Inside: 15 orange outfits to add some color to your day.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it over and over again– color is taking over the fashion world and I couldn’t be happier! Especially with the color orange. It’s my favorite bright and vibrant color, so when I get the chance to wear something fun, I always reach for the color orange.

If you want to channel some brighter energy into your day, check out these orange outfits! Color lovers may stand divided with such a bright color whether you like the bold or shy from it, but if you’re one of the ones ready to embrace it, here are some amazing orange inspiration pictures!

Show off your bold side with a pop of this sun-shiney color and welcome the happiness it brings into your life.

Orange invokes youthfulness, energy, and happiness. I don’t know about you all but I could use some energy, youth, and happiness, that’s for sure!

Four girls in outfits that have a lot of orange

Colors To Pair With Orange

Colors you can pair with orange are pretty limited. Usually when you play with colors there are very few wrong answer but with orange, there are very few right answers. But when you do it right it’s so stunning and you’re going to love the outcome.

Whether you’re simply pairing items together or going for a color blocking situation, orange is so fun to match.
The best colors for it are blue, yellow, and green. Just about the primaries! Red isn’t a bad option too, but it all depends on the shades. They’re both bright and alarming, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but you would need to play with shades as well. Adding bold colors together usually work best when you use a bright warm tone and a bold cool tone, since cool tones are more relaxing to balance out the fiery vibes of orange or red.

Blue is the complimentary color to orange, which in the science of colors, is technically the best match. They are exact opposites, so they make each other pop. This makes them more fun and bold together but gives the cool and warm balance needed to color block.

Warm toned neutrals are also perfect for pairing with orange: cream, white, and brown. They add a fall color palette to the mix, but in the best way. A calm cream cardigan over a bright orange dress is a little bit of a balance that we could all use and might help tone down the outfit if it feels like too much to you. I personally, however, don’t think it’s too much though!

When Is Orange In Season

Orange is a very bright and happy color that is usually associated with the spring and summer months. Any shade will be perfect March through August.

There’s a versatility though, with the color, since it’s a very common color for the fall season as well. We love to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving with pumpkins and orange fall leaves, so we can totally carry orange attire into the new season. It’s a great color to bring out for family occasions in November or spooky parties in October. Have fun with it! There are no limits on the color orange.

Except winter. Winter might be the time to give your orange pieces a well-deserved break after all they’ve done spring through fall.

Wearing Orange Accessories

Using orange to make an outfit pop through accessories is a great way to utilize color in your wardrobe without investing in a ton of pieces that may not be as versatile and re-wearable as you would like.

Orange scarfs, whether a winter scarf or silk scarf, are a beautiful addition to your neutral knits or blouses. Since orange just feels like a brighter shade of tan, there are a lot of ways to subtly let orange be a part of your closet!

Earrings, shoes, and handbags are all fun accessories to buy in colors to make your outfits stand out a bit from the rest. If you’re used to buying all neutral pieces, adding an orange accessory or two will make it so much more fun to get dressed! You may only want to break it out for a girls night or for a special occasion, but it’s fun nonetheless to have something a little different to reach for when it’s time to make a pop!

Have fun with your orange accessories!

A girl in a linen set outfit

Orange Matching Sets

I love matching sets. They’re way too easy to look put together without trying.

And I love the color orange.

So these are some really fun matching sets in different shades of orange whether you want them for lounging, shopping, or hitting the night scene, here are a few different outfit ideas using orange matching sets!
I can’t get enough of them… I might already have too much orange in my closet.

1. Two Piece
2. Plisse Set
3. Square Neck Linens

Three different color blocking outfits

Color Blocking Orange Outfits

I think the color blocking trend is pretty rad. It’s bold and confident and says that you know a thing or two about fashion and style, and people will definitely look at you like a style guru.

Knowing your colors and how color blocking works is key to this endeavor of course, so read up on my brief description of how colors work together with orange to start looking into it all, and now gather some inspiration to go off of.

4. Orange And Green
5. Blue Trousers
6. Pink And Orange
7. Blue Trench Coat

Streetwear outfits with the color orange

Outfit Ideas

I love these simple outfits that utilize the color orange. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s refreshing. I know you’ll love these ideas as much as I do, so if you want some convincing to go out and shop for some orange outfits, here they are! Some of my top picks, just for you.

8. Orange Blazer
9. Slip Dress Layer
10. Tube Dress
11. Hat And Tank

Three different aesthetic looks


Of course there are just simply cute outfits, but then there are aesthetic outfits that follow a certain vibe that’s beyond just the concept of cute clothes.

Here’s how to dress aesthetically in an orange outfit.

12. Retro Jumpsuit
13. Silk Mini
14. Sweater Weather
15. Street Vibes

Ready to snag some orange pieces for your closet now? I hope so! I hope you feel inspired to buy into the dopamine dressing trend as much as I am– I love getting to channel color into my day and it honestly makes me feel pretty happy and fun when I’m getting to wear a bold color. Not to mention, if I’m going somewhere that I want to grab attention, it does that naturally. No need to try once I put on the orange!

Dressing to reflect your mood and dressing to impact your mood are both very real when it comes to the concept of dopamine dressing. Whatever your vibe is, if you’re down in the dumps, surely a pop of bright orange can bring you back to life. Don’t let life get you down, make a splash in a fun color.

Another color I love to play with is teal!

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