Style Tips: how to wear a sling bag and 25 examples of sling bag outfits for you to try to wear this trend well.

We all love a good accessory: bags, shoes, jewelry… all of the little details that make our outfit look complete. Right? Bags are personally some of my favorite when it comes to piecing together all of the details. I have so many different bags to choose from, it’s always the finishing touch to any outfit to give it the final decree on what the style of the outfit even is.

The downside to bags is when they get in the way or they become a pain to carry around and deal with. I hate carrying purses and bags when I feel like it’s become unnecessary. But unfortunately I still have all of my belongings to keep track of.

That’s why I’m loving the sling bag trend this year!

If you wanna hop on the trend but aren’t exactly sure how to wear this modern fanny pack, let me help you out.

It can dress down any outfit but in a cute sporty way, and it makes it really easy to hold onto everything I need without having to deal with a whole handbag or tote bag if I’m headed somewhere like the fair or even just an afternoon of errands.

I love throwing it over a dress and sneakers for a cool girl street look, or a full gym outfit for a really put together athleisure look.

how to wear a sling bag 4 new ways

Wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re doing, this bag is going to be the perfect option to keep it all together for you. Let’s get into it.

Evolution Of The Sling Bag

Sling bags aren’t anything new or revolutionary– it’s simply the modern fanny pack.

It started with the 90’s resurgence bringing back the actual fanny packs from our father’s closets, and then people wanted to get a little creative with them instead of only wearing them around our waists like they were invented to. So someone had the bright idea of slinging it over the shoulder. And it was so cute.

A lot of the bags on the market are plain belt bags, ready for you to style however you want. There are a ton of options for how to wear a sling bag! And some of them are designed to only be worn across the body, over a shoulder.
That’s the evolution of the belt bag and we couldn’t be more excited about this trend coming back. It’s too functional to ignore.

Difference Between A Sling Bag And Crossbody Bag

When you start diving into specific styles of different accessories, you find that there are so many slight variations of everything, that you can’t always tell the difference or know what category belongs to what.

A sling bag is in the crossbody bag category, as it does drape across your body. By definition, it’s a crossbody. But the sling bag is a more athletic and casual version. A general crossbody bag is any purse that has a long enough strap to cross it over the chest to the other hip, opposite to the shoulder it hangs on. This is a more convenient way to wear a bag, especially when traveling and walking around a lot, so it doesn’t slip off your shoulder.

Sling bags, again, started as a fanny pack that we tried to get creative with, and this was the result. So it’s a very specific style and category within the crossbody and bags in general sector.

Make sense?

Where To Wear One

Anywhere that you could wear jeans, dressed up or down is an appropriate place for a casual sling bag.

I’ve worn my super athletic one to a nicer restaurant before– but in a stylized way. And it was a place where you could wear dressed up jeans, so it has a mix of outfits inside.

Generally, sling bags are perfect for:

– Errands
– The gym
– Casual meals (dinner, lunch, brunch)
– Coffee dates
– Shopping
– Traveling
– Anywhere!

The sling bag is so incredibly versatile, you won’t find many places that you can’t wear it.

If you’re heading out in sneaker, chances are, you’re headed on the perfect outing for a sling bag. How convenient is it to simply throw a bag on your shoulder and kind of forget that it’s there? So nice!

I wear mine too often– the light pink color is starting to get a little dingy. I need a new one ASAP!

Cute outfits with casual bags

Sling Bag Outfits

Okay, so you know everything that there is to know about sling bags. And maybe you’re convinced you need one.

But what are you going to wear with it? This can be a super tough question, but I know you’ll find some inspiration here to make it happen and bring the dream outfit to life!

1. Puffer Coats
2. Minimal Basics
3. Beanie And Sweater
4. Slouchy Cargos
5. Tan Coat

A girl wearing a graphic tee and a black sling bag

How To Wear A Sling Bag

Need some tips? Here are five!

Wearing a sling bag is almost too easy. Unless you’re going somewhere with a strict dress code, every outfit has the potential to work with a sling bag.

Check out these outfit ideas and see what I mean!

6. Oversized Top
7. Over Athliesure
8. Indie
9. Graphic Tee
10. Envelope Bag

Four men wearing sling bags with cool street outfits

For Men

Don’t forget about the men! Of COURSE the sling bag trend is for them too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started it and women ran with it.

If your man needs a little convincing he should buy into this trend, here are some cool examples of why he should!

11. Street Wear
12. Hipster
13. Classy
14. Edgy Street Jacket Layers
15. Sweats

Casual Outfits

Sling bags are nothing if not casual. They give the whole outfit and underdressed vibe but in a cool street way.
Casual is in, and casual played with the right cards can actually look really dressed up and edgy! Take these examples.

16. Slouchy Top
17. Sweater Vest
18. Tee
19. Slack Shorts
20. Sweatshirt

Cool girl outfits with cross body bags


Vibes all around.

You don’t have to look like you’re stepping right out of the gym for this bag– here are some aesthetic outfits with a sling bag.

21. Granola
22. Red Pop
23. Pinstripe
24. Indie
25. Athletic

Sling bags are way too easy of a bag trend to ignore. Everyone needs at least one on hand for that easy, chill, go with the flow outfit for the casual night out, or to take with you to yoga, or to throw on for errands.

They’re not just a little canvas bag that you throw over your shoulder, there are a ton of really cool designs these days, making them feel like a cool accessory rather than a random bag you used to keep track of your keys while running around.

Belt bag, sling bag, or fanny pack, however you refer to these bags, you need one and once you figure out how to style it the way that you like, you’re going to love throwing these outfits together. If casual chic is your thing, this is the trend for you.

Ready for the combats too? Here are 41 outfits!

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