someone in the group finally put something together can be even tougher if you don’t have time to pick something up.

No matter what outfit ideas you pick for your New Years party, the new year will be a new year and celebrating it in style means it’s going to be amazing!

A girl wearing a blue sequin top.

With Sequins

The easiest way to turn any everyday casual outfit into a NYE outfit is to add sequins! You could be wearing leggings with a sequin top and it’s hardly casual anymore. They’re not over the top either, especially for the holiday, so break ‘em out and combine them with joggers for a more stay at home or chill holiday style.

1. Bomber Jacket

12th Tribe styles this sequin bomber with jeans, and I think this is the perfect outfit for a casual NYE!

Here’s my expert tips on how to wear a bomber jacket well.

2. Two Looks

SilkFred styles two daytime sequin outfits, which work just perfectly for a more casual nighttime occasion too.

3. Sparkles & Mesh

Pairing with a mesh piece makes it a more dressed up still, but this is a perfect pairing to keep it cool.

4. Groovy Blouse

A groovy blouse like this one is the perfect throw on in a rush.

5. Cardi + Skirt Combo

This cardigan and skirt combo is a great way to mesh comfy with shiny.

6. Sequin Blazer

This gold blazer with a pair of black jeans is just what you need. Throw this on to walk into any dinner party, house party, or venue and you’re rocking.

7. Cinched Blouse

Throw this on with a more casual pair of pants for the perfect look.

8. Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer is the prettiest way to dress up even a tee shirt.

9. Easy Top

This easy top has all the makings of a great last minute NYE piece!

10. Sequin Mesh

A sequin mesh is not only super festive, but pairs well with any pants or skirts in your closet for the look you need.

11. Comfy Wrap Dress

While it’s not the most casual, it’s a great throw on just to have something festive on!

Two colorful and festive outfits

In Color

Color is the theme of the year when it comes to dressing boldly and with confidence. What’s your color of choice? Ring in the year with fun and enthusiasm in a fun casual colorful outfit.

12. Rainbow Bright

Use these pieces to mix and match and make the perfect colorful outfit for your NYE!

13. Crop Top

This pink crop top from Show Me Your MuMu is the perfect one to pair with jeans, but any great crop top styled correctly will work.

14. Red Or Green

I love keeping the Christmas color scheme going through the New Year, after all they all feel like the same holiday season to me! I love these examples of using some red or green blazers at a New Years party.

15. Blue Leather

Pair this blue leather suit with some sneakers and you’ve got yourself a great casual NYE outfit.

16. Full On Color Blocking

This color blocking outfit with a red leather skirt and a blue belt bag is a really cute way to bring color into the evening without being flashy if that’s not your thing.

17. Red Mesh

Another great 12th Tribe find is this red blinged out top. How cute is this! And it’s the color of the season so not only is it a perfect party top, you’ll be super in fashion, too.

18. Hot Pink Blazer

There are a few cute outfits in this photo, but I love the idea of the hot pink blazer taking the stage. Over a pair of jeans or a tee shirt dress, this is the move for any level of formality.

19. Red Bodycon

Nothing says bold like a bright red body con dress. Throw this on last minute and no one will know!

Three black outfits for a casual New Year's Eve

Black Options

Black will always be the chic and elegant answer when it comes to picking out an outfit for an event like this, even a casual one.

Black on NYE is a staple, and if you’re pulling an outfit last minute, this is the way to go.

20. Bows

Bows are such a huge trend this year, and I love that it makes the ever-edgy chic black outfits a little softer and a little girlier. This jacket is a good one to add to your casual NYE outfit to make it a little festive.

21. With White Fur

The best part of a black outfit is adding an accent to it. This white fur over a staple skinny jean and fitted long sleeve gives it a whole new feel.

22. Matching Set

Matching your top to your jeans is so elevated and it makes it so that you don’t even put in that much effort to get to this cute outfit.

23. Feathery Loungewear

Loungewear with some fun details are just what you need to get in the celebratory mood while hanging at home.

24. Jumpsuit

Nothing classier than a black jumpsuit that you can dress up or dress down. This is a perfect example.

25. Velvet Set

This velvet set is one of my favorite ideas for a good casual night in, especially on New Years.

26. Fitted Button Down

A fitted button down in any style, like this mesh and sequin one. It’s a classy look, and you can pair it with anything.

27. Top + Leather Skirt

This combo is simple and easy to throw together. These are two pieces you likely have in your closet and can throw together in case of last minute plans.

Here are some of my favorite leather skirt styles to wear on any occasion.

28. Jacquard Patterned Set

Sets are my go to… Can’t you tell? This Jacquard patterned one takes the cake, and it is styled flawlessly with a belt and gold platforms!

29. Deep V Bodysuit

I love a good bodysuit, it makes every outfit shine. This 70’s inspired bodysuit is so cute with any pair of jeans.

30. Feather Top

Again with the feathers… A casual top with feathers on the sleeve will never disappoint, especially on a holiday.

31. Comfy Crop

You can’t beat a comfy crop top and jeans if you’re really going for that casual look this year. This is perfect for a house party or casual outing on NYE.

32. Star Sweater

Maybe the feathers and the sequins are just a little too much, but you want a little pizazz. This star sweater is just perfect!

Three cute pajamas for a cozy New Years

Pajama NYE Party Style

I have always loved a pajama party on new years, it really makes a cozy-at-home party so much better!

If you have time to snag a pair of these cute matching jammie sets, here are some of my favorites that are perfect for a casual NYE.

33. Feathery Greens

These feathery green pajama sets are just what you need for the pajama party of your NYE dreams.

34. Disco Balls

If you’re at home with the kids, these are perfect for mommy and me matching.

35. Wine Bottles

If you love to celebrate the new year with a pop of champagne, these wine bottle pajamas might just be the cutest set for you!

36. Muah!

There’s nothing girlier than a great pair of silk kissy lip pajamas!

37. Shine Bright

For a little shimmer on the big night, I totally recommend this set from Victoria’s Secret!

38. Print Fresh

Print Fresh has some of the cutest prints in pajamas that I’ve seen.

39. Emerald Green

For a more intimate evening at home, this is a really cute set that comes with all the different pieces that you could be looking for a cozy night at home.

40. Pink Plaid

A pink plaid says “winter” but “party” at the same time. Snag these for your NYE pajama party.

41. More Kisses

If you want to take it all the way, here are more kisses, but this time with feathers! How cute is this.

42. Fuzzy

Want something a little more cozy? These fuzzy stars pajamas are just the sweetest and will keep you all kinds of cozy during the party.

43. Kimono Set

I love a kimono set, so these are just perfect for the casual lounging going on on New Year’s Eve.

Three cute outfits with winter outerwear

When It’s Snowing

Snow or cold weather of any sort always throws a wrench in my outfit plans. Being from Texas, it’s rare but it happens on occasion that you have to factor in some pretty intense weather while planning your outfit. Odds are, this might be normal where you live so you might be more accustomed to it than me.

44. Get Wild

Get wild in this animal print coat. Fun and flirty and everything you need for an event like NYE.

45. Leather Trench

A leather trench is chic and timeless, and will always elevate every one of your outfits to the next level.

46. Cropped Shearling

A cropped shearling coat is the most logical move when planning a luxe but still casual outfit in the snow. Keep warm and keep stylish!

47. Leopard Puffer

Okay… The fur might be a little much for you, but this leopard puffer keeps all the fun and all the warmth while toning it down just a smidge.

48. Gray Peacoat

This peacoat goes with everything and you likely already have something similar in your coat closet.

49. Green Peacoat

Keeping it festive? If you want a more colorful approach or to keep the Christmas color scheme going a little longer, this green peacoat does just the trick.

50. Flash Puffer

Reflect the shine and the bright lights all around you with this reflective puffer from Aritzia.

51. Monochrome

This monochrome look is sickening… In the best way. Stay warm and cool at the same time.

52. Classic Camel Trench

This is a classic that looks beautiful with every outfit. Throw it on over that sequin top and your jeans and you’re ready.

53. Blue Teddy Coat

A teddy is the coziest coat you could be wearing in the snow, why not grab one in a stunning color like this blue one?

Different Levels Of Casual For NYE

Since NYE tends to be a more formal affair than most, a casual dress code may not mean as casual as it usually does.

If you’re going out in public, I would still opt for jeans, but your shoes and top may vary. As well as your outerwear. Typically, if I’m throwing a peacoat on and leaving it on, my top can usually stay pretty casual and I’ll wear a cute bootie.

If you’re staying at someone’s home and the dress code is casual, jeans or something a little more comfortable might be a good move. Dressing up leggings could be an idea or dressing down a jumpsuit that just really makes it comfortable to lounge around and watch the ball drop with friends.

It’s all situational, but making comfort the key at home and balance the key in public is my usual go-to litmus test for which way to swing on the casual scale.

People holding sparklers and champagne glasses

Can I Wear Denim On New Years?

Yes! Especially when the vibe is casual, the denim is fully acceptable.

It might need to be dressed up a bit, depending on who said it’s casual and where the party is that you’re attending (there are a lot of different ideas of casual), but overall, don’t rule out your favorite pair of denim for the occasion. Just make sure you can dance a little and cheers well in them. 😉

What Are Easy Last Minute Outfit Ideas?

If these plans are truly last minute, you likely didn’t even have a chance to shop a single bit.

But the odds are, you have something in your closet that you can make work, and that says a lot coming from me, someone who always goes shopping for everything.

Getting creative with your cute pieces mixed with your casual pieces will really tie this all together.

  • If you have shoes that you usually wear for nicer occasions, throwing those on just to add a little something special really makes it a New Years Eve outfit.
  • Let the outfit ideas speak to you and remember that you can substitute with whatever is already in your closet!

When I’m getting ready to go just about anywhere with a cute-casual dress code, I really struggle with finding the right balance. I can go totally casual or totally cute and dressed up, but finding the middle ground is not where I typically thrive and adding in the NYE factor takes this to a whole other level.

That being said, these are the outfits I would copy for my own outfit inspiration for casual NYE outfit ideas for last minute invites to look my best and have the most fun while doing so.

I love to dress up casual pieces too, so throwing on your go-to pair of jeans and adding something fun to it for the occasion is the best way to achieve a lot of these looks, so get to work styling these casual pieces and have fun ringing in the new year in (casual) style!

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