Inside: 13 ideas for what to wear skydiving. This is so thrilling, why worry about your outfit?

I went sky diving once, and let me tell you, it’s an adventure. As if you would expect anything else.

My dad and sister have both been multiple times and have the best time every time. One day during Thanksgiving break they dragged me along, and coerced me into jumping out of an airplane. On the way up I was so unphased, and didn’t even care to think about what I was about to do. But as soon as I stepped up the ledge to jump out, it all hit me. I was about to jump out of a plane.

I chickened, but my guide to whom I was strapped to went ahead and pushed me out anyway. What a thrill.

But what’s the most practical thing to wear under your jumpsuit? Let’s talk about it– it can make or break the experience if you’re really uncomfortable. Your outfit should be the last thing on your mind soaring through the air!

Three girls in athliesure

Before going up in the plane, I was sitting around the facility for hours. Due to the wind condition our appointment was pushed back two hours at least.

When you land you need to be able to to be at least a little limber. I had to swing my legs up into a seated position to slide onto the ground before “sticking” the landing. If you can say that… It wasn’t too graceful.
Dress for comfort and be ready for anything!

What Should I Wear Skydiving?

Skydiving, while you think it’s a simple jump and land situation, is really quite active. While you’re free falling, you never know how you’re going to be moving around and what your instructor is going to guide you in doing. Even if you’re not moving very much, you can’t adjust your pants midair, so I recommend something easy to wear and something that stays up.

So, leggings, basically.

I went in late fall, so I just threw on a sweatshirt before heading out and I’m so happy I did! I was so comfortable the whole day, even when I was sitting in the facility waiting for our turn and when I was sitting in the plane getting nervous.

Under the jumpsuit, you just want to be comfortable enough for whatever is coming your way. It’s easy to want to reach for the cargos, and they’re totally a great option, but in my experience, I just wanted a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt to make sure I had my full range of motion. Worrying about all the weird little uncomfortable parts of your outfit is the last thing that you need while skydiving. Get comfortable and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Adventure is all about being ready for anything. So dress the part!

Are Jeans Good For Skydiving?

A super common question people ask is if jeans are a good idea for skydiving. In short– sure! If they’re comfortable to you. They’re not always the most recommended but you technically can wear them, no problem.

But as you go through the day, you’re going to be jumping, squatting, and dangling in the air. Make sure there’s no uncomfortable pinching or squeezing where you may want an actual range of motion. There’s nothing wrong with wearing jeans, but looking back at the day, the last thing I would have wanted to be at the time was uncomfortable or restricted even in my most comfortable pair of jeans.

If you do go with jeans, go with a high waisted pair that have no chance of sliding down that you’ll have to adjust or pull up or whatever while you’re in the air. Or even on the plane– you don’t want to be dealing with all that while thinking about diving through the air.

You can wear jeans if your heart really desires, but if it were up to me, I would say leave the jeans at home and get those comfy (and well-fitting!) pants on for your dive.


I embarked on this venture in the middle of November, so it was already cold outside, no question. Hence the way I reached for the sweatshirt and leggings for the day while getting dressed.

Not only was it just generally cold outside, it was cold up 14,000 feet in the air. This is a no brainer of course, and that’s partially what the jumpsuit is for. While I didn’t really have much time to think about how cold I felt while falling through the sky, I do remember the cold air harsh on my face the whole way down.

Not only do you want to dress comfortably in the air for the movement and the activity that is skydiving as a whole, but for the cold air you’re going to encounter any time of year as you jump out of airplanes.

Even if you plan to go for the skydiving adventure in the summer in the warmer weather, I would still grab the leggings, but maybe a big baggy tee shirt instead of a sweatshirt. You’ll feel the heat at the bottom!

Girls in hoodies

Casual Outfits For Skydiving

We can still be so cute while still being practical. I’m right there with you wanting to be best dressed for even the smallest things like skydiving… While wearing a literal jumpsuit over whatever I chose to wear. So unnecessary but that doesn’t mean I’m not still going to go over the top trying to be cute next time I go skydiving.

1. Hoodie And Biker Shorts
2. Loose And Comfy
3. All Black Chic
4. Bodysuit

Two girls in cute sweat pants outfits

Outfit Ideas

If you need a good middle ground idea of that cute and practical outfit for taking off into the sky and then jumping into it, here are a few for you.

There’s so many cute and comfortable trends going on right now that would be so perfect to go under your jumpsuit while jumping out of the plane.

Check out some of these outfits.

5. Flared Leggings
6. Sweat Set
7. Brown Set
8. Blue Set And Flannel

Two girls in chic lazy outfits

What To Wear

Still wondering what to wear skydiving on your next adventure? I don’t blame you!

Here are some perfect ideas, just for you.

9. High Waisted Sweats
10. Sporty
11. Fleece
12. Cropped Sweatshirt
13. Outdoorsy

Are you an adrenaline junky? Just generally love adventure? Love to have cute outfits while doing so? You’re in the right place, because even under a jumpsuit, you still should be wearing something cute, aesthetic, and functional for every activity you encounter.

Skydiving is going to bring plenty of photo ops, and you want to be ready for any and all of them when people start snapping pictures of you at the bottom after you land! And if you choose the option for a videographer (if this is available to you), you’ll want the cute before and after shots in your perfect little skydiving outfit.
Whether a matching set or something generally super cute and athletic, you’re going to look great and be the cutest skydiver in the air that day.

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