Amusement park outfit ideas to keep it cool and comfy in summer and all year around.

Hanging out at an amusement park is such a fun way to spend the day (or even the weekend, depending on which one you go to!) but you have to go in for the long haul! It’s a lot of walking, but a lot of fun! Just prepare the best you can with your outfit and you’re good to go.

The right shoes and the right seasonally appropriate clothing go a long way in keeping the energy and morale up at the amusement park!

If you’re going in the summer, crop top and shorts all day. The fall, you can’t go wrong with a flannel to keep you warm!

two girls at a theme park in tee shirts

It’s all about comfort when you’re hopping from one rollercoaster to the next, so check out these ideas that will keep you cute while keeping you ready to take on the day!

Amusement Park Aesthetic

With the rising popularity of the aesthetic streaming show, Euphoria, there was a rise in the aesthetic of colored lights and ferris wheels. They’ve always been a classic vibe, but they’ve become even more aesthetic in recent years when we get scenes of Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and Alexa Demie wreaking havoc on the town fair!

Taking Insta photos in front of the ring toss or under the neon purple lights ensure the cool factor of your visit to the amusement park! It’s a major trend so you have to try it! While it really took off due to the popular show, and each of the characters have their own dramatic personal style, bringing your own personal style is part of the aesthetic.

Best Shoes For A Theme Park

This might be a no-brainer, but something comfortable! So obviously we’re going to think that sneakers are the best choice, and they might be, but the seasons play a role in this too!

If it’s summer and you’re melting the second you get through the gate, tennis shoes are still a top contender.

However, if you walk well in walkable sandals, like Tevas or Cloud slides, these are an option for you as well!

I tend to shy away from sneakers when I go in the heat so that my feet can breathe, but I almost always wish I had gone with the most comfortable walking choice! This is all personal preference, however.

In colder months like the fall and winter, sneakers with layered socks are perfect, but so are boots you can walk in! Doc Martens aren’t technically great walking shoes, but I always find myself more comfortable than I anticipated, so these are some of my go to’s for walking and staying warm!

What Summer Clothes Are Appropriate For The Park?

Some parks do have a dress code regarding summer clothing like crop tops and such, especially if you’re heading to an incredibly family friendly park like Disney! They’ve been known to hand out merch vouchers to get a new tee shirt to cover the top you had worn that day. So check it out before you head!

Most parks simply request that you refrain from wearing vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive graphic tees, as it’s a family establishment! They also usually require cover ups over any and all swimsuits (even if there are water rides on the premises) and that everyone wear shirts at all times, including men.

These are pretty self explanatory, even if we wish we could walk around with a swim top in the blazing summer heat! So just follow what you would likely assume to be the dress code expectations for somewhere that attracts families, and you’re probably in good shape!

Again, check the park’s website before planning out your amusement park outfit ideas just to make sure!

Two girls at an amusement park one in boyfriend jeans and one in an oversized shirt

Theme Park Outfit Ideas

Just want to know where to start with theme park outfit ideas and then worry about seasons later? Check out these carnival outfit ideas and go from there! These are some of my favorite amusement park outfits if the elements didn’t play a role.

If the one that jumps out at you the most isn’t fitting for the time of year you plan to go, just tweak what you need to to make it what you need! Add a flannel to a romper or go from leggings to biker shorts.

Get inspired.

  1. Acid Wash Denim
  2. Big Tee
  3. Basic Baby Crop
  4. Boyfriend Jeans
  5. Daisy Skirt
  6. Cargo And Converse
  7. Crop And Cargo Shorts
  8. Jersey

Three women in cool fall outfits

Cute Amusement Park Outfits For Fall

Fall is one of the trickier times to dress for an amusement park!

It depends on where you are and what the climate is like, but in general, you’re going to have cooler weather in the morning and evening, with a blaze of heat in the afternoon. This can make it tricky to plan the whole outfit!

You’ll likely want to think about light layers that you can take off and tie over your shoulders or around your waist in a trendy fashion!

If you’re looking at a day that’s going to be cold from start to finish, a sweatshirt might be your best friend!
Here are some cute fall outfits for going to an amusement park!

  1. Oversized Denim
  2. Cropped Sweatshirt
  3. Flannel Layer
  4. Leather And Tee
  5. Shacket
  6. Sweatshirt And Jeans
  7. Cargo Overalls

Girls in cute outfits for amusement parks, one in a gingham set and one in a red tank top

For Spring/Summer

Athleisure is so easy in the summer, making this the easiest season to plan an outfit for a lot of walking! Bike shorts, tee shirt, sneakers, done.

But you want to take into account the color of your shirt, so that as you sweat during the day maybe it won’t show on your top! For this reason I avoid light colors that aren’t white– and more specifically I avoid light grays in the summer!

Check some of these outfits out for functionality and style!

  1. Simple Cami
  2. Gingham Set
  3. White Skirt Set
  4. Leopard Print
  5. Bandana
  6. All Black Athleisure
  7. Pink Shorts

girl eating cotton candy

Amusement Park Aesthetic

We’ve already hashed out what the amusement park aesthetic is all about, but what does it really look like? If you want some sick fair style photos around the carnival game alley and by the roller coasters, these are some fun amusement park outfit ideas for you!

Check out the outfits in them too to pull inspo– dress like you, not a TV show character, but if you like something you see in these photos, then feel the inspiration while picking your outfit for the theme park!

  1. Ferris Wheel
  2. Carousel 
  3. Red Lights
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Besties
  6. Soft Lights
  7. Stuffies
  8. Swing Photos
  9. Boardwalk

Wonderful memories are made at theme parks with family and friends– you’ll truly have a good time! As long as you’re dressed the part and are ready to rock, you can stand in any line, laughing and having the time of your life with whoever you’re hanging with!

Whether it’s hot or cold, if you’re riding the rides or holding the bags and sunglasses, you’ll be comfy and ready for any photo op in these outfit ideas!

Let the focus be on having fun as it should be at an amusement park, and get comfortable for a day of walking around. You will definitely want to take pictures with people, when so many memories are being made, so comfy cute is the way to go! Find your inspo here and have FUN!

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