Inside: 27 Paintball outfit ideas that are both cute and practical for your next paintball battle.

Paintball is a fun yet intimidating activity! It looks and sounds painful but with the right gear you’ll be good to go on the field with your friends going to paint war. 

Technically the best outfit for paintball is everything thick and loose fitting… doesn’t sound the cutest but if you think in Gen Z trends currently, what’s the most in style? All baggy everything, including jeans, cargo pants, and hoodies. 

If you dress in Gen Z terms (whether you’re in that category or not) you’re all set and you look on trend without really trying. How convenient for anyone that hasn’t kept up with the latest high school trends! 

If you’re in high school and already dress this way on the daily, then don’t change a thing and you’re ready to hit the field.

So not only is dressing for paintball really practical, it hits the nail on the head for current cute fall trends. It checks all the boxes you need.

cute and practical paintball outfits

The key to this style has always been to look like you thrifted it all, even if you didn’t. Those cargos could have either been $4.99 at Goodwill or $59.99 at Urban Outfitters.

You will literally never know.

Hit your favorite thrift store and find some fun, on trend items for your next round of paintball! 

best clothes to wear for paintball two girls in cargo shorts

Best Clothes To Wear For Paintball 

Again, the best clothes you can wear for paintball are baggy jeans, sweatpants, or cargo pants, with something long sleeved! Your top should probably be baggy as well, so a loose fitted hoodie or sweatshirt would work perfectly. 

Paintball can sting a bit if the skin is hit more directly, so having something loose fitted will help when you inevitably get shot out there on the field. If you’re trying to play tough and don’t want to be the one that comes off in obvious pain, do yourself a favor and roll up to the game in baggy sweats and a hoodie. 

Not to mention you’ll give off the no-effort style that everyone loves! It’s a win-win.

We all have our favorite sweatshirt, so if yours is a favorite in an effortlessly cute kind of way, then you already have your fit half picked out for you! It’s an obvious choice. 

Check out these paintball outfits to get a feel of what you should wear! 

  1. Khaki And Navy
  2. Add A Vest
  3. Black Cargo Pants

The more you look through inspo pics, the less intimidating the idea of dressing for paintball is! It’s simple. And in style. 

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Chic Hoodie
  3. Flattering Cargos
  4. Slouchy Cool

what do you wear to paintball, girls in hoodies and jeans

What Do You Wear To Paintball 

Paintball is easy to dress for when you know what to expect! The baggy paintball outfits are really hot and on trend right now as well, so you’re going at the right time.

The number one thing to remember is this: if this isn’t a style you feel like you look cute in, remember that everyone does actually, but it’s easy to think we don’t because we’re used to relying on more fitted clothes for a more flattering look. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: we all look cute in the baggy clothes trend. So you’re about to look so put together (without even trying!) on that paintball field. Go get ‘em, girl.

  1. Ivy League Gamer
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Minimalist

Currently, we’re all dressing like we are all up to date with the newest high school trends when we go to play paintball. This is a nice twist, because usually it doesn’t just fall into your lap like that. 

So if you’re heading to go play paintball this weekend and you’re worried that the uniform won’t be the cutest, don’t even think twice. If you post a picture to social media, everyone will just think you’re cool enough to follow what the high schoolers are doing and make it look natural.

You’re winning the style game. And maybe paintball, too.  

  1. Long Sleeve Tee
  2. Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Camo Cargo
  4. Cute Color Zip

cute paintball outfits to wear girls in leggings

Cute Paintball Outfits 

Typically, looser fit everything is the best way to survive paintball, especially if you’re an underdog at risk of becoming a target. But if that’s not your thing and you really want to go a different direction, here’s some inspo for you, too. 

Maybe you want something a little cuter and aren’t worried about looking the part on the paintball field. I don’t blame you! If you wanted to substitute leggings out for your cargos, or maybe a more fitted top for your sweatshirt, here’s some outfit inspo for you! 

Keep it practical, but make your necessary swaps to keep feeling cuter than the usual paintball outfit. 

  1. Basic Sweatshirt And Leggings
  2. Cropped Sweatshirt
  3. Matching Set
  4. Coordinating Camo

If you don’t plan to be out in the open and be an easy shot, you can make these work. Or if you’ve got a tough poker face and can get over the sting, you’re good to go. Sometimes, beauty and style really is pain, and it’s worth it to deal with it. 

  1. Matching Nike
  2. Matching Cargos
  3. Perfect Sweats (Minus the slippers!) 

paintball outfits to wear

Paintball Outfits To Wear

The choice of jeans and cargos aren’t just for protecting you from the paintball bullets coming your way, but depending on the venue you’re playing at, you may be running through different terrains as well, like a forest.

So the long pants would protect you from the twigs, sticks, thorns, everything that would be attacking your legs while running from your enemies. 

Again, luckily this kind of style is so in right now, and it’s unlikely that you don’t already own multiple pairs of loose fitted jeans, with the whole anti-skinny jean uproar in the last couple years. (We’re not anti-skinny jeans around here, but we know what TikTok says these days). 

These jeans that Gen Z has pushed so hard for everyone to get on board with might just save you during a game of paintball. 

  1. Sweat Set
  2. Plain Sweats
  3. Green And White

Still wondering what you should wear to play paintball? Don’t sweat it too much, just pull a pair of trusty jeans from your closet and your favorite hoodie, and you’re good to go. If you want to go all out and invest in a pair of cool cargos that have gone viral, do it. But if you’re just making it through the game, you’ll be just fine.

  1. Jeans And Favorite Hoodie
  2. Black Baggy Cargos
  3. Champion Sweats

Playing paintball is a fun activity to go hang with your friends and family, and it’s a good excuse to stay casual. But if you’re looking to make a good impression or simply want to be cuter than absolutely necessary when it comes to group hangouts, at least paintball outfits are already on trend! And if you’re coordinating with your significant other, then it’s already even cuter.

Sometimes a cute outfit is even cuter when you give the appearance of little to no effort– and paintball outfits take the cake for that category.

If you’re making plans to go play paintball and trying to figure out the best outfit to plan, then look no further. All of these paintball outfits should inspire you and help you figure out what to wear. Grab your favorite oversized hoodie and maybe snag a new pair of cargo pants and get out there. Go have a blast.

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