Inside: What to wear on an overnight flight? The tips and ideas you need to see before boarding.

Okay, I know I am not the only one who appreciates style AND comfort. I think we’ve all been there; going out on the town in the new dress you bought that made you feel cute…except it’s scratchy on the inseams and always tends to ride up when you’re walking. Like it or not, now you will be adjusted the entire night. No, thank you!

This example brings me to my next point, traveling comfortably. Don’t get me wrong, you can just slap on a pair of sweats and call it good, but you also want to FEEL good while you are on your adventure. I don’t think I can feel as confident in the same clothes I would wear if I was sick.

3 different airport styles

So I have gathered some of the best ideas for you to look through to get some creative inspo on your next trip, and I give you some tips that will answer the question, What to wear on an overnight flight?

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? Cutest Ideas

Okay, before I get into my tips and tricks I wanted to give you some examples of cool and comfy airport looks in an effort to prove to you that there are ways to both look great and feel great. Depending on where you are flying, you might like these wintery outfit ideas too.

White Pants outfit

Cream Colored Outfit with White Pants By Southern Curls & Pearls

1. Light Grey Sweats and Button up

2. Oversized Sweatshirt and Loose Jeans

3. Cream Colored Outfit

Beige outfit with baseball hat

Cream Outfit By Sammi

4. Classic Airport Fit

5. White Tank Top and Black Sweats

Black biker shorts outfit with white sweatshirt

Biker Shorts Outfits By AthleisureClub

6. Biker Shorts Fit

7. Sweats with Cardigan

8. White Shorts Outfit

Outfit with blue shorts

Cute Blue Shorts Outfit By Kylie

Chic Outfit Ideas for the Airport

If you are hoping for a more chic look, then I think you need to see the ideas I have in this section. Depending on how I am feeling, I either go for a casual soft look or a chic lounger fit. Both of which are below!

9. Grey Sweatpants

10. Black Leggings and Shirt

11. Corduroy Jacket and Sweats

outfit with white shorts and blue overskirt

Striped Blue Shirt Outfit By Rosario Zúñiga

12. Big Sweater Outfit

13. Cozy Sweat Shorts and Shirt

14. White and Cream Outfit

Outfit with crossbody bag and black hat

Big Sweater Outfit By Miss Louie

15. Oversized Shirt and Shorts

16. Classy PJ Outfit

17. Leather Jacket and Sweats

Matching purple sweatshirt and joggers

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? Top Tips For Styling

Now, here comes the fun part. I have so many tips for you that will help you curate the perfect overnight flight outfit, and they will answer the question, “What to wear on an overnight flight?”.

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? 18. Comfort is Key

When I’m getting ready for an overnight flight, I always prioritize comfort. Opting for soft, breathable fabrics is a must, especially when you know you are going to have to sit in those cramped plane seats for over 15 hours.

I don’t care how fancy the first class is; it’s still cramped!

19. Layers for Temperature Changes

I like to wear layers that I can easily add or remove as the cabin temperature fluctuates during the flight. I find myself constantly getting too warm and then too cold. You can’t exactly bump up the heating when you are mid-flight so make sure to pack those layers!

Athleisure outfit Idea

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? 20. Loose-Fit Clothing

Loose-fit clothing, like a cozy oversized sweater or a loose pair of pants, allows me to move around comfortably and helps avoid that cramped feeling. There is nothing I hate more than sitting in uncomfortable pants, especially for such a long period of time.

If the idea of loose-fitting clothes makes you feel like you can’t be stylish…thing again! I am talking sweatpants, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, you name it.

21. Avoid Tight Waistbands

I make sure to avoid tight waistbands, as they can become uncomfortable during long periods of sitting. If you do go for leggings make sure they have extra room! Speaking of which, you need to look at these shirts with leggings boots outfits.

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? 22. Supportive Shoes

I opt for comfortable, slip-on shoes that provide support. This way, I can easily slip them off during the flight to improve circulation. I have another tip that goes along with this one below. The bottom line is you don’t want to wear things like converse because they tend to be a pain to put on and off.

23. Compression Socks

Speaking of circulation, I always wear compression socks to help prevent swelling in my legs during the flight. This might sound like an old lady thing to do, but your circulation will thank you.

Chic airplane look with tied sweater

24. Dark Colors for Stains

Dark-colored clothing helps hide any spills or stains that might occur during the flight. I’ve learned this the hard way!

25. Cozy Scarf or Shawl

I love bringing a cozy scarf or shawl that can double as a blanket or extra layer when it gets chilly. I always feel so proud of myself when I am able to swing around my scarf and use it as a blanket. I feel extra prepared.

26. Soft, Breathable Undergarments

Comfortable undergarments are a must. I opt for soft, breathable materials to stay comfortable throughout the flight. So get out those granny panties and boxer briefs people!

27. Eye Mask and Earplugs

To get some shut-eye, I always bring an eye mask and earplugs. They’re essential for creating a sleep-conducive environment. Yes, this is less of a fashion statement and more of a comfort one, but it’s important.

Puffer jacket idea

28. Avoid Bulky Accessories

I skip bulky accessories or jewelry that might dig into my skin while sleeping. As tempting as it might be to accessorize with some bling, it can actually be super counterintuitive. You’d have to take everything off to get through the security anyway, so just avoid it!

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? 29. Minimal Makeup

I prefer minimal makeup for flights to keep my skin hydrated and let it breathe. A light moisturizer and some lip balm do the trick. Nothing is worse than feeling greasier than necessary on a flight!

30. A Change of Clothes

I pack a spare set of clothes in my carry-on, just in case of unexpected spills or if I want to freshen up before landing. It can honestly feel so good to change before you deplane. It helps you feel refreshed for your day of traveling fun!

What To Wear On An Overnight Flight? 31. Comfy Hat or Hoodie

Lastly, a soft hat or hoodie is a great way to keep my head warm and cozy during the flight, especially if the airline doesn’t provide blankets. I like to have these just as backups; if you get tired of wearing them, you can totally just take them off. But They are good to have around.

Pink Pants airport outfit Idea

Comfy Outfit By sassysouthernblonde

I hope that these tips and tricks helped you to feel more prepared for your big nap in the sky! Oh, wait…okay, that sounded dark. You know what I meant that you can now dress stylish enough to feel confident but comfy enough to be able to nap on the plane.

Traveling is one of my biggest passions in life, so coupling that with fashion and my need to feel comfortable…Naturally, I had all of these tips and tricks up my sleeve.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are comfortable, cute, and having fun. I think these tips and tricks are going to do just that for you if you follow them. If you are interested in finding some outfits to wear during your vacation, then you must check out these ideas for New York summer outfits to see the city in style.