Inside: Saturated Maroon outfits for everyone and for any occasion.

The world of color is taking over, and it’s changing the color palette game, but some of us are trying to keep to muted and neutral tones. Green tones, light purple, and pale yellow all fit in the not too colorful category of colorful neutrals, and I think we can add maroon to this list.

Even if you love love LOVE the color trend, maroon is such a stunning shade of dark red that you can’t resist! Mixing it in with a bright red is such a cool contrast, or even with pinks and whites! It adds a depth of color to any outfit.

Two women in fall outfits in the color maroon

If maroon is perfect for anyone and everyone, then let’s dig into some good maroon outfit ideas for all occasions! If you have trouble pairing colors or maybe maroon specifically, here are 55 maroon outfit ideas to make it a little easier when dressing in maroon.

What Colors Work With Maroon?

Color matching and pairing is such a fun concept! The answer I always want to give is that there are no right answers! If you like it, wear it. But playing with colors adds such a dimension and when funky colors are paired together well, it’s a really cool element to add to any outfit.

So, what colors pair well with maroon?

Naturally, most neutral colors look great with maroon: black, white, and cream. I would stay away from brown and gray, as they feel “almost neutral” in the same way that maroon does. So if you’re going for more color pop effect with the dark red, use white, black, and cream as your neutrals to do so.

If you want to mix in other fun colors, some of my favorites to pair with maroon are bright red, light pink, light blue, and navy.

The pinks and reds add a new dimension and pop of color to an outfit, using light and dark shades of the same color. It can be bold and girly, and it can be perfect for the holidays! I love this color combination.

The blues can be tricky because it can either look super classy and preppy, or very much like 2014 hipster. And that’s not my personal goal with the color pairing, but you do you!

The difference is in what style of clothing you’re wearing! If the goal is old money preppy, you’ll want to pair a maroon sweater with a navy tennis skirt or a light blue button up with maroon slacks. It’s a classic color combination that gives class and elegance.

How Can You Style Maroon For Family Pictures?

Using a dark color like maroon for family photos is perfect! You can incorporate the color into every family member’s outfit, and all in different ways.

I would personally use white and/or khaki as the main other color, and would vary which item of each person’s outfit is maroon and which one is white. Between polos and button ups for men with khaki or white slacks, or maroon slacks with a white button up, there’s a bunch of variety already in how it’s styled!

For the girls and women, there are dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, and slacks that would all be really cute together for the family picture. Using each person’s personal style to decide who’s wearing what is a great way to make sure everyone looks themselves in the photo! Dresses and jumpsuits don’t necessarily need to be paired with white or khaki, so only pairing when needed keeps all of the outfits looking clean!

For men, black shoes are perfect or white sneakers if that’s your family’s vibe, and same for women! Black or white shoes are perfect.

When Is It In Season?

Maroon season is pretty simple, since it’s a dark warm tone, it’s naturally a fall/winter color. You can rock it into spring, but it’s so dark it really looks the best in colder months!

Again, I like to play like there are no rules to fashion, but I do also look correct for the season and occasion, so you can throw this rule out the door or keep it around! Up to you.

Girls wearing cute fall outfits in a deep red

For Ladies

Girl, you probably have so many outfits in your closet right now that would look amazing with maroon!
So if you’re struggling to style those maroon pants or sweater, these outfit ideas are for you!

  1. Jacket Accent
  2. French Aesthetic
  3. Sweater Sets
  4. Slacks
  5. With A Tan Pea Coat
  6. With Blue Jeans

It’s hard to wear maroon “wrong” honestly, so if you’re pairing with black or denim, wearing it as a skirt or a blazer, maroon is perfect for everything!

  1. Monochrome
  2. Pattern Blouse
  3. Leather Jacket
  4. Maroon Pants And Sweater
  5. White Jeans

Two men in sweaters and sweatshirts in maroon

For Guys

Guys, this color is for you too. Maroon is actually a great staple to have in every man’s closet. It keeps your dress clothes from being too black and white, and adds some color without being too colorful if that’s not your thing.

If you need to match your gal going to an event or you just need some inspiration to get on the maroon train, here are some outfit ideas.

  1. Tee Shirt 
  2. Button Up And Converse
  3. Sweater
  4. Suit Set
  5. Henley
  6. Sweater Layers
  7. Sweatshirt
  8. Pea Coat
  9. Tan Polo
  10. Cargo Pants
  11. Joggers

Pairing maroon with other colors

With Other Colors

Okay so we’ve already talked about how the color can pair with just about anything, and the best colors to actually pair it with. So here are some examples.

Add something interesting to an outfit by pairing these colors together, even subtly. If you’ve been having trouble visualizing what that looks like, here are some examples for you to really understand how interesting an outfit can be by pairing colors together.

  1. Pink Sweater
  2. Bright Red Pants
  3. Hot Pink Blazer
  4. Orange Skirt
  5. Boots With Navy Fit
  6. Navy Tank
  7. Pink Pants
  8. Orange Coat
  9. Pink Ribbed Maxi
  10. Navy Pea Coat
  11. Bright Blue Shirt
  12. Orange Sweater

Outfit ideas containing maroon, four women in fall outfits

Maroon Outfit Ideas

In need of some maroon outfit ideas? Check these out. These will actually inspire you to want to style your next outfit with a bit of maroon and to keep your eye out for it on your next shopping trip!

Or maybe there’s already something waiting for you in that online cart…

Either way, here are some great outfit ideas to incorporate the color for the fall and winter months.

  1. Varsity Cardigan
  2. With Graphic Tee
  3. Sweater Dress
  4. White Tennis Skirt
  5. Jacket With Denim
  6. Plaid Skirt
  7. Leather Pants
  8. Sweater And Linens
  9. Corduroy Jacket
  10. Large Cardigan
  11. Suit Set
  12. Twill Skirt

Two women in maxi dresses


Maroon is a perfect color for formal, semi formal, and cocktail attire. The dark color is classy but is different from black, and will complement any color that is theming the event. Check out these maroon dresses from a range of casual and formal!

  1. Ruffle Dress
  2. Strapless Mini
  3. Midi BodyCon
  4. Tan Over The Knee
  5. Chiffon Long Sleeve
  6. Glitter Tube Dress
  7. Cut Out Midi
  8. Slip Maxi
  9. Slip Mini

Whether you’re new to maroon or trying to find new ways to style old pieces, you’ve come to the right place. Maroon is such a staple color for those colder months, you need some new maroon outfit ideas to keep it fresh.

Maybe this is your school color and you need help looking cute on a spirit-wear day or game day without looking like a walking model for your school’s merch store! Totally understandable. Try some of these cute maroon outfits to show your school spirit without doing the absolute most!

Have fun with this color, as there are so many ways you can wear it: as a neutral, to add depth to other colors, in a family photo… etc.

Get ready for the fall/winter season with some new maroon outfits!

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