Finding the right look for bridal shower outfit ideas for guests in winter can stump even the best of us. I always need fresh ideas for how to dress when it’s snowy and cold outside.

Going to a bridal shower as a guest is so fun, but it also can be a little bit of pressure to make sure you’re dressed appropriately, especially if you don’t know the bride super well.

Of course, if you’re given a theme by the hosts, you’ll want to follow accordingly. But if not, here’s a little direction I’ve learned along the way for upcoming showers on chilly days.

Three winter outfits for a special occasion

I’ve been in my fair share of weddings in the last few years, and that brings the title of host to many bridal showers. This means I’ve seen my fair share of do’s and don’t for this occasion.

Even in winter, events like this are fresh and feminine coded, and while that’s a pretty generic and open way of looking at it, the winter can be hard when florals and pastels aren’t exactly in season.

Pro Style Tip: For the occasion it’s okay to break some of these rules.

I’m going to show you how to do this with bridal shower outfit ideas that are actually great to wear for us guests this winter.

You can likely also take some tips from our favorite winter brunch outfits too, as brunch tends to be a pretty feminine as well.

Three women in winter dresses

Winter Bridal Shower Guest Outfits

Now let’s get into the good stuff. The outfit ideas.

Here are some great examples of how you can dress for the bridal shower. It’s pretty simple, and remember, it’s not about you anyway!

1. Silk Dress

A silk dress with a classic winter color in long sleeve is a perfect idea.

2. Cool Structure

A maxi dress with casual vibes but cool structure and patterns is everything you need for the occasion.

3. Dusty Rose Satin

Pairing this with a pair of black tights and this is the perfect winter outfit.

4. Textured Puff Sleeve

This textured babydoll dress is super cute, and perfect for a shower.

5. Casual Green Maxi

Hill House does shower dresses better than anyone else. This style is perfect, and the color makes the season ideal.

6. Wrap Dress

Wrap maxi dresses are always a good move. For weddings, showers, anything you need, it’s a good move in any season.

7. Winter Blues

A light blue always feels like a good color for a winter dressy moment, and I love this shift dress for a lovely winter bridal shower.

8. Dark Wine

Dressing in a deep red in a nice outfit is a great way to dress seasonally appropriate and very maturely for a bridal shower. Quite formal, but very pretty.

9. Fun Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with something a little fun as long as it isn’t too flashy!

Three girls in different styles of winter dresses

Winter Dresses

A good winter dress is the perfect go to for something like this. Whether it’s a maxi dress that you layer a sweater over or a long sleeve dress with boots and tights, this is my favorite route.

10. Deep Green Velvet

This is a mini, but the long sleeve balances out the short dress at the bridal shower.

11. Ribbed Knit

Ribbed dresses in any fit are a great staple to have in your closet for any occasion, and this is a great example.

12. Bell Sleeve

Details like a bell sleeve really make a dress something special. I love this one for a bridal shower, I think it’s a perfectly simple yet fun.

13. Red Floral

Deep red and floral. So pretty and checks all of the boxes.

14. Tweed Dress

Something so classy will always be perfect for the bridal events on your calendar. Class and style will always be perfect for a special event, and tweed is one of the best fabrics to rely one.

15. Mixed Fabrics

This one’s a little more casual, but the mixed fabrics is stunning and makes for an interesting version of a casual midi or maxi dress.

16. Mauve

Colors like mauve are perfect for a cold weather and feminine event.

A girl in a cool knit wrap dress

Bridal Shower Style

Bridal shower style is cute, fun, and fresh, a style that comes naturally when thinking about a Sunday afternoon. (Even if it’s on a Saturday!).

17. Sweater Dress

My go-to is a sweater dress in a color that works with the shower colors or requested palette. This one is a great example.

18. Full Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are never out of style, and this is a perfect one.

19. LBD

When all else fails, a little black dress is never a miss as long as we keep it appropriate.

20. Classy Two Piece

This is chic, beautiful, and just right.

21. Knit Two Piece

Different from a sweater dress, this two piece is so cute and still fun and unique.

22. Cardigan And Maxi

A maxi skirt with a cardigan is precious.

23. Trousers

Trouser outfits will never be out or inappropriate, and this one paired with a neutral sweater (though maybe opt for a darker color for the bridal events) is so cute for the season.

24. Long Sleeve Dress

I love this dress as an option for a winter bridal shower! It can be worn so many times and you’re going to love each way of wearing it.

25. Wrap Dress

A fun, funky, and feminine wrap dress is one of my favorites.

What Is Typical Bridal Shower Style?

My usual baseline for events like bridal showers is to think Sunday best… This means:

  • Appropriate dresses, skirts and sweaters, and even a pair of jeans works, dressed up.
  • This is a typically pretty modest event, with mothers, aunts, and grandmothers in attendance, and out of general respect for the bride.
  • It’s a time for a girly Sunday best looks, like tiered dresses and florals, but again, this is winter we’re talking about and that can for sure be sticky.

Are There Colors You Shouldn’t Wear To A Bridal Shower?

When it comes to color combos this can be tricky in winter, but here are a few standbys that guide my outfit decisions:

  • I do everything in my power to avoid wearing white.
  • I usually vear towards creams and light neutral tones in a pretty winter texture + anything pastel.
  • Go for light colors mixed in with some darker winter hues. light pink & Hunter green make a great combo here.
  • Traditionally black and bright red aren’t great either, but I think those are a little bit dated, and that they’re perfectly fine.

The main thing is to dress Let the bride shine! It is her day afterall.

A woman at a bridal shower

Winter style doesn’t have to heavily exclude your girly spring favorites, they can absolutely be styled perfectly for the winter weather. Adding layers and furry accessories can turn a whole look into something different, it just takes some creativity sometimes.

I hope you found O

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