Inside: 37 cool jersey outfit ideas to gear up for game day.

Wearing a jersey feels like an all American tradition… Supporting your boyfriend, your brother, or your friends at their games, or repping your date for Homecoming. And then there’s the college version, wearing your team’s jersey to the games to show your undying support or sporting a random basketball team’s jersey to a frat jersey party… You’ll probably need to know how to style a jersey for several occasions.

Quite frankly, there’s no wrong way to wear a jersey, your bare minimum is likely a cute look on its own! But if you’ve got the jersey on and you’re just not in love with the outcome, I’ve collected some inspiration for you to pull from to make this look for your football game or jersey party your best yet!

Glitter, team stickers, the coolest shoes… you name it and it’s going to be the perfect addition to your outfit to turn it into something you love.

Girls in game day jersey outfits

Let’s checkout these styling ideas.

Types Of Jerseys

This might seem a little obvious… You probably know the difference between a basketball and a football jersey even if you’re not a sports girl… right?


But here’s a breakdown just in case! I was once an oblivious college freshman trying to figure out what kind of jerseys were for what occasion. So I’ll give you the intel I didn’t have. You’re welcome.

Football jerseys are probably the most common jersey you think of. These are perfect for tailgates, football watch parties, and the games themselves. If you’re in highschool, you probably don’t have access to any of these until they sell your team’s jersey around town!

In college, you can buy these online and at some of the bookstores around campus. They LOVE team spirit.

Basketball jerseys are where I was clueless. These you can wear to basketball games if that’s an event that’s widely attended on your campus. But in my experience, you won’t have your school’s jersey, you’ll want to find an NBA jersey (can be fake, can be old, you don’t have to splurge!) and have that on hand. When you hear about a frat party being jersey themed, this is where you’ll want to break that out!

Can You Make A Jersey Girly?

Totally! You can totally make a jersey girly. I’ve seen it being made girly so many times, it almost looks like a costume all on its own.

Wearing it with girly boots or sandals, wearing it as a dress or with a cute pair of denim cut off shorts, you can find all ways to make it feminine, even while it seems to be swallowing up your small frame.

Check out some of the ideas below and you’ll see what I mean! Putting glitter on your cheeks for a party or adding a team logo temporary tattoo will make it a bit more of the look you’re going for.

What To Wear A Jersey With

There are so many ways to wear a jersey, and they all depend on how long it is! If it fits like a dress on you, I recommend leaving it hanging like a dress so that you don’t deal with all of the bunched up excess… It never works out well.

If it’s short enough to give a little french tuck and not look too frumpy, jeans, denim shorts, or a denim mini skirt are always cute options! For basketball jerseys, denim as well as biker shorts are super fun, you can be a little more sporty with the NBA jerseys.

Shoes can be cowboy boots, sneakers, sandals, espadrilles… anything! Anywhere you’re going that requires a jersey will likely call for sneakers for comfort, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, so if you’re determined to rock the sandals, go for it sister.

Girls styling jerseys with cute shoes

Jersey Outfit Ideas For Women

Alright ladies, you’ve been asked to wear a jersey in support of your or a man, whether that’s your husband, boyfriend, son, or brother, and you need some style tips. I got you! This is tough and while we all love it, it’s a talent to make sure it looks like you’re wearing the jersey instead of the jersey wearing you.

The right jewelry, bottoms, shoes, and hair styling will all come together to make sure you crush this look and are the best dressed mom, wife, girlfriend, or sister at the game.

1. Knee High Boots
2. Decorated Jeans
3. Low Dunks
4. Hockey
5. Leather Or White
6. Baseball
7. Ripped Jeans
8. Put Together
9. Cheek Tattoo

Girly jersey styling

Styling Ideas

Styling something like a jersey is a delicate game… And it all depends on your personality! You can totally go above and beyond and deck yourself out in full school spirit, or you can be really chill and just wear your favorite boots and call it a day.

There’s no wrong answer, and there’s a hundred ways to style a jersey so there’s for sure going to be one way that’s just right for you! Whether you’re more country down in the south or if you’re an all city team, check out these jersey outfit ideas.

10. Suede Boots
11. Matchy Matchy
12. Cowboy Boots
13. Starred Skirt
14. Leather Skirt
15. Jeans
16. Sunglasses And Hoops
17. White Cap
18. Bolo Tie

Jersey Outfit Ideas -- for a football party

Jersey Party

We’ve discussed the concept of the jersey party already, but to reiterate: basketball, basketball, basketball! You can get anyway with any sport and any team, but ideally you’re supporting team Brooklyn or rocking Toon Squad gear.

Your Air Force 1’s or your Jordans are going to be the best look for this, but I would recommend whatever you drift towards as your messy shoe… no picture is worth destroying your Jordans at an outdoor party! And they will be ruined. Trust me.

19. Toon Squad
20. Simple Styling
21. Chill
22. Sporty
23. Baseball Jersey
24. Fitted Layer
25. Painted
26. Bags And Bandanas
27. Knee Socks

Football Games

Football games are the best time to pull out your cutest jersey look! If you’re at the stadium or at the house watching the game, it’s time to look cute in your team spirit.

This is when you can rock your cute shoes with a jersey, no tragedies are bound to happen here. Style it up, do your hair, and find the temporary tats. Check out some of these style jerseys for inspiration.

28. Pom Poms
29. Team Of Besties
30. Beaded Necklace
31. Denim Shorts

Jerseys are the most comfortable to hang out in, honestly, it’s a whole look for the game but going out and staying in the jersey all night is an even better feeling! These jersey outfit ideas are cute and practical.

32. Joggers
33. Braids And Paint
34. Oversized And Comfy
35. Sparkly Jersey
36. Leather Pants
37. Heels And Handbag

Jerseys are a must have in your closet, for either supporting your favorite team or celebrating at a party. Getting cute to watch the game at home with friends is simply a part of football season (and baseball and basketball if that’s what you’re into). Instagram loves the jersey pictures during the season, so style it your way and get with your besties for a photo op!

I hope that some of these style tips helped you figure out the best way to style your jersey for you and your outing, and that moving forward you’ll have all the girls asking you to help them style their jerseys for the game next weekend.

Post your game day pictures, be everyone’s inspiration, and if you’re gearing up for a 90’s party, check out my guide for that here!

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