Inside: Adorable matching Thanksgiving outfits for your family celebrations.

Thanksgiving is one of the most lively holidays on the American calendar.

Parades, dinners, deserts, the decor out and cheering everyone up from the end of summer slump, and then the introduction to the Christmas season! Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?

If you’re heading to several family celebrations, a Friendsgiving, or a family photo session before the turkey comes out of the oven, and you want to be matchy-matchy with your spouse and/or kids, I’ve got some ideas for you!

When you’re excited for a holiday, it’s so much more fun to dress up in a festive way, and if you match with your family, it’s 100 times cuter!

A mother and daughter and a couple that are matching outfits

Whether you want matching graphic tees, formal attire, or coordinating cute casual outfits, I’ve got some ideas for you. Just don’t forget to snap a couple pics with a piece of pie.

Fall Color Palettes

We’ve touched on fall color palettes before with fall family picture outfit ideas, but we can go over it again and add in some Thanksgiving specific additions.

Natural, neutral tones will always work for fall. Especially in the brown family.

White, cream, and espresso brown are a really safe bet and a beautiful color palette for fall holidays.

Green and orange of almost any shade are perfect accent colors to add in with the whites and browns! Orange is iconic for the months of October and November, with Halloween and Thanksgiving being so decorated by pumpkins! Using the typical imagery and icons from the holiday can help you choose your outfit colors.

Green works with the wardrobe through Christmas, so it’s less of a Thanksgiving color and more of a seasonal color for the fall and early winter.

Fall colors can also include any rich, dark tone like a deep purple or teal.

These colors work for more of a formal kind of Thanksgiving dress code, but I love the idea of a deep brown and shades of orange for a casual matching thanksgiving outfit. It will pop and be an obviously intentional outfit match, and it’s just so fun to wear bold colors!

How To Match Outfits

If you’re wondering how to match outfits, here are some tips! Depending on the level of matching you plan to be doing, there are some subtle ways or not so subtle ways to match your outfits to others.

Exact Matches – This is perfect for a mother daughter duo, or a couple/family wearing matching graphic tees. These are the most obvious ways to match outfits, a little mother and daughter matching dress moment and a father and son matching flannels, it doesn’t get any more coordinated than that!

Color Matches – The simplest way to subtly match outfits is by matching colors. Using the fall color scheme and either matching neutrals with the little pops of accent colors like orange, or totally wearing the same color sweater and black jeans or leggings is the perfect way to match.

Pattern Matches – Flannel is the pattern of the season when it comes to fall. So coordinating to wear flannels together, even if they’re different flannels, is a great way to match without being the ones literally wearing the same top. Even wearing a plaid scarf with similar colors to his plaid flannel is a way to work in the matching.

What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might be one of the easiest holidays to dress for, since it’s such an easy pattern to follow!

Fall fashion is a cult favorite, and is so simple: knits, flannels, boots. Done. And the formality level from there simply varies based on your family and what the dress code is usually like.

A warm sweater or flannel in the fall color palette, leggings or jeans, and your favorite trendy fall boots and you’re good to go.

If your family does things a little dressier, I would opt in for a sweater dress instead and those over the knee boots you need to cover your legs if you live somewhere a little on the colder side.

I mention this in maybe every post, but down here in Texas, you never know what kind of weather you’re about to get on Thanksgiving! So sometimes a skirt, a cardigan, and a pair of booties will do the trick.

Whatever you wear, there are ways to match it to your SO, your siblings, or your little ones.

Happy turkey day!

Two couples in matching flannel outfits

Matching Thanksgiving Outfits For Couples

Couples are the easiest to match, because you can usually go with matching colors before you rock on into exact matching outfits.

These are some of my favorite examples of subtle matching outfits without the exact same graphic tee. Showing up with your partner to the family function in coordinating outfits is a fun way to incorporate your romantic side with the family, without being weird.

Something about grandmas love to see you matching with your boyfriend…

Here are some matching Thanksgiving outfits for couples you should try this year!

1. Coordinated Flannels
2. Gingham Details
3. Colors
4. Casual
5. Matching Sweaters

Family outfits for thanksgiving


Matching as a family can go one of two ways: really well or you’ll get push back from the kiddos about having their outfits chosen for them.

However you manage it, it’s going to be adorable! And if you get to snap some pictures for Christmas cards or at least for Instagram, you’re going to love having them. It will be well worth the potential meltdowns.

These outfits are way too cute to pass up, so match your family this Thanksgiving! Everyone will love it and how much cuter could it get, really?

6. Mommy Daughter Duo
7. Matching Shackets
8. Perfect Color Coordination
9. Simple Sweaters
10. Flannels

Kids in matching fall outfits

For Kids

Okay maybe you’re not too keen on matching the kids or your husband, but if you want to match the kids together for a picture, or just the vibes in general, here is some inspiration and ideas!

I have twin cousins, so growing up my uncle used to continually dress them up in the same or very similar outfits strictly with the intent of confusing everyone. Because that is simply who he is.

It was always a cute look, but seriously. It messed me up pretty good because I still can’t tell them apart even now into adulthood!

11. Pumpkin Crewnecks
12. Plaid
13. Minimal Overalls
14. Customized
15. Gobble Tee

Matching Thanksgiving outfits are a super cute way to celebrate a holiday with the family. Any other day of the year they could be a little cheesy, but the holidays are nothing if not cheesy! I’m in full support of this one.

If you and your significant other or your kids are ready to snap some super cute pictures at the family function, you’ll love the matching thanksgiving outfits, and I have a feeling they will be a crowd pleaser when you show up to see all of the extended family.

Do you have a fall birthday like I do? (Hey, Scorpios!) Living in Texas, it’s always a toss up if I’ll end up with real fall weather on my birthday. But dressing for a fall birthday can be hard when I just want to wear a cute mini dress, so I’ve compiled some awesome fall birthday outfits to try if you struggle like I do! Check them out and see if these help you with your upcoming birthday festivities.

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