Best butt lifter shorts for active summer style.

Recently, we discovered not only that some shorts just make your booty look really good, but that there are shorts specifically made for this. And they went viral. As all the great beauty tips and tricks do.

For the most part, these are specifically “shorts” that do this, but instead they’re shapewear that are made for lifting the butt while shaping the rest of the body. What an iconic invention, and I think all of use owe the designer a big thank you. Nothing feels better than feeling better in your body, even if it comes down to shapewear sometimes.

There are plenty of workout shorts that do the same thing, and some of these shapewear pieces go perfectly under other shorts. So unless it’s so hot outside that you can’t layer, try these different undergarments that will give you that little booty lift that you desire.

And as for the shorts that do it all on their own… Rock those butt lifter shorts this summer, and don’t look back. Or do.

After the viral videos and comments from this past year, there are so many different styles of butt lifter shorts to choose from, so here are some of the best butt lifter shorts.

Three great butt lifter shorts

What Are Booty Lifting Shorts

While they sound pretty self explanatory, if you’re not exactly sure how they work, it might be a little confusing to start reading this post. Basically, they’re different forms of shapeware to wear under your dresses or other pants that shape your butt really well. They give you that desired lifted effect, and give the image of a very perky booty, without the work out!

There are shorts that have the same shape where technology built into them, generally workout shorts, or even shorts that are designed to give the illusion without actually lifting. There’s so many ways to get a cute little booty, based on the shorts that you wear, and these are some of those ideas. some denim brands do create amazing forms of denim that have Shapeware built-in to it, like frame, for example, with their denim line, called the shape.

As you look for pieces that help you lift and sculpt your booty, check out the different brands and products in this post. there may be 100 other options out there, these are some of the favorites that I have seen around on the Internet.

Lace trim biker shorts

Booty Lifting Shorts

1. Lace Trim
2. Zipper
3. Skims
4. Unders
5. Shapewear
6. Cut Out
7. Subtle

Four different lifting shorts

Best Shorts

8. Basic
9. Leggings And Illusion
10. Booty Illusion
11. Denim Shorts
12. Shape Wear
13. Unders
14. Boyshort
15. Lace Trim

Two girls wearing workout shorts

Workout Shorts

16. Demi Short
17. Yoga Shorts
18. Tiny Waist Shorts
19. Gym Shorts
20. Scrunch
21. NoBull

Hopefully you found some of the best butt lifter shorts for this year in this post. When something goes viral, especially on TikTok, it is way too difficult to find the original that was so good, but even when the entire internet comes out with different versions and dupes, it can then get hard to decipher the good quality from the not so good.

How To Wear And Style Them

Again, I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll continue to say it, that most of these are shape wear pieces to go under their clothing. But as we’ve seen in the last few years, with the leggings and lingerie movements in fashion, we know that undergarments don’t always stay undergarments. Some of these are discreet enough you can totally wear them like biker shorts, workout shorts, or in a fashion shorts style.

For the most part if you wanna know how to style these pants, let’s take a look at different ways to do so.

Number one, the easiest way to do this is going to be to style it like athletic attire. Most of these can double as workout shorts, or at least some of them can. Just channel that energy and give us a really cool workout set outfit with these but lifter shorts.

We also know that in the summer, mixing and matching styles and aesthetic can be super cool. Wearing biker shorts with a blazer or T-shirts with skirts is the coolest way to go, so bring that energy into styling your butt lifter shorts. Wear a blazer or a blouse, a crop top, or a sweater will even do with the shorts.

There are a few pairs that look like soft cotton shorts with lace, trim, and while it’s obvious it’s meant to be lingerie, we can pass it as a cute look to layer with our other clothes. styling clothes a little edgy with like a leather jacket, an interestingly patterned blouse, and so much more can make this look edgy and make it look like street clothes, while you’re literally just wearing shape wear.

Have fun with it, don’t be too serious, and wear those butt lifter shorts in style.

Different Styles

We’ve touched on this a little bit, but doing my research, there are a few different styles that you’re going to see in this post.

For starters, you’re going to see the shape wear that we’ve been talking about in depth. It might look like biker shorts, or it might look like a classic pair of Spanx, but they are designed to lift your booty more effectively than most regular shape or brands. Next, there’s an interesting technology and technique with using cut outs of around where the booty goes in the pants, affectively lifting it, and picking it up without flattening it back down with tight shapewear fabric.

This may or may not work, depending on how it sits on your rear, considering it may create an odd shape around it, but read reviews and see if you can get any insight from people with your similar body shape.

Lastly, and my favorite, there are some shape wear pieces with lace trim on the shorts that look like they are meant to be worn out and about. These are the ones that I choose above the rest, in order to layer them and piece them together and look feminine and cute while giving my booty a little perky left.

Check out the workout shorts section for a pair of workout shorts that lift or give the illusion of lifting the booty too,

As you get into trying these different brands and styles, you’re also going to have to find the ones that work for you. It’s important to remember that while something makes my list of the top tiers, or even when it goes viral, it doesn’t mean it works the same for everyone. This rule goes for just about anything, but especially beauty products and functional pieces.

If you’re a mom here looking for some better shapewear pieces, I hope you found just that! While you’re here, check out these 23 mom outfits for the cool mom goals. Every mom is a cool mom, but we all need a little help, especially when you start to decide that your style should change with motherhood.

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