Inside: 13 chic boyfriend ripped jean shorts outfits you need this summer. This is the look this season, and here’s how to style it, and how to cut your own jeans into these boyfriend jean shorts.

Every year there’s a new denim trend in style for jeans and jean shorts. And there’s hardly time to tell before the season is rolling and you already need to have your summer wardrobe perfected.

But before it gets too late in the season, I’m here to tell you about this hot trend you need to know about and you need to get shopping for before it’s already everywhere.

Boyfriend ripped shorts are so trendy and chic, and totally against everything we probably thought was coming back in. It might have been a little more predictable than we thought, what with the Y2K return bringing back peasant skirts and low rise jeans, but bermuda shorts and baggy boyfriend shorts would not have been my first guess.

Seeing them styled and seeing it all put together makes it all make sense, and if you follow some of these style tips, you won’t just be rocking a pair of baggy denim shorts, you’ll be so super chic while doing it.

Four girls in denim shorts outfits

What Are Boyfriend Shorts?

Boyfriend is a term used in fashion and styling to refer to something that looks a little like men’s clothes. The idea is that it looks like a pair of jeans or jean shorts that you could have stolen off of your boyfriend’s bedroom floor and kept for yourself. So it’s going to be a little lower rise, a little baggier, and a little less tailored fit.

With shorts, you’re especially going to find that they’re longer without as much shape to them, and if they’re ripped like the ones we’re highlighting and styling today, you’re going to find that they’re not ripped generally to show more legs like women’s are. They’re going to be ripped for that cool coastal surfer effect more than anything.

Some women’s styles that are labeled boyfriend shorts may be designed a little more like women’s shorts than others, just for that feminine appeal while shopping, but generally they’re going to come across as more of a masculine design.

Along with tailored trousers and blazers, masculine is really the look of the summer!

Cutting Jeans Into Shorts

This used to be a great hobby of mine– thrifting a really cool pair of jeans and then cutting them into the coolest custom pair of denim shorts for the summer. I wanted to start businesses out of it, I wanted to make custom pairs of shorts for all of my friends to have the coolest look every summer… I was passionate about cutting jeans into shorts.

I found some of my favorite techniques that I’m going to share with you, so if you have that cool pair of boyfriend jeans, you can make them into the most chic boyfriend ripped jean shorts that you’ve ever seen.

Getting Started:
To cut some jeans into jean shorts, you’re going to need a good pair of fabric scissors. If you don’t already have these, you can make regular scissors work– just be prepared to cut one layer at a time instead of both at once. No big. I also like to have tweezers on hand and some sandpaper if you plan to add a little distressing to these bad boys.

Try on your jeans and make a mark on one of the legs where you’d like to cut to. Always add an inch or so because they will for some reason always come out a little shorter than you thought. You can always take more off but you can’t uncut what you’ve already done! And remember with boyfriend shorts, they’re meant to be a little long and baggy. So I would also add a little more length than you think too, just for style sake. Again, you can always take more off later on.

Cutting Your Jeans:
When you’re ready to cut your jeans, remember what we say in sewing: measure twice, cut once. Make sure you’re cutting them to where you want them and snip away!

Lay them out flat and cut the leg all the way around. It’s okay if it’s a little jagged and not too perfect, we’re going to distress and rip these up, so we’ll totally take care of those jagged edges.

The Details
Now that you’ve chopped your jeans into shorts, it’s time for the tedious part.

Take your tweezers to the ends and fray them out. Thread by thread until you have the right amount of clean fringe. When you wash and wear them, you’re going to get that more aged look with it, so you’re just starting the process.

If you absolutely want to shred these and holes to them or add some open fringing to the ends of the shorts, use your scissors to create horizontal lines along the leg and use tweezers to pull the blue vertical threads out. So now you’re left with the white horizontal threads that are going to distress and wear over time. These are where you can play with different looks and levels of distress.

Again, don’t forget that they look different as you wear and wash them! However the distressing looks right now isn’t how it will always be! This is a full process but you will have the custom boyfriend ripped jean shorts you’ve always wanted.

How To Look Cute In Boyfriend Shorts

Looking cute in boyfriend shorts is easy– but you have to be a little more intentional with the styling than with a simple and fitted pair of denim shorts.

There are two main directions you can go with the top that you wear with these.

One option is a fitted and cropped top. This is the easier and most comfortable look as it’s flattering and you don’t feel as swallowed in this kind of pairing. A sandal or loafer is a perfect shoe option for this look.

The other is the one that’s the bigger trend for 2023, and that’s going to be pairing them with an oversized vintage tee. This look works when you’re throwing on some cowboy boots and a cool hat, whether a trucker or straw western hat. This is what we’re calling “coastal cowgirl” aesthetic these days and that’s how you’re likely going to style some of these boyfriend shorts with a big tee!

Girl in an oversized tee and denim shorts with a cowgirl hat.

Fringe Jean Shorts

1. Western
2. The Basics
3. Leather Jacket
4. With A Denim Top

Boyfriend shorts outfit ideas.

Outfit Inspo With Boyfriend Shorts

5. Slouchy
6. Vest And Sneakers
7. Tank
8. Colored Stripes
9. Layered Sweater

Three girls in baggy denim shorts outfits

Boyfriend Ripped Jean Shorts

10. Light Sweater
11. Graphic Tee
12. Easy Blouse
13. Beachy Style

Baggy denim and shorts at lengths that we would have called “awkward” last summer is the perfect starting place for the hottest trend this year. While you’ll never go wrong with your classic and go-to cut offs, you’re going to look so cool with this boyfriend ripped jean shorts trend. They’re a little fashion forward, while still being pretty trendy, and that’s the sweet spot for a piece like this for summer.

Chic is a combination of something that’s edgy but something that’s classic and timeless– like a cool classic short.

If you’re looking to make a splash with your trends and ideas this year, this is the way to do it. Whether you lean more coastal cowgirl or tennis court preppy with your summer aesthetic, this is the perfect jean short for anything for summer 2023.

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