Inside: 50 cute thanksgiving outfits to see friends and family on such a fun (and yummy!) holiday.

Thanksgiving is likely to be your top favorite holiday, or at least one of your top faves! It’s usually so relaxed, you get to see family, eat good food, and hang out. And if you’re a friendsgiving type of friend group, you’ll be partying before the holiday! It’s also kind of a teaser for Christmas!

Every family does it differently, I know that for some it’s a pretty formal event, while for some it’s a pajamas all day kind of moment. So depending on how you usually dress every year, it might become increasingly more difficult to feel like you know what you’re supposed to wear for your Thanksgiving event, especially if it’s out of your norm!

Five women in cute, fall outfits perfect for family dinners

I’ve answered some questions you might have about what’s appropriate for certain holiday dress codes and different events happening around Thanksgiving, and rounded up 51 of the cutest thanksgiving outfits to celebrate with your friends and family this year!

What Are Some Different Thanksgiving Dress Codes?

Again, the spectrum of family’s different dress codes is vast, but there are some common ones and some great go-to’s for each different dress code.

Casual: If you’re attending a super casual Thanksgiving, just think what you would wear every day. That’s what we’re expecting at a casual thanksgiving!

Leggings with your favorite sweatshirt and boots or sweater and sneakers is a perfect combo. For casual events in the fall, I like to think “cute cozy,” so I’ll be comfortable but I’ll make sure that I look presentable for those that I’m going to see! So I’ll dress it up or down with the shoes, my hair, and the general styling. Maybe a plain sweatshirt, but add a bracelet stack and Docs and you look a little put together.

Dressy: If you’re going to a Thanksgiving gathering that’s a little more on the dressy side but not formal, put some effort into your fit but you don’t have to think too hard about it! You can never go wrong with a sweater and jeans, but you can also mix it up and play with cute layers!

I would generally say jeans are the most casual you can go, but if you’re rocking some knee highs or over the knee boots, leggings might be passable. But consider a dressier top and accessorizing accordingly.

Formal: A formal thanksgiving isn’t necessarily as formal as say, a formal wedding would be! A lovely midi or maxi dress and a pair of heels, or slacks and a festive blouse will do the trick. Think about a nice holiday look, and you’re on the right track!

What To Wear To A Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving gatherings tend to be more of a casual version of thanksgiving with the family, where friends come together to create their own thanksgiving meal and hang as a chosen family.

It depends on the host, but generally anything cozy like sweaters, flannels, and cardigans. Photos will likely be snapped for socials, so you may want to be at least a little camera ready! This is all about fun and relaxing before a busy holiday season!

What NOT To Wear

There are very few things on the not to wear list for thanksgiving, aside from specifics for your dress code! There are a few things that are more or less comfortable for a holiday centered around food!

All White: Whites and off whites are always in, and are classy for the holidays. However, when you may be wandering around the house with a glass of red wine or sangria, your white fit might be in danger. And if you’re not planning to drink a deep red beverage, the food alone poses enough of a threat! So maybe ditch the white fit today to be on the safe side.

Snug Jeans: If you watch Friends, you know all about Joey and his stretchy pants he needs on this day, and calls his “thanksgiving pants.” And he’s so right. I’m all about a cute pair of jeans for thanksgiving, but maybe not your snuggest pair. They might be the most flattering but after turkey day? Might be the most uncomfortable.

Flowy Sleeves or Tassels: You’ll look killer in your tassel sleeves or flowy bell sleeves, but once the food starts passing around the table and you reach to the center for another roll, you’ll be wearing the cranberry sauce. And you don’t want that. So stick to fitted sleeves!

What Are Good Colors To Wear?

Thanksgiving is the epitome of the autumn season, so fall colors are everything today!

Orange, green, brown, and deep reds are perfect thanksgiving colors. Just remember we’re avoiding the light tones!
Fall is all about earth tones and natural vibes! Keep it warm, keep it cozy and keep it festive!

Fall outfits with skirts, three women in skirts and sweaters

With Skirts

Skirts are the easiest way to dress up a holiday outfit, especially with sweaters, shackets, and little long sleeves. These skirt outfit ideas for thanksgiving will be perfect for any event varying from casual to formal! Check these outfit ideas out.

  1. Orange Sweater Silk Skirt
  2. Plaid Skirt
  3. Golden Velvet
  4. Little Graphic Tee
  5. Houndstooth
  6. Orange Sweater
  7. Plaid Mini 
  8. Suede And Puff Sleeve
  9. Leather Skirt
  10. Red Skirt
  11. Polka Dot
  12. Knit Slit Bodycon

Casual outfits for thanksgiving, jeans and sweaters


Casual thanksgivings are the best. Getting comfortable just to sit around and play card games and chat and watch a parade… all around the biggest meal of the year. And seconds. And dessert. You can’t beat it! If you want some cute casual ideas, I’ve collected a few for you here.

  1. Sweater And Jeans
  2. Maxi Skirt Casual
  3. Leather Button Up
  4. Shacket
  5. Army Green Jeans
  6. Patterned Long Sleeve
  7. Teddy And Jeans
  8. Overalls
  9. Suede Jacket
  10. Plaid Dress
  11. Velvet Kimono
  12. Casual Sweater Dress

Two women in sweater dresses and a woman in an orange jumpsuit

Cute Outfit Ideas

Need something a little dressier? Sweaters and dresses are an easy fix, but sometimes a dressy family gathering calls for a little more than the easy option!

  1. Black Sweater Dress
  2. Knit Dress
  3. Large Teddy
  4. Orange Maxi
  5. Jumpsuit
  6. Checkered Dress

Maybe some of these different layers and knit pieces are just what you need to rock this thanksgiving. Even if you’re house hopping and seeing multiple families, you’ll be best dressed at each one pulling inspiration from these outfit ideas!

  1. Orange Tiered Dress
  2. Orange Tie Front Dress
  3. Sweater And Button Up Layer
  4. Plaid Dress
  5. Green Sweater
  6. Leather Pants
  7. Over Slouchy Knits

Sweater and leggings outfits for thanksgiving

With Leggings

Leggings, should your dress code allow, are the best thanksgiving pants! These are the cute version of stretchy pants Joey referred to…

Leggings can be easily dressed up or down, and the answer lies in your top and your shoes. Sneakers keep it cool and relaxed and boots, heels, and flats make it dressed up. Sweaters, puffer vests, and cardigans are all options to make these the perfect thanksgiving outfit.

  1. Shacket And Leather
  2. Gray Sweater
  3. Split Hem
  4. White Button Up
  5. Gray Cardigan
  6. Cropped Puffer
  7. Solid Shacket
  8. Neck Tied Sweater
  9. All Black Staples
  10. Flare Leggings
  11. Plaid Shacket
  12. Long Cardi
  13. Leopard Print
  14. Bright Orange Sweater

We love a good holiday fit, any reason to dress for an occasion and festively for that matter! It’s fun to find a dress or new sweater for one of the most festive days in the U.S! Be ready for pictures with family or friends you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Grab some outfit inspo from this post and get to holiday shopping! Be the best dressed at the family function and set a new standard for your family’s thanksgiving.

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