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Girl wearing a black blazer and dress

What To Wear To A Funeral Visitation 7 Classic Picks

Inside: 7 ideas of what to wear to a funeral visitation. Funerals are tough. There’s no denying. Whether you know the person that’s passed well or not, the last thing that any of us would like to be doing is attending a funeral visitation for anyone that may be in our circle at all. When […] Read more…

Tulle dress and sneakers

35 Baller Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas

Inside: 35 baller Sneaker Ball outfit ideas for celebrating Black History. Sneaker ball, if you haven’t heard, is an event presented by Nike to celebrate Black History and give thanks to those that have made the company possible. This is the original sneaker ball event, but plenty of others have created their own versions and […] Read more…

Woman in a khaki dress with a black belt

Style Tip: How To Wear A Belt With A Dress

Inside: Style tips for how to wear a belt with a dress for those that need some help pairing accessories with some of our favorite pieces. I’m very much a “more is more” kind of person, and I know I’m not alone in that. I love to add extra pieces like belts to my outfits […] Read more…

Ballet shoes hanging on a wall

23 Beautiful Ballet Core Outfits

Inside: 23 beautiful ballet core outfits. This fashion trend has been a fun one, seeing a gentle and girly theme as the main act. Did you ever take dance classes as a child? Did you learn ballet at a young age? Whether you continued the practice or not, ballet seems to be a big part […] Read more…

linen outfit ideas.

91 Effortlessly Stylish Linen Outfit Ideas

Inside: Chic and stylish linen outfit ideas you need in your life. Recently I have discovered my love for being comfortable. I know this sounds wild, considering everyone loves to be comfortable, but bear with me. Up until now, I had it in my head that you could either be stylish or you could be […] Read more…

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