A girl wearing a cropped sweater over a dress

Trend Alert – Cropped Sweater Over Dress Looks For Spring

A cropped sweater over dress looks are some of my favorites, and seeing them trending for spring has me so excited to style some of these looks this season. I love layering, and there’s a lot to it. As a personal stylist, I get to work with different body types all day every day and […] Read more…

A girl wearing an oversized sweater holding a mug

How To Wear Your Oversized Sweaters With Anything!

How to wear your oversized sweaters with anything in your closet– and how to shop for more pieces to pair with them too! Getting into the colder months, my favorite pieces to reach for are the sweaters that swallow me whole and sit on the top shelf of my closet all year round. Dressed up […] Read more…

Girl wearing tan sweater

41 Cozy Winter Cardigan Outfits

Inside: Cozy winter cardigan outfits for the coziest and the trendiest outfits for the season. We love a good cardigan, always. I always tend to prefer my summer and spring clothes to my winter clothes, so adding in a little cardigan on top of a tee or a tank (under a bigger coat of course) […] Read more…