Inside: 90s Outfit Ideas that work for a theme party and are easy enough for everyday.

The ’90s are making a comeback. Easy, casual, and trendy, everyone is embracing ’90s fashion by mixing classic and modern looks to create unique everyday styles.

From dresses, pants, and tops to accessories, shoes, and hairstyles, there are many ’90s outfits worth wearing this year.

The trick to rocking the style is learning how to dress with complementary pieces without overdoing the nostalgia. If you’re finding it challenging to shop for cute clothes or pull off the attire of the decade, we can help you find the right look and show you how to wear it today.

For new ideas and inspiration, check out our guide to all the best ’90s fashion trends to explore right now.

Whether you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a 90’s theme party or just want to incorporate cool 1990s style clothing into your wardrobe, you’ll love these inspired 90s outfit ideas.

1990s Attire

How to Dress 90s – Accessories

90s Shoes

Platforms, sneakers, combat boots, and square toe heels were popular fashion trends in ‘90s shoes. Simple and bulky footwear styles were fashionable, making Doc Martens boots, Steve Madden slip-on platforms, Birkenstocks, and FILA or Adidas tennis shoes a common look.

Hoop Earrings

While hoop earrings were trending in the ‘90s, this chic accessory is timeless. However, women who have never worn hoops may be intimidated to try them out. These ring-shaped earrings come in different styles and sizes, and which type of hoop you choose will determine the amount of attitude, flair, and cuteness you’re going for. From Huggies to large hoops, this jewelry works with most ‘90s casual outfits.


Scrunchies were all the rage throughout the ‘90s. As a favorite fashion item that could complete any cute casual outfit with a pop of color, scrunchies were a major women’s hair accessory. From bright colors to satin fabric to velvet styles, hair scrunchies come in many different designs.

Crop Tops

Women in the ‘90s had an affinity for wearing crop tops with low-rise pants. These cute revealing midriff-baring tops come in various styles, including the cropped halter, short sleeve, and cami. On-trend again, you can wear this ‘90s style with low or high-rise jeans.


Overalls offer an effortless and casual style that can be worn in a variety of ways. Worn by men and women, these sleeveless denim jumpsuits were considered a wardrobe staple in the decade. Comfortable and cool, there were many ‘90s overall outfits to try, and it all depended on the fashion statement you wanted to make.

Stylish 90s Outfit Ideas

1. High Rise Jeans and Oversized Crewneck

2. Denim Overalls with Chunky White Sneakers

3. Wide Leg Jeans with Flannel

4. Turtle Neck with Corduroy Jacket

5. Layered Dress with a T-Shirt

Stylish 90s Outfit Ideas

90s Outfit Ideas for Women

This decade marked a distinct era in women’s fashion that was heavily influenced by artists such as Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, and No Doubt. These styles ranged from preppy to bohemian and urban to grunge, and were based on a rebellious approach to fashion. Using different materials, unique print patterns, and dazzling metallics, ‘90s outfits offered bold looks that fit perfectly with the cultural aesthetic of the times.

6. Cropped Sweater Vest

7. High Waisted Mom Jeans with Mock Turtle Neck

8. Preppy Skirt with Collared Crop Top

9. Straight Leg Jeans with Layered Tops, and Chunky Boots

10. 90s Grunge wit Overall Dress

90s Party Outfit Ideas for Guys

For a fashionable urban style, pick outfits that have a basic cropped or ribbed top with jogger pants. With styles like these, you can look effortlessly chic with FILA, Adidas Superstar shoes, and Converse’s Chuck Taylors.

11. Wide Cuff Jeans and Flannel

12. Vintage Tee and Cargos

13. Mixed Textures and Sneakers

14. Basic Kakies and Striped Shirt

15. Lots of Layers

Easy 90s Outfit Inspiration

16. Two-Piece Skirt and Blazer

17. Jeans, Boots, and Colored Sweater

18. 90s Inspired Patchwork Jeans

19. Butterfly Patches on Jeans

Easy 90s Outfits

90s Day Outfit Ideas

20. Double Denim with White Tank Top

21. Tucked in and Belted Graphic T-Shirt

22. Pastel Argyle Knit Sweater Vest

23. Around the Shoulder Tied Button Up Shirt

90s Theme Party Outfit Ideas

24. High Rise Jeans and Oversized Crewneck

25. Denim Overalls with Chunky White Sneakers

26. Wide Leg Jeans with Flannel

27. Turtle Neck with Corduroy Jacket

28. Layered Dress with a T-Shirt

90s Fashion Ideas

90s Fashion Ideas

29. Cropped Sweater Vest

30. High Waisted Mom Jeans with Mock Turtle Neck

31. Preppy Skirt with Collared Crop Top

32. Straight Leg Jeans with Layered Tops, and Chunky Boots

33. 90s Grunge wit Overall Dress

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