Inside: Summer goth outfits that you’re going to love this season.

Summer, and especially summer 2023 isn’t usually the time for the goth aesthetic to make a breakthrough into mainstream, since we’re loving color so much. But realistically, while we love all of the bright and fun dopamine dressing this year and in recent years, there is most definitely a grunge and 2014 Tumblr aesthetic comeback coming our way. And it’s starting with goth vibes taking over.

If you’re looking for some tips to dress goth in the summertime, you’re in the right place. This can be a tricky season to conquer the dark and layered aesthetic, but it can be done. They’ve been doing it for decades. You’re in good company, and you’re in a good place for some tips and cute outfit ideas along the way. I’ve got some ideas for you that I think you’re going to love.

Whether you’re goth to the core, down to your music taste, or if you just love a good black wardrobe and want to add some more gothic elements to it, you’re on the right blog for some good old fashioned outfit inspiration pictures and styling tips for all.

Check out these summer goth outfits that I know you’re going to love.

Three girls in all black gothic outfits

Key Elements To Goth Fashion

What are some of the defining elements to a goth aesthetic outfit? There are a few.

We all know and probably remember when the all black outfits were taking over and that was everything we wore from 2016 to 2020, and we all wanted it to be chic, but there were plenty of jokes while it was moving in that we all felt a little goth if we were wearing all black.

So that’s the base, the foundation of the goth style, is all black or all dark colored outfits.

If you’ve got this down, which you probably do, then you can start to have some fun with some of these outfit pieces.

Goth style is generally described to be dark and mysterious, not necessarily in only the colors, but also in the design and details. If you look at old gothic buildings like many of the classic European design structures, they have many sharp edges and elements that are Medieval and a little bit scary looking. It’s a very dramatic and detailed aesthetic, whether in clothing or architecture. These styles are intricate and super interesting.

So as you start to sift through some of these summer goth outfits, notice that it’s the details added to the all black outfit that makes it goth and not just a dark outfit.

Cool and edgy accessories like belts, garters, and large jewelry pieces, specifically usually in silver, black, or titanium, are some of the key and common pieces that people add to their looks to make it more edgy and more gothic. Build up the basis of your black and dark clothes, and then invest in different accessories to add to the outfit. Even in any aesthetic, it really is more about the details of the outfit more than it is just the shirt and pants you paired together. While we love the clothing, a lot of it is about how you style it together, and the goth style is definitely one of the biggest examples of this.

How To Dress Goth In The Summer

Summer is the time to invest in sheer and thin fabrics, so this is probably going to be the best way to beat the heat in this aesthetic. There’s usually a lot of layers involved, so either choose to nix the layers and different add-ons for the few hottest months of the year, or go ahead and commit to sweating a good majority of the time. I have some tips to help you figure it all out in general and together we’re going to piece together some great goth outfits for the summer.

Again, go for the lighter fabrics. Mesh and cotton can go well with typical goth pieces of clothing. Since black and dark colors tend to absorb the light and heat from the sun, you might want to use some pieces that block the sun away from you as best as possible. A hat is a great option for this!

When you’re layering pieces, if you’re throwing on a light jacket, make sure that the layer underneath is a tank top, so as not to add too many layers all over.

Luckily, there’s a huge part of the goth aesthetic that is heavily inspired by dark lingerie or slips. It isn’t necessarily worn like a true piece of lingerie, but it is a light piece and it is a thin layer that usually doesn’t add too much heat to the outfit. These are great central pieces to utilize in your outfits in the summertime.

Dusters and kimonos are great layering pieces that can come in a sheer lace or a lighter and breezy fabric. Take advantage of simple summer staples that do also happen to come in darker or not summery colors.

Find more tips and ideas in some of these outfit ideas! While I can throw different tips at you all day, there are some things that are just going to have to come to you as you look through inspiration.

a girl in a black slip dress with a belt and garter

How To Dress Goth In The Summer

1. Slip Dress
2. Light Dress, Chain Belt
3. Baby Doll Dress
4. V Neck And Mini Skirt

Two girls in summer outfits that are dark and all black

Dark Summer Fashion

5. Micro Pieces
6. Mesh Top
7. Belted Top
8. Mesh Mini

Three outfit photos of a girl in cool grungy outfits

Summer Grunge

9. Grayscale Basics
10. Mesh And Fringe
11. Plaid Skirt
12. Band Tee
13. Dark Printed Mini

Gothic isn’t the same as scene or emo, even though it can kind of get lumped into the same general aesthetic and vibe. It’s not a new aesthetic either, by any means, but it sure is going to make a comeback with a 2023 twist on it. If you’re looking to channel your new found aesthetic into a more seasonally appropriate wardrobe, hopefully you found all of the tips and ideas you needed here!

The Gothic aesthetic is so cool because of the way that it plays with layers and accessories, and I admire it, personally, to the point where I might even try to steal some of these pieces and incorporate them into my personal style a bit! Who doesn’t love a little bit of a grunge and goth in their daily style?

Dark colors have been trendy for so long now, that as the color wave takes over, it has become more of a statement again to wear all black. Take advantage and enjoy

If your gothic style leans a little more towards the anime aesthetic, here are 47+ anime inspired outfits for you to try. The two styles can definitely blend and play on each other, so have fun with these and see how you can make them work together!

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