Inside: 59 colorful kidcore outfits that you’ll love when you’re feeling nostalgic or ready to inject some fun into your daily wardrobe.

Kidcore is nothing new– it’s just taking on a new name and a new overall look.

If you haven’t heard, kidcore is essentially nostalgia dressing. This is pretty similar to the concept of dopamine dressing, but instead of just dressing in colors that boost your dopamine, you’re dressing in the colors as well as the styles that you would have when you were a kid.

It may not be anything like what you actually wore as a kid, but it’s more like the colors and concepts that are marketed to children.

The specific color palettes and styles of the clothes are where you need to draw your attention– because they’re designed to grab the attention of children. It started coming back around with young adults because of the allure to our old 90’s and 2000’s closets that has become insanely popular in recent years.

As you dive in and explore kidcore, let the nostalgia and the fun vibes take over. That’s what it’s all about!

Three kid core outfits

All About Kidcore

Kidcore came about in 2020 from creators that were taking the 90’s throwback aesthetic to a new level. While 90’s grunge has always stayed in style and on trend, some people started to think about what they actually wore in the 90’s… When they were kids.

So rather than wearing what 20 year olds were wearing then, they started wearing what they wore as kids then instead.

The chunky dad sneaker has now become the norm, but finding the brands you wore then is the key. And kidcore isn’t stopping at a classic chunky dad sneaker! They are taking it up a notch with the light up sneakers that could only have been acceptable at that age… Well not anymore!

Think about what’s trending, and how can you make it as childlike as possible?

Wearing your favorite characters, using a kid’s backpack instead of the standard adult sized one, lunch boxes, denim shorts that come up just above your knee… You name it and it’s happening in kidcore.

There was a time during the Covid-19 lockdown that had everyone nostalgic for their childhoods. That’s when the Y2K aesthetic overall started to return as well.

We were all at home with our parents, which we hadn’t done since our youth. Some of the only people we were seeing were our immediate families, if that, and there was a lot of room for reminiscing, being nostalgic for our childhoods, and having to get creative to have fun… And creativity always brings out new trends!

So while we were remembering the days past, some of us decided to make it our new aesthetic.

If you’re ready to jump on this train now and want to see more of the kidcore aesthetic, you’re in the right place! I’ve compiled 59 of the best and most colorful kidcore outfits for you. It’s a trend that’s so intriguing and fun to look into, because it will surely trigger some nostalgia for you just watching other people wear it out!

Similar Styles And Aesthetics

Again, some of the similar styles and aesthetics that kidcore has played off of are Y2K and the 90’s classic.

These two are some of the most popular trends today and have been for some time, and kidcore really just is a microtrend of each.

Microtrends are obviously a trend of sorts, but they’re smaller and not catered to the masses. They’re a niche category that only few are interested in and adore, but they’re still a current trend for those that enjoy it. It’s almost like a niche personal style, but it still comes and goes like larger trends do and the microtrend typically goes with it.

Those that are following the microtrend find something similarly niche in the next trend, so there is an element of personal style at play still, but it’s not quite the same.

The rise of social media has exploded the rise of microtrends too. One jacket or one pair of jeans could go viral and then everyone has them for a month, and then now that everyone has them, it’s no longer a trend. So while it was more of a globally accepted trend across the board, it’s generally short lived, making it a different form of microtrend.

Kidcore is currently in the other category, where it’s a little longer lived out but it’s such a small group of people that dive into it head first.

And that’s a huge part of what makes microtrends like this fun in the first place. There’s an element of edginess and awe when you come across someone with this kind of style that the masses haven’t tapped into yet. It’s a great way to enjoy fashion and all of its crazy trends while they’re cycling in and out.

The Colors Of Kidcore

The colors involved in the kidcore aesthetic and style are simple. The simplest that they can be actually.

Bright colors of every shade are trending all over the fashion circuit, but there are a few chosen colors to be the big and bold colors of the kidcore style.

Think about all the toys marketed to you as a kid.

Yellow, red, and blue. The primaries.

Of course if you grew up a little girl in the 90’s and 2000’s, you know that everything was pink and purple. These are also pretty common and popular color schemes in the aesthetic, but overall you’re really looking at some bold and bright primaries.

These are easy to mix and match, and almost are more bold and stark when you do see them together. I tend to always think of kids’ toys when I see a bright yellow paired with a bold red, and that’s exactly the kind of thoughts that kidcore intends to invoke.

These colors are easy to come by and even easier to identify as kidcore, especially when paired with a vintage denim!

four outfits in bright and bold colors

Kidcore Outfits

1. Character Shirts
2. Doll-Like
3. Colorblock
4. Girly Graphics
5. Candy Shirt
6. Colored Striped Shorts
7. Bucket Hat And Tennis Skirt
8. Funky Pieces
9. Stripes
10. Rainbow Turtleneck

Green and blue outfits

Colorful Outfits

11. Blue And Green Check
12. Stripes And Pink Cargo
13. PacMan Jacket
14. Bright
15. Color Pop Sweater
16. Pattern Mix
17. Painted Jeans
18. Rainbow Sweater
19. Vintage Vest
20. Heart Wave Sweater


21. Sweatset
22. Heart Jeans
23. Pleated Skirt
24. Yellow And Blue
25. Overalls
26. Pink And Green
27. Smiley Face Jeans
28. Blues
29. Rainbow Argyle
30. Bright Pink

A girl in a flower sweater

Outfit Ideas

31. Rainbow Tee
32. Smiley Face Overalls
33. Polka Dot Mesh
34. Bright Flowers
35. Care Bears
36. Baby Crop
37. Smiley Flowers
38. Pink Sweatshirt
39. Primaries
40. Sweet Flowers

pastel outfit ideas


41. Pastel Plaid
42. Care Bears
43. 80’s Texture
44. Baby Blues
45. Candy Hearts
46. Pink Overalls
47. Baby Tee
48. Striped Sweater
49. Tie Dye

Three funky patterned outfits

Cute Kidcore Outfits

50. Happy Clown
51. Colored Shorts
52. Color Block Jacket
53. Strawberry Sweater
54. Chains
55. Wind Breaker
56. Layers
57. Yellow Crop Top
58. Fun Patterns
59. Yellow Pants

When the kidcore aesthetic first started coming back around, I loved it. Now, I still do but it’s such a niche category of people that wear it well, that I leave this one to the professionals! I love a good Y2K moment myself, but this is a totally different category.

If this is where your style lands, then you are a fun person and I know it! I love that these colors are where you thrive and that you have a good time with your outfits. Bold colors have been such a fun trend in recent years, it’s so amazing to walk into a store and see something bold and interesting, after all of the years of trending neutrals and black pieces.

As this microtrend grows, it’s going to evolve and maybe start to include some newer kids’ trends rather than being all throwbacks. It’s going to be fun to see how it evolves over time for sure.

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