Inside: 33 stunning yellow skirt outfit ideas for this spring and summer.

Though it might be counterintuitive, skirts are definitely not limited to spring and summer anymore. Every season has its own skirt trends and ways to wear a skirt to make it seasonally appropriate.

However, the color yellow is pretty specific and sold out to the warmer months, as it’s so reminiscent of the warm summer skies and the sunshine vibes we get all season long.

There are certain shades of yellow on the darker end of the gradient, closer to mustard or orange tones, that are the best for the fall. Think the perfect Thanksgiving outfit! But other than that, as you’re looking at different yellow skirts, these likely are for your summer wardrobe.

Yellow skirts need to be a staple in your closet for the warm weather, and even for any summer vacations you may have coming up. It’s a perfect piece for the beach or a casual patio dinner with your friends. Just throw on a pair of sandals and you’re good to go!

Three women in cute outfits with yellow skirts

Check out these yellow skirt outfit ideas that I know you’re going to love.

How To Pair Skirts

Pairing skirts is a simple task, it’s all about the silhouettes and style.

These are both pretty straight forward when you’ve trained your eye a little bit to know if you like what you see when you put pieces together. There aren’t any technical rules to look for when putting clothes together, but there are some tips I can give you! It’s mainly all about learning your body type and what flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. If you need to accentuate your waist, accentuate it. If you want to hide it, hide it.

Looking into different body types is a total game changer, and when you fully understand your own you’re going to start loving how you dress.

It takes a lot of digging for sure, and when I realized I have an upside down triangle shape and that my waist should be the focal point, I started dressing in more form fitting pieces that accentuated my waistline and while I don’t love all the form fitting options, I became so much more confident in the way the overall shape of my body appeared.

I won’t be breaking down all the types today, but pairing your skirts will go along those lines.

If you want to accentuate your waist, find a skirt that hits your waistline, then add a crop top, a baby tee, or a cropped blazer. Anything that shows the waistline and the waist of the skirt.

If you want to hide the waist, it’s really trendy right now to wear a long maxi skirt with a long and baggy blazer or tee shirt.

Style-wise, regardless of your body type and preferences, I would recommend staying away from pairing a maxi skirt with a blouse. It brings back the homely and traditional aesthetic that we have removed maxi skirts from to make them high fashion. They’re cool pieces to wear casually and less formally.

Trending Shades Of Yellow

Yellow is always in, because it’s never been the “it” color. Once something becomes dramatically popular, it’s tough to bring it back too soon, or to continue wearing it, even if you like it outside of the trend.

But any shade of yellow is popular right now, especially more bright and bold shades. Canary, imperial, and lemon are all having their moment. These are very specific shades but also all very similar and have a beautiful effect on the room around you while you wear such stunning colors.

These are easy to wear since they’re so bold, you don’t have to do much with them. Let the color do all the talking, and you can give minimal effort after throwing this on.

Have fun with the energy that comes from yellow skirting, you’re going to love it.

A girl wearing purple and yellow

How To Pair Yellow

Pairing yellow is easy. While some colors are easy because they can go with everything, and yellow can, but it goes so beautifully with calm and neutral tones, even I as a color lover love to see it with a soft cream tone.

Browns and anything in the warm neutral category will always be my favorite with a solid yellow moment. A good bronze color or a clean olive green will always be beautiful and a super elevated pairing.

If you want to go really bold with it (which I always encourage!) definitely reach for a deep purple to go with your yellow skirt. A purple blazer or springy blouse could be iconic. Utilizing the complementary colors with your statement outfits is the number one way to ensure that your pairing is as bold as can be! If you’re wearing a more gold-toned yellow with a purple, it’s going to give a very regal and royal energy, and who doesn’t want that? This is a very specific look for a very specific kind of person, and if that’s you, you’re going to love it.

Anything green and jewel toned is a beautiful moment to have with a yellow skirt. Yellow reflects so many natural tones that anything that adds to that depth of color dimension is a perfect addition to an outfit with yellow.
Play with tones and shades of yellow, it’s a fun one!

Maxi skirts and jackets

Cute Yellow Skirts

It all starts with finding the right yellow skirt for you and your wardrobe. Check some of these out here.
1. Navy Blazer
2. Bright Set
3. Denim Jacket
4. White Tube Tops
5. Silk Sets
6. Pop Art Tee
7. Chunky Sweater
8. Ruffle

A girl wearing a skirt and white top, while holing the matching jacket

Yellow Skirt Outfit

Need some full outfit inspiration? You’re in just the right place! Check out these yellow skirt outfit ideas just for you.
9. Floral Skirt
10. Denim Set
11. Cream Blouse
12. Gingham
13. Gold Pleats
14. Neon
15. Hot Pink Blazer
16. Soft Purple

Three women in long skirts

Long Skirt

Long skirts are all the rage right now. This is everything you need for your wardrobe to go up a level in high fashion vibes.

17. White Tank
18. Mini Floral Pattern
19. On The Beach
20. Black Leather
21. White Tee
22. Wrap Skirt
23. Etherial
24. Sweatshirt
25. Satin Set

Three girls in yellow mini skirts

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are always hot. Check these out.
26. Linen
27. Beaded Top
28. Pockets
29. Leopard Print
30. Pleats And Knits
31. Plaid Mini
32. Graphic Tee
33. White Sweater

Are you a color gal? Or trying to be? Yellow is such a fun and happy color, it’s totally a great one to make sure that you always have in your closet.
No matter how much you love fashion or how much disinterest you have in it, our moods can totally be affected by our outfits and how we feel like we look. One thing I’ve realized that helps me is planning to wear colors that boost my mood and confidence all at the same time. Colors that look good on me boost my confidence and happy and bright colors boost my mood.
If you’re confident enough to break out a color as bold and bright as yellow and style it well, you’re well on your way to totally owning the dopamine dressing trend. Color made its way back to us in 2020 when we all needed a little splash of fun, and now more so than ever are we incorporating color back into our lives. A bright red or a sunny yellow, you can have fun with these trends!

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